Where to Stay in Scottsdale, AZ

If you want to vacation in “Sun Valley,” finding a place to stay will not be a problem. There are over 70 resorts and hotels in Scottsdale, AZ and many of them have earned AAA Five Diamond ratings. In addition to warm weather, western culture, beautiful views and premier golf courses, guests can enjoy heated pools and fine dining at almost every Scottsdale resort.

A lot of people enjoy staying right on the resort during their vacation to read, swim and relax, but for those with a more restless personality golfing, hiking, biking, shopping and other forms of recreation are all close by. There are several parks and trails throughout Scottsdale where both visitors and residents can enjoy playgrounds, sports fields, picnic areas and fitness centers. Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall is also close by and is home to a lot of different stores because it is one of the twenty largest malls in the country.

If you want to experience a little bit of Southwestern culture, you’ll be happy to know that Scottsdale has also been called “The West’s Most Western Town.” Although commercial activity and development have replaced many of the city’s ranches and horse corrals, a taste of the western culture is still maintained by the architecture and decor in the area and by events like the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, the PRCA Rodeo and the Jaycees Parada del Sol.

Scottsdale draws tourists from all over the world because of its luxury resorts and world championship golf courses. Unfortunately, with the international reputation as an upscale tourist destination come upscale prices. Nightly rates at an upscale resort can range from $300 – $700 dollars for rooms and $1,000 – $6,000 for suites. So, having giant water slides and private plunge pools right outside your door is not that cheap.

In addition to prices, location is another factor to consider when you conduct a search for the Scottsdale resort of your choice because each area has a unique environment. For example, if you are hoping for a somewhat secluded and quiet vacation you may want to consider researching resorts on Camelback Mountain instead of the hotels and resorts that are located right next to the shops and restaurants in the Old Town section of Scottsdale.

Where you stay will influence the experience you have during your vacation, but as long as you have a well-defined agenda and budget, you should be able to find the right lodging during your stay in Scottsdale, AZ.…

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Fire Fly: Fun, Flashing Toothbrush Inspires Kids to Brush Longer

Los Angeles, CA

Getting kids to brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes has always been a challenge. Now, the FIRE FLY TOOTHBRUSH by DR. FRESH , which lights up and blinks for one minute, has made teeth brushing fun, so kids will do it longer!

Dental professionals will tell every parent that the biggest challenge when it comes to kids’ oral care habits is the rush to brush. Two minutes – one minute on the uppers and one minute on the lowers – is the recommended time it takes to properly brush. However, kids will most often give their teeth a few ineffective scrubs, spit and that’s it. Consequently, the FIRE FLY by DR. FRESH , a bright and sparkly children’s toothbrush that lights up and flashes for one minute, is inspiring kids everywhere to brush longer.


  • Attracts kids because it is bright, sparkly and innovatively shaped
  • LCD light in handle incorporates “blinking technology” to flash brightly for one minute when base is pressed
  • Separate 60-second cycles promote habit of one solid minute brushing upper teeth, one minute lower teeth
  • Developed for ages 3-12
  • Soft nylon strands are individually end-rounded to prevent microscopic cuts to gums
  • Soft, yet strong enough to bend immediately back into shape
  • Number One-selling brand toothbrush sold at Target
  • Handle ergonomically designed for child’s hand
  • End cap is securely attached to handle and can’t be pulled off
  • Designed for 200 uses – reminds kids and parents to replace toothbrush every 3 months as recommended by dentists
  • Available in assortment of translucent colors
  • SRP $.98 at mass merchandise stores including Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Big-Lots

Backed by extensive research and development, this soft bristle toothbrush contains an LCD light that incorporates “blinking technology,” flashing for 60-seconds when pressed at the base. The Fire Fly allots for one-minute upper and one-minute lower teeth brushing, separating the cycles to ensure that kids get into the pattern of one solid minute on each arch.

“The Fire Fly is one of the best devices we have found to increase child compliance with brushing,” states Dr. Steven J. Brattesani of San Francisco. “It turns brushing into a game with obvious benefits for children and parents alike.”

This irresistible toothbrush is a steal at $.98. Taking the oral care category by storm, the Fire Fly is the Number One-selling brand toothbrush sold at Target. Reflecting a professional “stamp of approval,” over 1,500 dentists nationwide offer the Fire Fly in their practices.

Gentle for kids ages 3-12, the Fire Fly‘s nylon strands are individually end-rounded to prevent microscopic cuts to the gums. They are soft enough to be safe, yet they bend immediately back into shape after use.

With a handle that is ergonomically designed for a child’s hand, the Fire Fly is durable. The end cap containing the light is securely attached onto the handle and cannot be pulled-off.

The toothbrush is specifically designed for 200 usages. This encourages kids and parents to …


The benefits of combining L-Arginine and L-Citrulline with antioxidant supplements

A number of scientific experiments have shown that supplementing one’s diet with certain nitric oxide-boosting substances (i.e. L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and antioxidants), can eliminate the state of oxidative stress on the arteries and reverse the progression of atherosclerosis (clogging or congestion of the arteries). What does all of this translate into as far as possible benefits for you and me? Well, with cardiovascular disease being the number one killer of Americans, whatever we can do to improve our heart health is going to be well worth it. Now, let’s look at the benefits that each L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and antioxidants has and how they specifically contribute to heart and overall health.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that aids in the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is what enables the body to create a healthy flow of blood. The heart has to work harder if nitric oxide levels in the body are low. By supplementing with L-Arginine, the nitric oxide levels are kept at their optimum levels, the heart does not have to work as hard to pump blood throughout the body, and we benefit from increased stamina, energy and even sexual performance. When our heart is healthy, we also increase the likelihood of avoiding the symptoms that escalate into heart disease. L-Citrulline is beneficial to our systems in that it facilitates the production of L-Arginine because it is converted into L-Arginine. The nutrients that we receive from the food that we eat are distributed throughout our bodies in certain ways. The majority of the L-Arginine that one would take as a supplement is absorbed by the digestive system. If there is not enough L-Arginine left after this absorption process, not all of the cells can benefit from the nitric oxide enhancing benefits. L-Citrulline helps to rectify this issue of absorption by providing the body with an increase in L-Arginine (through the conversion process or process of synthesis) when and where it is needed most.

Antioxidants play a different and more diverse complimentary role when it comes to providing health benefits through supplementation. Antioxidants include vital nutrients that our body’s need to work at optimal levels. These nutrients include beta carotene, vitamins C and E and selenium. These antioxidants can prevent damage to your body cells or repair damage that has been done. You may have heard the term “free radicals” associated with antioxidants. Free radicals are hazardous molecules that damage cells and bring about the progression of poor health that comes with aging and disease. Antioxidants fight off free radicals but our body’s natural production of antioxidants declines as we age. This is why supplementing our bodies with the antioxidants that we no longer produce but still need to stay healthy is so important.

There are advantages and side effects to just about every supplement that you will find on the market. Do not assume that simply because you find a supplement that is not sold by prescription that it is safe, nor that because it is safe to use …

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How to Prepare for a Fitness Figure Competition

A fitness figure competition is an event developed for women who will definitely be interested in contending in a physical fitness contest that shows their physique. The training for these competitions entails a special diet regime and rigorous physical fitness training routine.

Initially physique contests for women merely involved a swimsuit round and a regular model walking round. These contests typically involved women dressed in swim suits as well as high heels. They presented their physiques to the panel of judges and viewers present. In the procedure they also did a series of quarter and half turn routines. It additionally required the contestants to enact a few actual physical exercise routines for example aerobic exercises and dance.

In the last few years, fitness challenge ended up being devised as a subcategory to the physique competition. This doesn’t involve the usual routines but the competitors are evaluated on their body tone and muscle balance. However the muscles size isn’t taken into account. Some other aesthetic features taken into consideration are makeup, skin texture, hair style, and costume. The contestants are additionally separately evaluated on poise, presentation, confidence, and professionalism.

Fitness figure competition is at present growing to be very competitive with almost everyone interested in having a good body. These competitions also assist in a career boost to people who are determined and dedicated. There are a few tips you ought to keep in mind if you want to compete in a fitness figure competition.

It is especially advised that a person should be well prepared both mentally and physically to carry out the training program that may be needed to complete in the competition. If you possess the dedication to follow this program, then you need to get a personal trainer and dietician to prepare a strict diet plan and training routine.

The diet program must be rigorously carried out to maintain a low body fat that will emphasize your figure. It’s very much vital to eat food which is rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. The training regimen needs to be begun at the very least six months before a competition. Furthermore, a fitness contest expert ought to be contacted to learn all the various postures and walks expected by the competition to make an impression on the judges as well as the viewers.

In addition, using the aid of a cosmetician will likewise be useful to decide on the hair style, makeup, and costume to be used during the contest. It would also be helpful to go to different contests so you can get a fundamental idea of the process and rules of the contest. This way one can be an audience judge and generate precise notes and consider every contestant’s performance in the show. This will help in getting far more facts on exactly how to enhance one’s own overall performance.

Fitness figure competition demands preparation time but when appropriate resources are employed it’s achievable that you might very well be the one to win the contest. …

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Beverly Hills Dentist Announces Breakthrough Cosmetic Dental Procedure To Correct. Patients Gummy Smiles

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, December 2009—Top Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist and founder of The Total Smile Dr. Alex Farnoosh announces an improved technique for eliminating his patients “gummy smiles.” “Gummy smiles” are caused when the upper lip lifts too high when a person smiles, revealing a significant portion of the upper gums. Dr. Farnoosh introduced his specialized lip lowering and “gummy smile” correctional procedure that will not only cure the cosmetic problem of a “gummy smile,” but also enhances the upper lip, making it look fuller after completing the procedure.  

Many patients from all over the world seek out Beverly Hills dental specialist Dr. Farnoosh for his innovative technique and superior results.  Patients who have undergone the procedure stated that their upper lip looks fuller and more attractive after having their “gummy smile” fixed.  Dr. Farnoosh simply utilizes his lip-lowering procedure and does not use any derma-fillers or collagen injections in the upper lip, but the final outcome and fullness of the lip looks as if special filler was utilized.  The Los Angeles periodontist explains that, “in the past, the treatment for a ‘gummy smile’ was invasive, involved the cutting of the jaw bone, which was risky and expensive. My method is safer, more contained, and less costly.  The results we have seen over the past 10 years are just outstanding.”

Dr. Farnoosh is one of the few cosmetic dentists worldwide who offers unique specialized treatment for both gingival discoloration and “gummy smile” conditions. He has been successfully treating people with “Gummy smiles” for over a decade. His comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry – known as The Total Smile – requires all three elements of beautiful teeth, pleasant-looking gums, and appealing lips. This approach continues to help patients improve their smile, attractiveness, oral health, and self-confidence.…

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Dental Questions & Answers

More Dental Questions & Answers please visit :

Dentist Appointment, Same afternoon?
Ok, so there was something wrong near my tooth. There was like some infection within the roots, or some dried up blood up in there from where on earth i had my two front teeth knocked out. I go to get 2 fillings, first one be fine. The second one hurt like hell when they tried to…

Dentist assist please?!?
i have to get a root waterway on mi front tooth and im scared and nervous roughly some things.. like should i get a crown or a veneer? will it hurt? do i stipulation a post? will i feel the root canal happeneing? will mi tooth really tip out out after the root canal…

Dentist confusion? what did he denote?
I had a filling in the order of 3 weeks ago, it was in the side of my molar, it be causing terrible misery, and so i went to the dentist today, he took out my old padding and refilled it. now, he said it be a really deep filling, and that if the…

Dentist Credentials?!?
Im doing a survey. How many credentials do you have and what your university background? How many years hold you been a dentist? Do you plan on continuing your education, if so within what area? I’m doing a survey 🙂 Thank you I have a B.S. surrounded by Biology. A D.D.S. I have a Followship with…

Dentist desires to remove my 4 Wisdom teeth, should I do it?
The one on the bottom left has grown out, but is covered mostly by gums. It hurts when I chew hindmost there and it scratches up my cheek.. definitely that ones going out. But the other 3 seem to be growing in basically fine, 1 is out…

Dentist drinking coffee and cleaning my teeth? wrong?
today i went to my dentists to have my teeth cleaned while he be cleaning my teeth he would pause and grab his coffee cup from the counter and bring a sip. does this seem unethical? Hygienist omg.are you flippin kidding me? that is so unsanitarywhy does he own his cofee on…

Dentist Fear & Cavities? What?
So, I believe I have a cavity. It’s not really big just looks resembling a little black dot. Will the dentist drill it out and fill it surrounded by no matter how big or small? I mean, it doesn’t hurt at adjectives or anything at all, but I’m a bit upset and am worrying a whole…

Dentist Fear Please Help!!?
okay so im going 2 the dentist 2morrow . and well im scared bc i do not know exactly what is wrong, he never told me after the xrays or what enjoy you.. and now im like sick.. please why would he involve a whole week to look at them OMG! im flipping out, i’ve been have…

Okay so i went to the dentist today for the first …

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The History of Medicine – An Introduction to Ancient Medicine

  • Herbalism

The history of herbalism as a medicine is the most ancient. Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes since time immemorial. The usage of plants as agents of healing dates back to as early as 13,000 to 25,000 BCE, as the cave paintings in Lascaux caves in France show. Largely through experimentation and trial-and-error, the early tribal communities accumulated a body of knowledge around herbal medicines. The body kept on expanding down the generations, and specialists who kept track of the knowledge and conducted the healing process through herbs came to be known as “Shamans”.

  • Egyptian Medicine

The history of Egyptian medicine is said to begin from as early as 3,000 B.C as historian Chris Freville often mentions in his works. The first scientifically-conducted surgery was performed in Egypt around 2,750 B.C. The first, officially-qualified physician is believed to have been an Egyptian: Hesrye, the iChief of Dentists and Physician for King Djoser, during 2,700 B.C. Egypt gave the world the worlds’ first woman physician too: Peseshet. Her services were available to the royal family of the fourth dynasty, in her capacity as iLady Overseer of the Lady Physicians.

Ancient Egypt also established medical institutions from the first dynasty onwards, to serve the royal family as well as the ordinary citizenry. By the time of the nineteenth dynasty, the employees working in these institutions had begun enjoying such privileges as medical insurance, pension, sick-leave, and their working time was limited to eight hours every day. Written documentation has been excavated, such as the Edwin Smith Papyrus whose authorship is ascribed to Imhotep, as it is thoroughly documented in Chris Freville’s works. The document gives in elaborate detail, for the first time in the history of medicine, the anatomical observations, various ailments and their cures that were relevant to that era.

  • Indian Medicine

In the history of medicine, the ancient Indian Vedic system of medicine stands out for its holistic approach towards health and healing. Originating over 3,000 years ago, the ancients called their medicine system “Ayurveda”, which translates to “the science of living”. There are two different schools of Ayurveda: the “Charaka” and the “Sushruta”.  Historian Chris Freville mentions that there are eight branches in the Ayurveda: Kaya-Chikitsa (internal medicine), Shalya-Chikitsa (surgery including anatomy), Shalakya-Chikitsa (eye, ear, nose and throat), Kaumar-Bhritya (pediatrics), Bhuta-Vidya (psychiatry or demonology), Agada-Tantra (toxicology), Rasayana (science of rejuvenation) and Vaji-Karana (science of fertility).

A recent discovery has stretched the history of Indian medicine even further beyond what was known earlier: the remains of two males, exhumed from the burial grounds of Mehgarh in Pakistan show that dental procedures used to perform as early as in 3,300 B.C.

  • Chinese Medicine

Chinese philosophy of healing rests on the belief that “individual human experiences express causative principles effective in the environment at all scales.” The history of Chinese medicine goes back to the golden era of 2,696 to 2,598 B.C. China was then ruled by Ch’I Pai, the “Yellow Emperor” who was also a scholar. Chi’I Pai composed …

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Benefits of Family Dentistry

There is a saying that prevention is better than a cure, and it is certainly true for all dental ailments. Nearby everybody faces dental problems at one time or another in their lives, and it is needless to say how seriously dental problems can affect your life. You might suffer from a cavity or you may face tooth decay, or you might have bleeding and smelling gums which can negatively affect your social life. Whatever the cause may be, it is important that we visit the dentist and follow his recommendations, as it is an area of health where not much can be done by us except maybe brushing our teeth daily as a preventative measure. A dentist comes as a much needed friend in these cases, and it is important to take the help of family dentistry who can not only ensure your own dental health but also the dental health of your family, thereby reducing the chances of needing an emergency dentist.

 Family dentistry is somewhat different than general dentistry as it employs both preventative and restorative measures for your overall dental health care, while general dentistry is something that essentially focuses on the restorative part, although both areas are closely linked with each other. Apart from helping you to achieve a positive dental health, family dentists also focuses on psychological factors such as your child may be somewhat apprehensive of a dentist and he needs to be empathetically dealt with. Family dentistry also caters to all age groups including both children and adults. They provide preventative dental health checkups two to four times a year and help you avoid plaque buildup and tooth decay. Family dentistry also has an educative role to play for you and your children in helping you understand how to take care of your teeth and gums more efficiently and regularly.

For some, they might need special services such as Dental Implants and denture repairs, and family dentistry essentially comes handy in those regards. A dental implant is a titanium-made root device used as a holding instrument in dental restorations that help to replace an original tooth. It is imperative to maintain an overall good dental health generally at all times in order to qualify for a dental implant operation. Dental implants can be hi-tech but they are more tooth friendly than the traditional bridgework. They are also more reliable and are an excellent mode of tooth replacement.

For those who have gaps between their teeth, they might feel uncomfortable while eating or might feel a bit hesitant while smiling in front of others. Dentures are detachable appendages that can fill up the gaps between their teeth. A person using dentures might accidentally damage his or her dentures and may want them repaired. Dentists can help in Denture Repairs, but a family dentist can help more in this regard as they are more familiar with the dental history of the patient and know the patient better on a one to one basis.     …


Trivia Quiz – Medical and Medicine Trivia Quiz With Answers

Medical trivia I find is some of the more interesting trivia one encounters.  Not only is it interesting, but can be quite helpful in certain situations…  So here you go, a whole lot of medical and medicine trivia questions with the answers so you can gauge your knowledge of the world of Doctors, Medicine and Medical procedures. Now take the trivia quiz.

How many vertebrae does a human being have?
A: 33–7 cervical, 12 thoracic (or dorsal), 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, and 4 caudal (or coccygeal).

How many bones are there in the human wrist?
A: Eight.

What is the body’s largest organ–by weight?
A: The Lungs. Together they weigh about 42 ounces. The right lung is two ounces heavier than the left, and the male’s lungs are heavier than the female’s.

What is the longest muscle in the human body?
A: The sartorius, which runs from the pelvis across the front of the thigh to the top of the tibia below the knee.

How many miles of nerves are there in the adult human body?
A: 45.

What is your buccal cavity?
A: The inside of your mouth.

How many pints of air per minute does the average adult use during normal quiet breathing?
A: Almost 13 pints, or 6 liters.

How long is the average adults spinal cord?
A: From 17 to 18 inches. It’s weight minus membranes and nerves, is about 1-1/2 ounces.

What bacterium is named for German pediatrician Theodor Escherich?
A: E. coli. The E is for Escherichia, after its discoverer, who first identified the bacteria in 1885 and called it  Bacterium coli commune. It was given its current name in 1919.

How did scientist Louis Pasteur make sure the food he was served at the homes of his friends was safe to eat?
A: He checked it with a portable microscope he carried with him.

Where in the human body is the only bone that is not connected to another bone?
A: In the throat, at the back of the tongue. It’s the horseshoe-shaped hyoid bone, which supports the tongue and its muscles.  Also known as the lingual bone, it is suspended by ligaments from the base of the scull.

How often does the epidermis, the outer layer of our skin replace itself?
A: About once every four weeks.

Before surgical dressings of gauze and cotton were introduced, what was commonly used to cover wounds in American hospitals?
A: Pressed sawdust.

What was the first human organ to be successfully transplanted?
A: The kidney. Dr. Richard H. Lawler performed the transplant in 1956 in Chicago. His patient, Ruth Tucker, lived for five years with her new kidney.

How many miles of blood vessels are there in the average human body?
A: About 62,000.

How many fat cells does the average adult have?
A: Between 40 and 50 billion.

What is the skin that peels off after a bad sunburn?
A: Blype.

What is a perfusionist’s role in a hospital operating room?
A: Running the …


Discount Celebrity Teeth, Snap On Teeth

Snap on teeth are a brilliant creation which gives you get dazzling white teeth in minutes. Veneers and caps are the permanent alternative but can cost from anything from one thousand bucks a tooth. Not every one can afford this dear price ticket but with snap on teeth you do not have to have a massive bank balance.

Snap on teeth have good qualities and bad quailities

Your new smile is simply snapped on to your existing teeth, have the perfect smile modeled on your favorite celebrity in minutes. The snap on grin as also they are known are the most effective way to “test drive” a new grin before committing to the more costly and permanent veneers or caps.

The process of making the snap on teeth

The process is 2 fold, firstly you’ve got to visit a dentist, he is taking x-rays, impressions ( for plastic moulds ) and measures your teeth. photo’s are taken of the pre teeth and post teeth.

Next, in order for both you and the dentist to get a sneak preview of how your snap on teeth will look. Resin is applied to your teeth and hardened with a special light. The resin is scrupulously chiseled in to a custom grin, he/she takes more impressions and pictures, everything is sent off to the laboratory, in two weeks your new snap on teeth will be prepared.

The plus points of snap on teeth.

Snap on teeth give you the appearance of having the perfect smile without the cost and inconvenience of wearing retainers, getting veneers or caps.

Snap on to your current teeth, no need to use denture adhesive.

They are more affective than dentures as they will cover up all misaligned, discolored and missing teeth, they fit closely to the gums. Getting fitted is a pain free process, no treatments or needles are required, no need to fear the dentist for this application.

Minus points of snap on teeth.

This device has a short life span, not an abiding answer to your dental issues. They are not hard wearing, they can be worn down or broken by chewing hard food. The teeth must be removed to be cleaned, food particles can lodge under the snap on teeth causing plague and discoloration to from if you do not clean both the new teeth and your existing teeth.

Phobia, although you will not encounter pain, you will still have to visit the dentist to have the devise created and fitted. Having the impression made can be a bit uncomfortable and strange but not in the least bit painfull.

The snap on teeth can be damaged easily, they are not a permanent solution.

It will take a little practice to communicate correctly with the snap on teeth in place, they can cause you to speak with a lisp until you become to the foreign body in your mouth. If this is for an important day, ensure you have them ahead of time to become used to …