Music at the Dentist

When you enter a day spa or a dentist’s office, chances are you will hear the same type of music, although the services offered couldn’t be more opposite. That is because research has proven that slow music harbours the ability to slow our heartbeats, our breathing rates and our blood pressure, making us more relaxed (O’Donnell).

How does it work?

This works because classical music releases neurons in our brains, which aid in relaxing. Music acts as information which reaches the human brain in impulses (Olszewska and Zarow). Music can change brainwaves and because of this, it can be used to alter people’s moods. When we listen to music we respond most to the rhythm, which organises physical movements. For example, this is one of the reasons why we dance when we listen to music.

Since our body already functions in the time with rhythm — heartbeats, breathing — we subconsciously relate to rhythm. Since we already establish connections to rhythm before we are aware, it is easy for our moods to be influenced by rhythms. For instance, if the rhythm of a song is fast, we are often happy, if it is methodical, we are calm; hence the use of music in the dentist’s office.

Music at the dentist’s office is especially important because it alerts brain chemistry, which positively influences the patient by making it easier to concentrate and by allowing the patient to possess more patience for the procedure (Olszewska and Zarow).

The evidence behind the madness

Dentists Iwona Oslzewska and Maciej Zarow conducted a series of experiments in which they performed dental work on patients, some of whom listened to music during the procedure and some of whom did not. The results of the experiments, as reported by Olszewska and Zarow were that 79 percent of all patients who listened to music with average anxiety thresholds during the procedures showed a lower level of tension and were better suited for treatment.

The problem of dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is one of the leading factors contributing to why people do not visit the dentist as regularly as they should. Dentists use a variety of methods, technologies and treatments to combat dental anxiety and to make your visit more enjoyable. Choosing easy-listening, soothing music is one of the methods employed by dentists to ensure that patients are comfortable, at ease and are relaxed before treatment begins.

In addition to strategically-chosen music, dental visits which previously evoked anxiety and fear can be kerbed through the use of lavender essential essences, dentists explaining the procedure in detail before work begins, sedation dentistry and by having work performed at dental spas instead of dental offices.

Sedation dentistry employs the use of sedatives and pain relievers to ease the patients and to dull the routine stress of dentist visits. Conscious sedation relaxes the patient while allowing  you to continue carrying on conversations with the dentist and to respond to outside stimuli (1800 Dentist).

Dental spas

Dental spas are standard dental facilities in …


Premature ejaculation and Unani Treatment

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition in which a man ejaculates earlier than he or his partner would like him to. Premature ejaculation is also known as rapid ejaculationrapid climaxpremature climax, or early ejaculation. Defined as ejaculating before either partner achieves satisfaction, premature ejaculation is one of the most common complaints affecting most men from time to time. It often occurs early in relationships when sexual excitement, some anxiety and over stimulation are common features. It is also more common in younger men who are finding out about sexual activity and sexual relationships and men of all ages after a long period without sex. Premature ejaculation is rarely caused by any underlying disease, structural or physical problems.

To maximise the benefits of medications and behavioural techniques in the management of premature ejaculation it is important to have a comprehensive approach to the problem,A thorough sexual history and assessment of general health and other sexual problems (if any) are very important. Assessing (performance) anxiety, guilt (associated with masturbation in many South-Asian men), stress and worry are integral to the optimal management of PE. When a sexual problem is managed inappropriately or sub-optimally, it is very likely that the condition will subside immediately but re-emerge after a while. When this cycle continues, it strongly reinforces failure that eventually make clients not to access any help and suffer it all their life. So, it is important to get a thorough assessment from professionals and therapists who are qualified to manage sexual problems. Internet-based information is good for gaining knowledge about sexual functioning and sexual problem but not for self-diagnosis and/or self management.

Self Distraction to prevent premature ejaculation
If your arousal levels are getting too high and a climax is beginning, take a deep breath and think about something else, something very boring if possible. When you are less aroused but maintaining an erection you can then continue.

Stop and Start Method for premature ejaculation
If you find yourself nearing climax withdraw your penis from your partner and allow yourself to relax enough to prevent ejaculation. By starting and stopping sexual stimulation you can learn to prolong the sex act.

Squeeze Methods can help prevent premature ejaculation
This method involves either the man or his partner squeezing (fairly firmly) the end or the tip of the penis for 10 to 20 seconds when ejaculation is imminent, withholding stimulation for about 30 seconds, then continuing stimulation. This can be repeated until ejaculation is desired. The stop and start method can be used with the squeeze method as well.

Desensitizing Creams for premature ejaculation
Creams can be used to desensitize the end of the penis. They act like a local or tropical anesthetic. Thicker condoms (or two condoms) can also desensitize by decreasing sensitivity and therefore stimulation, thus prolonging the sexual act.

More Foreplay prevents premature ejaculation
Stimulate your partner to a state of high arousal before you have your genitals touched, that way ejaculation and orgasm can …


College Soccer Workout Programs – Tips For Peak Performance on the Soccer Field

College Soccer Workout Programs

Great soccer fitness training can elevate your game helping you accomplish the next level of play or the next level of your career. The right program from a good trainer or coach can be the difference between going pro and leaving it all behind after college or high school. When considering soccer fitness training, it’s important to understand the basics to make sure your training is as well rounded as possible. It’s important to make sure you are hitting on all the most important areas of training, including the proper nutrition, adequate warm-up, and specific drills for endurance, strength, agility and speed.

The Soccer Training Diet

While, it’s obvious a certain level of fitness is involved to be an excellent soccer player, it should also be noted that the food you eat is vital to how you play and the player you become. To achieve a healthy diet you need to consider what are you eating. Get rid of the bad and increase the good. Take a notebook and record everything you eat for a week. For inspiration, rent and watch the movie Supersize Me. If that does not change your outlook on fast food, nothing will.

Once you cut out fast food and all the junk it’s important to increase the good foods in your diet to a recommended calorie intake that can be established with your coach based for your height, muscle development and activity level. Fresh fruit, whole grains and lean meats are all amazing sources of fiber, protein and iron all of which you need to build muscle and speed. Even more important than your daily diet is the food you eat directly before a game. Avoid fried or fatty foods, whole milk, cheese, marbled meat and anything super sweet. It’s also a good idea to avoid foods that digest harshly, like beans, pickled cucumbers and spices. College Soccer Workout Programs

The Soccer Training Warm-Up

A good warm-up is essential for an effective daily workout routine and, especially, on game days. A good warm-up will raise your heart rate slowly and stretch your muscles well for the strenuous activity ahead. This warm-up should include flexibility exercises, a light jog and a good game of keep away in which you and the other players circle up and go through a variety of juggling challenges, one on one drills and games of possession. This gets your body and mind prepared for the action.

The Soccer Training Workout

For training your body to handle the stress of intense soccer action, it’s important to have the right kind of workout to build the muscle you need and develop the skills necessary to perform your position at a high level. Your workout should include a routine geared around a variety of exercises including aerobic, anaerobic, plyometirc, balance exercises and some creative techniques to keep your muscles guessing and from getting stagnant in their development. For aerobic, jogging on a daily basis is a great way to keep …