Affordable Dentist San Diego & Tijuana

With the increase in the prices of dental treatments, it has really become difficult to afford a dentist. Mexico is the place where you can end your search for an affordable dentist San Diego, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Yuma are some of the main U.S. cities that are within a convenient driving distance from major Mexican border dental tourism destinations. These dental destinations have a number of dental clinics with advanced technology and experienced doctors.

Overcome your budget constraint

If you have been postponing your dental treatment due to budget constraints, you now have an alternative.  Mexico is the best country where you will be able to get an affordable dentist. San Diego or other parts of California, regardless of your location, your travel to Mexico to see a dentist will be a worthwhile endeavor.  The prices of various types of dentistry in Mexico are much cheaper than U.S. and Canadian prices. These clinics save you from financial worries and provide high quality treatment at affordable prices.

Affordable dentist for San Diego residents

It is hard to find an affordable dentist in San Diego.  However, San Diego residents have the big advantage due to their proximity to dentists Tijuana.  Tijuana has one of the highest concentrations of high quality and affordable dentist. San Diego residents simply just have to drive 20 minutes to the border, park on the U.S. side, and take a short taxicab ride to their dentist in Mexico.

Mexican dentistry

The border cities of Mexico such as Tijuana, Juarez, Los Algodones, and Rocky Point have plenty of affordable dental care clinics. As the prices charged by U.S. dentists continue to rise, Americans and Canadians are discovering Mexican clinics that have affordable dentist. San Diego, Yuma, and El Paso are some of the main U.S. cities where Mexican dentistry is very popular. The borders of California, Arizona, and Texas are best known for their affordable Mexican dentistry.

Mexican dentistry for the rest of California

Are you looking for an affordable dentist? San Diego, Los Angeles, or San Francisco – regardless of your location, Mexican dentistry is a viable alternative for full mouth restoration and cosmetic dentistry. From family dentistry, root canal, or smile makeover dentistry – Mexican dentists provide all these procedures at an economical price. Mexican dentists also specialize in sedation dentistry, dental implants, and periodontal treatments.…

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To Evaluate the Extent of Side Effects of Anti-tuberculous Therapy (att) on Different Body Systems in Various Age Groups:

Authors:Bhurgri Ghulam Rasool,Momina Taki Muhammad,Shamim-Ur-Rehman,ShahMurad,RajKumar Chohan,DahriGhulam Mustafa, Shaikh zulfikar,



Tuberculosis, one of the oldest diseases known to affect human, is caused by bacteria belonging to mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. The disease usually affects the lungs, although in up to one third of cases other organs are involved. If properly treated, tuberculosis caused by drug susceptible strains is curable in virtually all cases. If untreated, the disease may be fatal within 5 years in more than half of cases. Transmission usually takes place through airborne spread of droplet nuclei produced by patients with infectious pulmonary tuberculosis (Mario C Raviglione, Richard JO Brein, 2003).

Tuberculosis is a disease of great antiquity. Today, tuberculosis gas become the most important communicable disease in the world, with over 8 millions cases of pulmonary tuberculosis occurring each year 95% which are in developing countries (A Gordon Leitch, 2000).

Tuberculosis is chronic granulomatous disease of human and other mammals caused by a group of closely related obligate pathogens, the mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, and comprising M. tuberculosis. The human tubercle bacillus – M. bovis – the bovine tubercle bacillus, -agricanum – a heterogeneous type found principally in effuational Africa with properties intermediate between the former two species and M-microti-a rare cause of disease involves and other small mammals but attenuated for humans. (PDO D awis et al, 2003).

Annual risk of infection




Annual decline

Trend (%)

Health resource






Middle income Latin America

West Asia




Middle income East and South

Eest Asia




Sub-Saharan Africa

Indian Subcontinent




                                                                                                                                (A Gordon Leitch, 2000)

In 1994 World Health Organization (WHO) declared that tuberculosis (TB) constituted a global emergency. It developed a five point strategy known as direct observe treatment strategy (DOTS) in order to combat the increasing incidence of the disease. The main aim was to detect 70% of smear positive tuberculosis (TB) cases and to treat85% of smear positive new cases successfully. This strategy has improved worldwide cure rates. Tuberculosis is an increasingly important cause of morbidity and mortality in refugees and displaced populations, particularly during the post acute phase of complex emergencies (Alison H Rodger et al., 2002).


In Pakistan, only limited data is available, however, the prevalence of tuberculosis is estimated to be as high as 250,000 cases annually. According to official estimates, the rate of open bacillary cases among adult population (15 years and above), was 17% and among children 5 to 9 years of age, 13% were infected with tuberculosis. It is thought to be the fourth major cause of all deaths in Pakistan (Shamim A Qazi et al., 1998).



Cough and generate droplet nuclei which are ingaled by a contact


Onset of CMI response

Bacillimia                                                   Apical Implant

Sterilization of the primary complex

Immunosuppressive event

Multiple of tubercle bacilli

Restoration of CMI

Caseation of necrosis

        Infectous tuberculosis

Figure: Schematic representation of the basic events in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis.

CMI: …