The Characteristics of Sustainable Living Communities

An environmentally sensitive community characteristically strives to minimize waste, reduce consumption, and preserve open spaces. A general principle of sustainable real estate development is that the community does not produce waste faster than it can be assimilated back into the environment. The following are some of the practices that are commonplace within sustainable communities.

Green Building Techniques
Many sustainable communities use green building techniques to build homes. Some green building techniques include designing homes to take advantage of the sun’s lighting and heating capabilities, and using recycled, and/or locally sourced building materials. Sourcing materials locally reduces the environmental impact of transporting materials from faraway places. Another common characteristic of green building practices is the use of non-toxic materials that have been sustainably harvested.

Preservation of Open Space
A hallmark characteristic of sustainable real estate development is setting aside a significant portion of land as open space. This preserves hundreds of acres of land containing woods, streams, and rolling hills. An innovative way of preserving open space is to build underground parking facilities. This maintains the open landscape while providing for the basic needs of the community.

Reduce Ecological Footprint through Recycling
An important way that sustainable communities reduce their ecological footprint is through recycling waste. An environmentally sensitive community treats rainwater and sewage as resources rather than pollution that requires disposal. For example, sewage can be turned into fertilizer for crops, and rainwater can be captured, and used to water plants. Food waste can also be composted and used as a rich fertilizer for plants and gardens.

Sustainable Landscaping
A best practice in sustainable landscaping is to retain the natural terrain as much as possible and to plant native, drought-tolerant plants. This reduces water usage, which is particularly crucial in areas such as California, where water is recognized as a precious commodity and can become a contentious issue. Some sustainable communities grow their own vegetables and fruits to provide a local food source, which eliminates the need to ship food in from faraway places. According to the University of Massachusetts, locally grown foods require less energy input thus resulting in reduced environmental impact and financial cost for transportation. Sustainable gardening methods also eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides in the community.

Sustainable Energy
Many sustainable communities rely on sources of alternative energy such as solar power, wind energy, and environmentally friendly fuels. This strategy results in benefits of conserving natural resources and reducing emissions.

Monterey County has been taking an active role in encouraging builders to go green by incorporating environmentally friendly materials such as sustainable wood, solar panels and on-demand water heaters (County of Monterey Annual Housing Report 2008).

Other things that an environmentally sensitive community may initiate to make their community more eco-friendly and sustainable are to design the lighting so that it preserves the beauty of the night sky, to build road edges known as grade beams to eliminate the need of cutting and filling, and to invest in a reclamation system to conserve and reuse …


How to Stop Smoking?

Smoking is certainly a harmful habit which is not just a physical addiction but a psychological habit as well. No matter if you are a new smoker or smoking for a long span of time, often the decision of quitting smoking and implementing on it is difficult. Taking about convention smoking method, cigarettes contain nicotine which is instantly merged into the blood stream. In just ten seconds, nicotine enters to brain from the body. The addiction of cigarettes is quite similar to heroin, alcohol and cocaine. However, in order to stop it, there are some points that you must follow.

• First of all make a list of the things that you like about smoking

• Then make a list that why quitting smoking is not easy for you

• Set a quit date and write a contract that has signature of the witnesses who are supporting you to quit smoking.

• Try to convert your mind and change your lifestyle

• Set some goals

Determination and preparing is the core to giving up smoking. 1st, work out the principle reasons you would like to stop. Take a sheet of paper – on one half, pen down the factors you light up and within the other 50 percent, write down the many reasons you can think of to relinquish. Now you do have a clearer thought of what you will lose and what you will gain via stopping smoking cigarettes. Circle an important reason that you should quit. Write the item down using a separate section of paper as well as keep it and easily consider it when it is advisable to.

No matter how difficult quitting smoking will be but it is not impossible. For stop smoking there are three things you need such as planning and preparation to quit, get motivated and pick a day. When stopping smoking you many experienced an intense craving for nicotine, feel tension, frustration, impatience and anxiety. More than this, you will feel difficulty in concentration, trouble sleeping and drowsiness, headaches, irritability, depression, weight gain and increased appetite.  

Smoking is certainly a bad habit and by following a certain set of rules you are unable to stop this habit, then it is advisory to consult a medical practitioner. A practitioner will tell you precisely about the best options suitable for you. However, there is no certain medicine designed for quitting cigarettes but one should have only will power to stop smoking.

Though, it is a common notion that the addiction of smoking is very strong, but if you have self control that nothing could be difficult. Moreover, it the overcome from this addiction is really very effective but only if you have self control. …


Lack of energy – The probable causes and the effective cures

There are millions of people today who suffer from Lack of energy, or fatigue, to state it in simpler terms. Let’s take a close look at what are the key areas one needs to focus on in order to know the root cause of the problem.

1. Chronic pain can be a very solid reason for fatigues, and the same can also lead to mood swings that can complicate the situation even more. One needs to consult a good physician regarding such conditions, if only to confirm the existence of the same!

2. Medication also has its share of contribution to lack of energy. While it is obviously necessary in order to come out of a medical situation, one might talk to the doctor and find out if the prescribed medicines have any side-effects. If that is the case, alternative means might be sought.

3. You may be suffering from anemia and not know it. The disease affects the red blood cells in the body, and results in very little iron content, which is responsible for binding oxygen in the cells, which thereby produces less energy.

4. Regular exercise is a must in order to maintain fitness, as well as ensure that you get proper sleep, which is basically the key to wake up feeling all charged for the day to come!

5. Guess what is the scientific opinion on all those who say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they’re right! Having a nutritious breakfast full of proteins and a little servings of carbohydrates ensures you get the proper dose of all the right nutrients to start the day right.

6. Keeping a check on your stress levels is also necessary to lessen the frequency of days when you face Lack of energy to do regular tasks. Whenever you are faced with a situation that is causing stress, just cut yourself from everybody and breathe deeply for 5 minutes, you will see it reducing by a considerable margin.

So in case you have experienced days when you always feel tired, you can now use these effective tips to ensure a more productive and energetic day!…

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Qivana Business – A Comprehensive Qivana Review

Qivana is a health and wellness company that’s teamed up with executives from McKesson Pharmaceuticals to create a full line of integrated health products, including products for Weight-Loss, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Sports Nutrition, Skin Care and more.

On the business side of things, these products reach the market by direct sales through a network marketing distribution model.

If you’re reviewing companies and looking for the best home based business opportunity, I have a checklist of essential characteristics you need to consider.

So let’s get right down to brass tacks and take a look at Qivana to see how they measure up.

First, the industry itself. Health & Wellness is a growth industry that just passed the $112 Billion mark a couple months back, with no signs of slowing down.

As baby boomers age and people become more health conscious in general and open to alternative medicine, I look for this trend to continue, which is a strong positive for a company like Qivana.

Next let’s look at company management. Qivana has put together a very accomplished executive team made up of heavy hitters like CEO Derek Hall, who’s been involved with multiple companies in the health field, like Nature’s Way & Botanical International, and CMO Craig Johanson, who has experience with Xango and Tahini Noni.

The entire Qivana team is strong across the board, with lots of experience and a proven track record of success, particularly with other networking companies, another positive.

Third, let’s look at the product. The Qivana product line is based on what they call the “Qore” system with a focus on cleansing, detoxification, and supplementation. It’s a a 3-step platform using ancient Chinese herbs together with a diverse assortment of vitamins and minerals to stabilize, vitalize, and optimize health.

Because the product line is relatively unique, in demand, and of high quality – it’s fair to say that Qivana brings an excellent product to market.

The problem comes when you look at the business model. Qivana uses a binary compensation plan, which is fairly standard in this industry and can be lucrative, as long as sales are made regularly and you continue to build out your organization.

And that’s where Qivana comes up short.

To be blunt, this company just doesn’t know how to market in the 21st century.

When it comes to recruitment, sponsoring, and building a business, Qivana’s “strategy” consists of bugging friends and family, using memory joggers to create a list, and applying the (dreaded) 3-foot rule when  in line at Starbucks…

If you’ve ever tried this stuff, you already know – it’s no fun! And it just doesn’t work…

And while it’s true that Qivana is trying to incorporate social media platforms, notably twitter & facebook, the truth is, unless you know how to use web 2.0 as part of an overall comprehensive strategy, that’s really no different than putting your flyer on a car windshield – just doing it cyberspace!

As for the sales pitch, it’s the same old same …


Bone Marrow Transplant – Finding the Best Doctor

Bone marrow transplant is a procedure to replace destroyed or damaged bone marrow with the healthy one. These bone marrow stem cells are highly required to give rise to the blood cells and that is why, if anything happens to them then we are in big problem. This is the cause; immediate cure is required by the sick person. There are three types of bone marrow transplant i.e. autologous bone marrow transplant, allogeneic bone marrow transplant and umbilical cord blood transplant. To get the best treatment, it is must to reach to the best doctor as he will give the perfect cure and let the patient to live a normal life as he was living before. To choose the finest bone marrow transplant doctor, you have to use some points and then you will be able to reach to the perfect doctor who is able to give the perfect cure.

The Specialist

Meet the one who is specialist in the desired field as he will have comprehensive knowledge and cure the sick person in the least amount of time. The specialists have done at least masters in the particular field and that degree is called M.D. and it is done after M.B.B.S. and the duration of the course is three years. During the course, the doctor has to write thesis and visit the hospital on regular basis and this will give them a complete understanding of the domain and they can treat even the most complex case without any problem. When they complete their master degree till the time, they have got huge experience in the same field and they come to know it very well that how to tackle the health related issues.

The College

No doubt that college plays a very important role in deciding that the doctor is good to go or not. Assuming that a bone marrow transplant surgeon does not possess his degree from a good university then it means that he has not got good knowledge and this makes him unable to offer a proper treatment to the sufferer. When you go to him then he cannot give you the desired treatment and there may be a chance that he may be a risk to the life. No doubt that this is the last thing that you want to get happened with you. Opt for the one who has attended a reliable and reputed university as at the place, he will get the best education and this lets him to give the full satisfaction to his patients and these sick persons will get the full benefit for the money that they have spent on treatment. Go through the name plate of the doctor that is hanging on the door of the clinics and below the name of the surgeon, the name of his education and attended institute have been written.

The Behavior

Several multispecialist doctors in Delhi are present who do not treat their patients politely and thus make them feel uncomfortable. At …


Private Schools vs. Public Schools

This debate has been going on forever it seems. Both private and public schools have their benefits. It depends on a person’s own perception towards education that ultimately decides what they want for their children.

Despite the somewhat expensive tuition costs, there are many benefits of private schools. However public schools cannot be ignored either. Today’s article will pit the two concepts against each other and highlight their positives. This will help parents decide which school to enroll their children in.

Expensive Education vs. Free Education

Nothing can beat public schools when it comes to the cost of learning. It’s free – Paid for in full by the US Government all the way up to 12th grade. What is even more encouraging is the fact that the quality of education at public schools has been getting better and better over the years. This makes public schools a no brainer for many parents.

Quality of Education – The Main Difference

The thing that sets private institutions apart from public ones is the quality of education. Private schools have one single vision in mind – to provide the best possible education to their students by using the latest technology and excellent teaching staff. They carefully screen their teachers to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest teaching trends and possess the necessary academic distinctions required for teaching.

Furthermore, their curriculum is carefully designed to incorporate the highest levels of teaching methodologies. They also have a better student teacher ratio compared to public schools which also improve overall teaching and learning. These are traits not found in public institutions.

Access to Better Facilities, Tools and Equipment

Students at private schools take full advantage of all the amenities provided to them. They have access to better facilities both education and recreational. The libraries contain a healthy volume of books for research and the computer labs are better equipped to assist with projects and daily assignments.

Students are also given ample opportunity to indulge themselves in recreational activities in order to keep a healthy mind. Better gymnasiums, fitness classes and different types of recreational sports are just a few things offered at private institutions.

After School Enrichment Programs

Both public and private schools are big on after school programs. The types of programs however vary from school to school and private institutions tend to stay ahead of the pack, with the diverse, fun and highly productive after school programs designed specifically to enhance student growth both mentally and physically.

When it comes to education, parents certainly have good choices on the table. All schools have to uphold minimum standards of education and teaching as mandated by their respective school districts. With that in mind, both private and public schools provide children with the skills they need to succeed in life. Private schools though, do a much better job of it than its counterpart.…

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Baba Ramdev Medicine For Kidney

People who are suffering from hypertension, metabolic disorders like diabetes or other heart complications often show signs of kidney disorders. Effective functioning of the two bean shaped kidneys assures that the excretion of toxins from the body is smooth. If the toxins are not removed they start to gather inside the body leading to the production of poisonous substances that can damage the body’s healthy functions. Making sure that the toxins are excreted timely, is the responsibility of these two half disc shaped organs, which are equidistant from the spinal column on both sides of the body!

Toxins in the body are harmful, and have to be thrown out of the body in the form of urine with the help of the kidneys. The proper and timely removal of the toxins assures that the body starts healthy and alive. Edema and swelling can settle in the body if the kidney function is compromised. The human wastes gather in the kidneys and through two tubes they are taken into the bladder for excretion. The body’s minerals are also recycled with the help of kidneys and these organs also carry out mineral salt dilution in the body.

You may not even realize it but the kidneys are busy working -as you toil and as you sleep. Day in and Day out, they carry out the toxin excretions and bodily regulations. The body works best if it has an adequate supply of essential vitamins and minerals. The Kidneys have sieves that carry out a process of filtering and in this way they save the vitamins and minerals for the body by filtering them, and in turn flush waste materials out of the body.

Substance and chemical abuse largely effect kidney function. Cigarettes, alcohol, strong medications, drugs etc prompt the body to go haywire and start to increase toxin production in the body. These toxins have to be taken out, but the kidney needs to put in extra efforts in the flushing process. You need to cut down on the sodas, salty, sugary and fatty diets right away. To help in optimum functioning of kidneys the person needs to consume lots of water. Toxin build-up and lack of water shows up as swelling, engorgement and tenderness in the kidneys. This inflammation hampers the normal kidney function and leads to complications in the outflow of toxins.

Kidneys can suffer from various disorders and stone in the kidneys is one of them. The condition is painful, exhausting and deeply distressing. Regular cleansing of the kidneys is a must and for this Baba Ramdev has prepared a herbal remedy called Divya Ashmarihar Ras that can be of great help. This herbal combination acts on the kidney stones and helps in removing them from the body in a natural manner. There are plenty of conventional treatments available in modern medicine but these do not effectively remove the stones.

Medical sciences insist on surgery for stone removal and they administer chemical based medicines to control the condition. The herbal …

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Seniors and Exercise

Reasons behind Sleep problems among Seniors

A person’s sleeping pattern may change with age; the amount of sleep and quality of sleep are determined by a person’s lifestyle, health condition and overall well-being. Naturally, seniors tend to face greater health challenges as compared to younger adults.

• A senior’s current illness or health condition may affect his or her sleep pattern. For example, pain or symptoms caused by age-related illnesses such as osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and asthma may disrupt a good night’s sleep.

• Lack of exercise or regular physical activities is another major reason behind seniors’ complaints about their sleep.

• Irregular sleeping pattern caused by frequent napping during the day may invoke sleeping difficulty at night.

• Consumption of alcohol before bedtime and smoking affect the quality of sleep among seniors.

• Medication intake among seniors is also more intense than younger patients. The side effects of a combination of drugs may result in wakefulness or frequent waking during the night.

• Seniors also generally experience a greater level of anxiety, depression and psychological stress that may increase their mental alertness at night, causing their sleep to suffer.

• Many seniors suffer from sleep-related disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring or restless leg syndrome, which are age-related conditions that can disrupt and interfere with good quality sleep.

Senior Care for the Physically Active

When choosing a home for seniors who are physically active and love regular exercise, one should consider the following criteria:

• Recreation facilities available. Be it a golf course, fitness center, pool or park, one should ensure the nursing home, retirement community or assisted living facility provides an accessible and convenient place for seniors to perform their favorite exercise on a regular basis.

• Recreation clubs or groups. Many facilities offer group classes on a wide range of exercise programs such as yoga, dancing or aerobics. These classes also encourage seniors to mingle and build friendships with other seniors.

• Fitness Center. Light weight training such as working with dumbbells and weight machines is a very essential part of seniors’ exercise program. Strength training helps them build stronger muscles and joints.

• Outdoor recreation facilities. For seniors who love outdoor exercise such as walking or running in the park, biking and golf may consider a retirement community or assisted living facility that provides such facilities. At least three sessions of continuous light cardio activity up to 30 minutes each session is recommended by doctors to help elderly patients improve their overall well-being and stamina.…


The history of horse racing

Horse racing is considered as one of the exciting sports over centuries. Today, it is also one of the major international industries. This sport is closely associated with gambling and is found in almost every nation. This sport is originated in the United States. Historically, it provided entertainment to the crowds and helped the riders to improve their riding skills. Over the centuries, this led to a systematic development of professional and specialized breeds. This sport has become a major part of gambling ruling the international market.

There are three types of horse racing. They are flat racing, steeple chasing and harness racing. Steeple chasing is a form where the horse is supposed to win the race by jumping several ditches and fences. In harness racing, they pull two-wheeled carts which are called sulkies. However, the style, the type of event and the distance of racing varies from country to country. Betting on these races is legal in America depending on the rules and regulations of each state. There would be a gambling station in the stadium where the gamblers can bet on their choice of horse.

Apart from United States and North America, horse racing is prevalent in countries like Australia, Mauritius, New Zealand, Canada, France, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore etc. The horses are well trained for racing. Training of the horse depends on the distance and type of the race. The performance of a horse mainly depends on its age, training, breed and physical fitness. Preferably, the horse must be at least four years old to take part in the race as the young horses have tendency to suffer from multiple fractures due to their immature skeletal system. The popularity of horse racing through millennia helped to preserve these riding skills that otherwise would have disappeared with the changing trends of world.…


The Health Benefits Of Vitamin K

The K vitamin is essential for the blood to clot to repair injuries. Whenever a person has a bleeding wound, it is the K vitamin that is present in the blood that stops the bleeding and enables most minor cuts to heal quickly.

There are three different forms of the K vitamin. The first variant of the K vitamin is vitamin K1, also known as phylloquinone. This is the form of the K vitamin that is found in types of plant foods. Vitamin K found in plant foods. The second form of the K vitamin is the vitamin K2, or menaquinone.

This type of the K vitamin is formed by friendly bacteria in the intestines. Thirdly, there is vitamin K3 which is also known as menadione and is actually an artificial form of the K vitamin. All three of these types of K vitamin end up in the liver where it is used to create the blood clotting substances.

The best natural sources of the K vitamin are green leafy vegetables, such as spinach. However, because the friendly bacteria in the intestine makes one of the forms of the K vitamin it is extremely rare for a person to have a deficiency of the K vitamin and so K vitamin supplements are not needed by the majority of people.

Apart from the main function of helping blood to clot, the K vitamin, specifically the Vitamin K1, has an important part to play in the bone building process. This K vitamin is required to retain the calcium in the bones and redistribute it to where it is needed.

Although a K vitamin deficiency is relatively rare there are certain groups of people who may suffer from it. Newborn babies may not have enough of the K vitamin as they have insufficient bacteria in their intestines to produce it.

The majority of newborn babies in developed countries are therefore given a K vitamin injection to tide them over until the natural process takes over. That is the only time that a K vitamin supplement will be taken by most people throughout their lives.

However, an extended course of antibiotics may lead to a K vitamin deficiency due to the fact that the antibiotics kill the intestinal bacteria as well as the ones that they are being taken to cure. Again, a K vitamin supplement may be given if the course of antibiotics has to continue for a long period of time.…