Celebrity Personal Trainers – Part 1

Who are these amazing personal trainers that work with movie stars, professional athletes, musicians, and the rest of the rich and famous? Research into exactly how one becomes a celebrity personal trainer reveals that, like the rest of the personal training industry, no formal requirements exist to become one of these trainers to the stars who charge $300+ per hour. Most celebrity trainers simply happened to be in the right place at the right time.

An unknown trainer visited a chiropractor following a car accident. During the first few visits, he and the chiropractor hit it off and got to be buddies. The chiropractor happened to know some celebrities, and just by knowing him, this trainer got a gig working with a star. Fortunately for his new celebrity client, this particular trainer had a good knowledge base and great people skills. And there was something in it for the chiropractor, too, in that he got a cut for recommending this trainer to the celebrity.

Celebrity managers would help their star clients hugely if they used more caution when recommending personal trainers. As with any referral, a thorough background screening is in order before simply hiring a trainer on another celebrity’s recommendation. The endorsement by another famous person is often all it takes for an unqualified musclehead to get in the door.

Just Because They’re Famous Doesn’t Mean They’re Knowledgeable

Although you always want to hire the trainer with the best education, experience, and certifications, the people with the best qualifications are not necessarily those with the best marketing skills or the biggest mouths. However, just because someone is good at getting attention does NOT mean they know the first thing about training. In this unregulated field, people don’t have to be well-qualified to work in the industry. Anyone who is good at conveying confidence about their abilities as a trainer will succeed in the business, whether or not they can actually deliver on their promise.

A quick look at the training industry indicates that anyone who even smells like a celebrity now has a celebrity trainer. All the biggest stars – Britney Spears, P-Diddy, J-Lo, Oprah, Madonna, Tom Cruise – have personal trainers. And the trainers themselves are now riding their clients’ fame into their own spotlights. Two of the most celebrated personal trainers are Bob Green, who works with Oprah, and Gunter, trainer to many celebrities.

Many celebrity trainers are featured on news and entertainment programs, offering diet and nutrition advice. Turns out their biggest gift is their ability sell their products in front of a camera, because their advice is questionable, at best. Still, no one can argue with their ability to generate millions of dollars because of their proximity to the rich and famous. Sadly, though, they’re making a lot of that money by exploiting uneducated people, playing on their unrealistic desires to look like the next big-screen celebrity.

We’re Not All Going to Look Like Supermodels or Professional Athletes

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