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Achieving an Elite Level of Fitness

In order to understand exactly what fitness is, or what it means to be “fit”, we have to define it so that we can have a precise understanding of what, how and why. Right? It almost drove me mad trying to find a definition for fitness and being fit! I searched the internet and writings of leading industry organizations and found very odd, misleading and confusing definitions. It’s no wonder everyone struggles to achieve a state that has no clear definition!

If you took the time to search yourself, you might find definitions for fitness such as:

in good physical condition; in good health or sound physically and mentally; healthy; to conform correctly to the shape or size of <it doesn’t fit me anymore> (1): to insert or adjust until correctly in place <fit the mechanism into the box> (2): to make or adjust to the right shape and size; Capability of the body of distributing inhaled oxygen to muscle tissue during increased physical effort; the genetic contribution of an individual to the next generation’s gene pool relative to the average for the population, usually measured by the number of offspring or close kin that survive to reproductive age. (Huh!!)

Wow! Even the NSCA, the National Strength and Conditioning Association who is one of the most respected authorities on exercise physiology doesn’t even attempt to give a definition of fitness.

How’s that for maddening? Well let me share with you what my definition of fitness is. You see, creating a fitness program without clearly defining what it is that the program must deliver would be ambiguous and leave you unclear about what you had to do to achieve the outcome you want. I believe that defining fitness plays a crucial role in your success. The keys to understanding the methods and achievements of the perfect fitness program are embedded in our view of fitness and in some basic exercise science.

At Ultimate Potential we use five different principles or systems for evaluating and guiding you in achieving your Ultimate level of fitness. These five systems define our view of fitness perfectly. All of these systems combined creates a holistic body (or being) and lifestyle.

Each system is a vital component and each has a distinct importance in understanding your overall fitness level or that of a program’s effectiveness in serving you to achieve a higher level of fitness. Mastering each of these 5 systems combined create what we define as world-class or elite level fitness.

1st System – Train All 10 of Your Basic Physical Skills

The first system identifies and outlines the 10 generally recognized basic physical skills you must train your body for. They are defined as:











– the ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity. – the ability to control the placement of your body’s center of gravity in relation to its base of support. Balance gets harder …