Health Benefits Of Drinking Oxygen Water – Improves Your Cellular Health Naturally

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The health benefits of drinking water is something you cannot take for granted since the natural water is the source of your health and longevity.

Without water, the body would stop working properly. Water makes up 75 percent of the body weight and a person can’t survive for more than a few days without it. For example, your blood, which contains a lot of water, carries oxygen to all the cells of your body. Without oxygen, those tiny cells would die and your body would simply stop working.

The body’s cells are affected by genetic programming and sufficient quantities of water and oxygen. Each cell must be nourished by oxygen and water, when either water or oxygen is missing, your cellular structures deteriorates.

Cellular deterioration is caused by environmental factors, such as pollution, industrial waste, radiation and exposure to trace metals – all the things we are exposed to every day.

People have a recipe for cell degeneration whenever they add the stress of keeping up with their life’s demands. This radical cell damage is what caused aging. We notice this free-radical cell damage on our skin, which become less resilient, resulting in wrinkles. As we get older, we begin to have less stamina, energy and mental focus.

You can think of your body as a fire, it really needs fuel such as wood, but it must have oxygen to increase the flames. My point is your body needs lot of oxygen around your cells, anything you could do to increase the amount of oxygen in your body can benefit your cellular health and slow the aging process.

Of course, you want to build up your immune defenses and improve the quality of your health, right? The question is how do you get enough oxygen? The simple answer is drinking water.

The water tastes like natural spring water; the biggest difference is it comes with a patented the natural energy-advancing formula. This nutraceutical beverage helps oxygenate and nourish your cells, it increase your blood oxygen level in your body and brain, the way you experience more stamina, energy, and endurance naturally.

Here’s list of additional health benefits of the natural energy-advancing formula include as below:

#1. Helps enhancing the absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and other important nutrients.
#2. Helps recover fatigue quickly.
#3. Helps support healthy circulation system.
#4. Helps strengthen the immune system.
#5. Helps increase concentration and restore mental alertness.
#6. Helps improve memory and prevent memory loss. # Helps relieve stress and anxiety.
#7. Promotes an anti-inflammatory response in your body.

As you can see, there are lots of the life-improving benefits of drinking water, no matter you used to drink other brand’s spring or distilled water, you can try this nutraceutical beverage and experience it and see how you would feel.

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The Eight Principles of Fitness Training

These principles form a set of guidelines to help you maximize your potential when it comes to fitness training. Stick to these 8 principles, and you’ll find you reach your fitness goals quickly.

1. Specific Training

Your training should have a specific goal or targeted for a particular sport. This principle applies to movement patterns, joint mobility and muscle group strength. For example, a boxer would do sprints on a heavy bag and plyometric pushups in order to improve his punching speed and arm strength.

2. Overload

By upping the level of your usual training to past your normal fitness level will stress the muscles, which will increase performance after the rest and recovery phase. You will see gains in overall performance with a continuous but gradual increase in training level. It must be slow to avoid overtraining.

3. Recovery

You must rest between workouts to allow your muscles to recover. After stressing the muscle tissue during training, new growth and repair only begins during rest.

4. Reversibility

Once you’re fit, you can’t stop training. Any gains that you get from regular fitness training can be reversed if you stop, whether from an injury or simply not having enough time to keep working out. A week or so won’t likely have any effect, but after 3 months you will start to see significant fitness losses begin.

5. Variation

You should vary your routine in order to work all your muscle groups. The body is an efficient machine, and can get too adapted to the same routine. New gains are more likely when you change up your workouts and vary the intensity levels.

6. Transfer

Some exercises that have similar movements can be transfered across. In one example, squats can help improve vertical jump because they both require a similar move.

7. Individuality

Everyone is different, and your training should be structured to fit your own individuality. Your fitness routine should be tailored to suit your needs and goals, as well as your physical body. You need to consider your gender, sport, overall health, any previous injuries or damage, motivation to train and experience levels.

8. Balance

All aspects of your lifestyle need to be in balance for you to see the most gains from your training. Besides actual workouts, be focused on diet, nutrition, sleep and your recovery periods. Moderation is really the important point here. If all you ever do is train, you will put too much pressure on your muscle groups and do yourself damage. Too much focus on diet can end up in eating disorders or obesity.

These 8 principles can help you reach your fitness goals faster and more successfully. Keep them in mind as you train.…


These are Some of the Effects of Iron Bacteria in Drinking Water

Iron bacteria are said to be a natural part of our surrounding area in most parts of the world. These are the microorganisms that unite the manganese or the dissolved iron with the oxygen for forming the rust-colored deposits. The above process causes the bacteria form producing a brown slime that we usually see on the pipes, well screens and the plumbing fixtures.

Iron bacteria acquire the energy needed to live and multiply by the oxidation of dissolved ferrous iron, aluminum or manganese. The ferric oxide thus formed in the process looks like a brown gelatinous slime and it is insoluble in nature. This can lave stains on the plumbing fixtures, utensils or clothes washed with that water. This may result in internal corrosion of the pipes and the fixtures through which the water flows.

Effects of iron bacteria in drinking water:

* You can view the iron bacteria in the surface waters as a mass of brown slime at the bottom of the stream or lakes or as an oily luster on the water surface.
* Iron bacteria present in the well water cause odors and the chances of the sulfur bacteria infestation are increased.
* The plumbing equipment gets corroded and the well yields are reduced remarkably due to the clogging of the pipes and the screens.

There are some clues or evidences that will help you to detect if you have the problem of iron bacteria in the water. The water has a shade of red, orange or yellow colors. It gives out an odor similar to that of cucumber, fuel oil or sewage. You will also see slimy masses appearing on the inner walls of your toilet tank.

Prevention of the iron bacteria:
Iron bacteria are very difficult to treat once they appear in your well systems. So, it is always advisable to prevent the problems that may be caused due to the presence of the iron bacteria.
* Prevention of iron bacteria for the well drillers includes disinfecting everything with a chlorine solution. Do not introduce carbon or other organics during the prevention process as they nourish the iron bacteria. Disinfect the different tools, pipes, pumps, water used in drilling and the gravel pack material. The water used in the tank should be chlorinated water.
* Another method of preventing the occurrence of iron bacteria for the new owners is to be very alert to see the appearance the signs of iron bacteria. If the pump installer and the well driller are characterized with extreme care to keep the new well clean, the problems aroused by then iron bacteria can be avoided.
* Chlorination is the best way for preventing the iron bacteria from occurring again and again. The wells should be cleaned periodically by shock chlorination or also a chlorination unit can be installed.

Iron bacteria is a non-disease producing bacteria that do not cause any health disorders in the people but they only have some unpleasant effects such as undesirable taste and odor …