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Complete Bio For Dr. Daniel Davidson

Dr. Daniel Davidson


Dr. Daniel Davidson is the Founder, CEO and Medical Director of the New Me Surgical Institute™. He is a distinguished and prominent executive Surgeon who has performed thousands of procedures in the specialties of Advanced, Revisional and Reconstructive Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Laser Surgery of the Face, Body and Skin. He is one of the busiest Cosmetic Surgeons in the United States with thousands of Satisfied Patients from All Over the world.

Dr. Daniel Davidson was born in Persia in a family that valued education highly. His father was a dentist and an executive doctor, supervising hospitals, healthcare facilities and thousands of healthcare professionals for over thirty years. While Dr. Davidson has been fascinated with art and beauty since a very young age, he became interested in the field of surgery at the age of five. Surgery has been his life passion. Matter of fact, to pursue his life passion, Dr. Davidson came to California as a young teenager without his parents where he worked and went to school. He grew up and completed his high school studies in California.

A motivated student committed to becoming a surgeon, Dr. Davidson was the youngest in his Medical School class at the age of nineteen. He completed Medical School at the age of twenty-three and was chosen to attend a clinical Research Fellowship at the University of Southern California.

He was admitted into a surgical residency program at an affiliated hospital of the prestigious Yale University School of Medicine, where he was trained in General Surgery.

The more Dr. Davidson was exposed to the amazing field of cosmetic surgery, the more fascinated he became with this Super Specialty of surgery as a career. While Dr. Davidson’s training allowed him to be exposed to all the specialties of General surgery such as Orthopedic Surgery, Urology, Transplant surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Neurosurgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ; Dr. Davidson realized that cosmetic surgery was where his God-Given Gifts & Talents laid. He was an artist by nature and he loved surgery and he immensely enjoyed helping otherwise healthy patients improve their lives and appearance through the performance of the best of Natural Advanced Cosmetic Surgical Procedure. That is when he was recognized by the prominent Bernard Koire, M.D. of Beverly Hills, an internationally recognized Cosmetic Surgeon with over forty five years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery of Face, Body & Skin. Dr. Koire who was one of the fore-fathers of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery was impressed with Dr. Davidson’s commitment to the field of cosmetic surgery and his capabilities as a surgeon hence he elected Dr. Davidson to be trained in Advanced General Cosmetic Surgery of the face, body & skin under his tutelage. Besides being a leader in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and a prominent surgeon in Beverly Hills where he served thousands of rich and famous Americans, Dr. Koire was invited to travel the world to perform surgery for the royalty in …