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Urgent Care Doctors Affected By Healthcare Reform

Urgent Care Review

As the US gets older, the need for Emergency and Urgent care also rises. The existing physician shortage in the U.S. is expected to degenerate over time. Other issues are amplifying this shortage as well, including the shrinking economy and the recent signed into law health care reform.

General Care Deficit leads to Emergency Room Physician shortage

According to a press release by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, Urgent care physicians will have loads of work accessible from Medicare, but they may not choose it. Medicare offers less desirable fees than private insurance so Primary Care physicians are much less likely to take on new Medicaid patients. As an end result, up to a third of all Medicare patients may not be able to find a Primary Care physician at all and may ultimately turning to Emergency care care as a last choice.

Some geographic areas are hit harder than others by these this information, such as Arizona. In some areas of the desert state, Primary Care doctor-to-citizen ratio is less than 6 doctors per 10k residents, according to a study by St. Lukes. The result of many more people not having access to general care will be an increased use of Emergency Room and Urgent Care centers. Naturally, Emergency and Urgent Care physicians are going to have their plates full if this trend is not dealt with.

Weakened Economy results in Crowded Clinics

As the weakening economy runs its track; many of the working to lower class are findg they are without available and affordable health benefits. Insurance policies are failing at an alarming rate, and citizens receiving COBRA coverage are also running out of options. With the axe coming down on reasonable healthcare, many people have decided they must do without fitting preventative healthcare. As you might predict, when the intensity of the condition can no longer be deferred with rest and home remedies, and starts to intensely interfere with daily life, the E.R. may be the only remaining place to turn to. Through the stock market crash, the housing bust, and record breaking unemployment records, emergency rooms and Urgent Care clinics are filling up faster than ever.

Baby Boomers in the ER

Another dilemma in the intensification of Urgent Care cases in the United States is due to another socioeconomic group that cannot be ignored. The baby boomers will result in an intense increase of the 65 and older demographic. This group statistically requires considerably more assets, personnel, specialists, and physician care. They need hospital and Emergency room services more and more often than any other age group.

Can Health Care Reform Solve ER problems?

Whether the health insurance reform will decimate us or not is neither here nor there. While it has passed and been signed into law, the main changes are not set to go into full effect until 2014. The repercussions of the reform may not be fully noted for years after that. Emergency & Urgent Care clinics overcrowding is a …


Symptoms of Clogged Artery And Effective Herbal Treatments

Clogged arteries can create major health threats. A few researchers have stated that clogged arteries are the main origin of coronary heart syndromes. Clogged artery, also termed as Atherosclerosis, occurs due to constant accumulation of fatty plaques and cholesterol on the interior part of the arteries. Blocked arteries restrict blood circulation to the downstream tissues causing several health problems.

The symptoms of blocked or clogged arteries depend on the position where the blockage comes about. The plaque buildup, which is the main cause of clogging, gives no signs and symptoms, which can give people a clue. Unfortunately, individuals start to experience the symptoms of clogged artery once the arteries get too narrowed or blocked. Unluckily, it doesn’t show any signs if you are a diabetic patient.

Symptoms of Clogged Artery

Clogged arteries show following symptoms:

  • Chest soreness at the central part. Individuals often feel heaviness, tightness, aching, numbness, fullness, pressure, squeezing or burning
  • Pains in the parts of the body, which is close to the heart like arms, back, left shoulder, neck and jaw
  • Hasty uneven heartbeats, shortness in the respiration
  • Giddiness, extreme anxiety and weakness
  • Sickness or vomiting

The chest discomfort is rarely experienced by women. The unusual fatigue, sleep turbulence, heartburn are some of the other common signs of blocked arteries in women.

When the stream of blood to the heart muscles gets totally blocked, you are more likely to have a heart attack and you need to treat this problem as soon as possible. It can bring about severe problems or even death without instant treatment.

One cannot say definitely where the blockage in the artery would take place. If the blood circulation towards the brain drops all of a sudden, you could most probably experience a mini stroke or TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack). However, in the worst conditions, you can run through serious strokes that can ultimately damage your brain.

Symptoms of clogged artery in the strokes

  • Deadness, weakness
  • Incapable to move  leg, arm and face
  • Unable to walk precisely, feeling pain after walking a short distance
  • Unable to speak normally and understand
  • Difficult to eat
  • Feeling oblivion
  • Rigorous headache
  • Wooziness

Fortunately, some natural remedies for clogged arteries are available in the market. Treating clogged arteries with herbal medicines is totally safe and efficient. Green tea, ginkgo, ginger, cayenne and etc are some popular natural remedies for clogged arteries.

Specific herbs like cayenne, hawthorn berries and chickweed are helpful to harden the arteries. Ginkgo is a good herbal remedy, which perks up blood circulation and improves the blood pumping inside the heart. Green tea is one of the proven herbal medicines that help you to reduce lipid and cholesterol levels efficiently. Fenugreek, ginger, Foti, linden flower, Gymnema and turmeric are some other useful herbs to treat atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis or clogged arteries are a kind of severe health problem and you need proper guidance and care of a competent healthcare expert. Even though herbal treatment helps you to prevent blocked arteries, the most effectual curing method for …


Xyngular Review, All The Details About Xyngular

Xyngular is a MLM (multi-level marketing) company that recently launched in December of 2009. Xyngular was founded by Mark Walker who previously was the VP of Operations for a very successful MLM company called Xango. Based in American Fork, Utah, Xyngular is shipping product all over the states as well as many other countries. Their goal by the end of 2010 is to be operating in more than 36 countries.

The Product

The one product that Xyngular current has is a fruit juice. This juice that Xyngular has is manufactured so that you are able to receive many vitamins and nutrients to help benefit your body. This is a health juice drink. This juice allows people to get the proper nutrients every day. What happens is that the developers of this fruit juice have created it so that you can begin receiving the proper vitamins and nutrients to boost your health to the next level..

The Opportunity

The opportunity to become a distributor of Xyngular allows you to directly sell the fruit juice as well as recruit other people to do the same. You will get paid on any product personally sell as well as product that is sold by those you recruit into the business and the teams you build. Some of the other ways you are compensated are through the company wide profit pool, their rapid rewards program, as well as a variety of bonuses offered.

Our Analysis

Xyngular has a strong leadership force in hand with leaders that have had many successful years in the MLM industry. This combined with a large vision can help propel Xyngular to success. You do; however, need to take caution before joining Xyngular because they are a new company. Most new companies do not last long and you should be made aware of that beforehand. Be sure to take time to think about this issue before joining Xyngular and if you are willing to take that risk. Also, you should be made aware of the fact that juice products are not new to the MLM industry and many other companies are selling similar products. Some of these other companies have been successful selling their juice products. So it still is possible to succeed.…

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What Is Different About America?

Minneapolis-St. Paul is the healthiest American city. That’s according to the American College of Sport Medicine’s 2012 American Fitness Index. The index, which considers factors ranging from number of tennis courts to percentage of smokers, also ranked Minneapolis-St. Paul the healthiest city in 2011. This is attributed to the rapid increase of exercise studios and local government investing in parklands. Washington D.C. was ranked second followed by Boston, San Francisco and Hartford. Oklahoma City – due primarily to smoking and increased obesity – was ranked the unhealthiest city proceeded by Detroit, Louisville, Dallas and Birmingham. These are cities without a “healthy appetite for life”.

Overall, more than 33% of adult Americans are obese; but rates vary by state. A 2011 telephone survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked adults their height and weight. Although state rates of obesity remained about the same, the number of states with at least 30% of the adult population being obese increased from 9 states to 12. They were Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia. Mississippi had the highest rate – 36% – and Colorado had the lowest – 21%. It seems America’s obesity problems come from “fatheadedness”.

Provo, Utah is the best American city for “successful aging”. That was the finding of a 2012 Milken Institute report. The report analyzed data for 78 indicators of success including health care, housing, transportation, education opportunities and cultural experiences. The indicators were then weighed based on survey information regarding what was most important to seniors, with health care and financial security being their top concerns. Madison, Wisconsin was ranked second followed by Omaha, Nebraska; Boston, Massachusetts; and New York, New York. However, the Milken Institute didn’t define successful aging because it couldn’t define the “u” in success.

Finally, what state is supposedly the clumsiest? A 2012 study by the warranty provider Square Trade was based on the number of damaged or broken iPhones and iPads. For iPhones Mississippi was ranked as the clumsiest followed by New Mexico, Rhode Island, North Dakota and South Carolina. When it came to iPads, South Carolina was ranked the clumsiest followed by Mississippi, Nebraska, Washington D.C. and Alaska. Unfortunately, Square Trade didn’t speculate on why these states had the most accidents with Apple products nor did they say why such a study was necessary. Nevertheless, I don’t think the findings will “upset the applecart”.…

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Fitness Center: Layout Design and the Benefits of More Detailed Real Life (3D) Designs

Whether you’re opening a personal fitness studio or a state-of-the-art training facility, planning the layout of your health center is the key to its success. Various factors have to be considered while designing a fitness club – from architectural principles to electrical fittings, from plumbing fixtures to aesthetics, from planning the layout of equipment to incorporating safety measures.

The way you design and outfit your facility will have a huge influence on its ability to attract and retain clientele and therein lay its importance.

Designing your fitness club is a strategic exercise and can be an exhausting process vulnerable to mistakes that can cost you a fortune. But the widespread use of real time or 3D (three dimensional) computer-aided design software has made the process a lot more efficient.

Three dimensional or 3D in simple terms means images that provide a perception of depth. In designing, 3D models refer to the mathematical and geometrical representation of three-dimensional objects using specialized software. When these objects or images are made interactive, it provides a real time experience to the viewer often termed as virtual reality.

But how does implementing 3D design system help you, the owner of a fitness center? Well, there are several benefits of using 3D designs if you are starting a new fitness solutions facility or renovating an existing one.

Reduced Timelines: Computer aided 3D designing is a much faster process than the traditional paper-based design system. It leads to faster completion of a design cycle and you’ll have your end product ready in a much shorter timeframe. The sooner your design is ready, the quicker you’ll be able to start the implementation.

Cost Savings: No entrepreneur can deny the importance of cost savings to his business and using real time 3D design software can do that for you in ways more than one. First, it will eliminate the need for using costly physical prototypes. Second, it will reduce the cost of design development. Third, you can get more work done without the addition of extra resources. Finally, it will reduce costs associated with errors in project design.

Quality Control: Being more comprehensive than 2D designs, 3D modeling greatly improves the quality of the output. This method allows designers to create a lot more iterations of your facility’s design without too much of a time lag, leading to a quality end product while not compromising on efficiency.

Accuracy in Planning: This is an absolute no-brainer and one of the key benefits of using 3D modeling to design your fitness facility. If done correctly, 3D computer-aided designing can represent outputs with exact accuracy. Also, since errors can be fixed and client demands included at the planning stage itself, the finished product is as close to perfect as it can get.

Real Time Visualization: This is another important advantage of 3D modeling. By making use of 3D modeling software, designers are able to create real time, life-sized representation of your property. This makes it easier for you to visualize the final …


Glass Blowing Hazards and Health Risks – A Guide

In the times of yore, artisans used glass blowing tools to create glass utensils for daily use, and also to create beautiful artifacts. With the passage of time, and with the invention of machines, the manual making of glass utensils died away, though it still survives as a craft and hobby to this day.

The proponents of glass blowing as a hobby are a dedicated lot, and a greater number of people adopting it every year are a testament of its popularity to this day.

Yet, a very visible aspect of practicing this hobby is the glass blowing hazards – risks to health and the high chance of bodily injury. The hazards are inherent in the very nature of glass blowing – if you are in such close contact with a high temperature furnace and molten glass, injuries are bound to happen.

Let us have a look at some of the common health hazards related to glass blowing:

High Temperature Hazards:

With a glowing furnace kept in the workshop – with temperatures that can reach up to 2000 degrees, there is always a chance to get a heatstroke and dehydration. The external room or workshop may also get heated to 130 degrees, multiplying the heat effect. This may be addressed by capable air-conditioning.

Burn Related Hazards:

Such high temperatures also bring along another hazard – of burn injuries. The fire and the molten glass are the most obvious ways that you can get the burn injuries. More serious burn injuries result from molten glass splashing into eyes. Proper protective clothing is the answer to this risk.

Eye Injuries:

Eye injuries can also result from several events. The hot red, glowing furnace emits a lot of ultraviolet radiation too, in addition to the direct heat emitted that may affect the eyes. Molten glass, solid glass particles and fumes can also pose injury risks.

Respiratory Hazards:

Working in a glassblowing workshop and using glass blowing equipment can also result in a range of respiratory hazards. The very act of blowing into the hot glass, if done improperly, can send up a fair amount of toxic fumes inside the lung. In addition, there are fumes and very fine floating particles that may accumulate in the lungs over a long period of time.

Ergonomic Hazards:

Blowing the glass, and then reaching back to the furnace, and handling all the glass blowing tools – all in the course of crafting just a single item – can be quite taxing physically. It is imperative to maintain a good posture and balance while doing all this to prevent stress and strain.

Glass blowing is a fantastic hobby that can help you create great artifacts. However, to enjoy it fully, one needs to take the proper precautions that alleviate the health hazards of glass blowing.

Each risk can be addressed by following the good practices of working in hazardous environments – wearing appropriate clothing and protective gear, maintaining good air circulation and providing air conditioning, and following all …


Fitness Strength Training – Why It's So Important

Fitness strength training is for everyone, not just those muscle-bound men on the beach or stage. When you exercise with weights and resistance bands, you work your muscles a lot more than just doing aerobics such as walking, swimming or jogging.

When it comes to muscles, if you don’t use them, you will lose them. Muscles need to be constantly worked, which means contracted and flexed, to remain strong. Why is that important? Because when you work out your muscles, your whole body responds.

1- Strength training helps to develop stronger bones and reduce osteoporosis.

2- It helps control your weight by burning more calories.

3- It boosts your stamina so you do not become so fatigued.

4- Building up your muscles helps to support your body’s organs so they function better. You breathe deeper, have less digestive problems and better blood circulation.

5- It reduces your chances for injury because your muscles cushion your joints.

6- It helps you battle chronic diseases such as Diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, back pain and sleeplessness.

When you work out and your muscles respond, you feel better physically, and mentally. With your blood circulating better, you have more clarity of thought and your mind is sharper. Using fitness strength training such as weights and resistance bands helps oxygen and nutrients to flow through your body, giving it what it needs, including your brain.

Combined with a good nutritious diet of lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and natural supplements, working out with weights through fitness strength training can get you the body you have always wanted – fast. You’ll be amazed how much better your body functions, inside and out.

Even the Mayo Clinic emphasizes the need for fitness strength training to live a more healthy lifestyle. Most physicians, personal trainers, nutritionists and chiropractors agree that working with weights should be a part of everyone’s daily exercise routine as much as aerobics.

Professional athletes know that to stay on top of their game, they have to understand how important daily fitness strength training is for their bodies. No matter if they play professional football or golf, bike, ski, swim or play hockey, keeping their muscles toned, flexible and strong is the only way they can excel at their sport.

For the rest of us, fitness strength training is important as well. If you want to live a healthier, longer and pain free life, include weight and resistance exercises in your daily workout. You will soon see the difference.…


Fiberglass Insulation: Benefits and Risks

A few decades ago, most people thought of insulation as more of a luxury than a necessity. However, as energy costs escalated, homeowners quickly began to realize that much of their hard-earned money was escaping right through their ceilings and walls. These days, fiber glass insulation is the most common choice for homes, and most people know that going without it is an inefficient and expensive proposition. If you’ve ever spent a hot summer night in a house without fiberglass insulation, you know that the air conditioner thermostat just never seems to click off. So, obviously, fiberglass insulation is valuable and important for reducing energy costs, but doles it have a downside? A closer look at fiberglass insulation reveals that just like most things in life, there are some negatives and some positives.

Another drawback of fiberglass insulation has to do with contamination. This is usually a result of fiberglass being exposed for too long or just outright improper installation.

Who Needs Insulation?

The simple answer to this question is: virtually everyone needs some degree of insulation in their home. Since insulation helps keep temperatures at a comfortable level, going without it just doesn’t make much sense. Prior to the 1970s, not many people thought about insulating their homes. At that time, energy resources like coal and natural gas seemed nearly infinite and the monthly prices were very cheap. However, when the energy crises of the 1970s struck, people began to think differently about insulating their homes. These days, most people know that a poorly insulated home is a recipe for inefficiency and high energy costs.

Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

The number one benefit to fiberglass insulation is that it can drastically reduce the cost of heating and cooling a home. You would be amazed how well insulation traps in heat in the winter and keeps cool air in the summer. Most people don’t realize how valuable fiberglass insulation is until they spend a hot day or a cold evening in a home that doesn’t have it.

Another great thing about fiberglass insulation is that it absorbs noise. It is for this reason that many people use extra insulation in certain parts of their home where they are likely to play instruments or the stereo. Extra fiberglass insulation can also help drown out noisy neighbors and a teenager’s blaring stereo, alike.

Risks of Fiberglass Insulation

While fiberglass insulation is highly effective at creating a comfortable home environment and lowering energy costs, it does have its detractors. Although, fiber-glass insulation is believed to be safe, there are some who argue that inhalation of the microscopic glass shards could pose long-term health risks. While, there have yet to be studies confirming these fears, proper care should be taken when installing fiberglass insulation. For one, insulation should never be touched with bare hands. The tiny pieces of glass can easily get into the surface of the skin causing irritation, burning and painful rashes. Gloves and protective eye-wear should always be worn around exposed …

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Fitness Ball – Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing One

While most people wish they could lose all that excess baggage they cart around their frame, there are few that do get inspired on their own – or perhaps by seeing the success of others sticking to a strict exercise regime to take up the challenge of losing weight and getting into shape.

The key to getting fit and staying that way is to find a happy balance between exercise, realistic weight loss and management goals and a nutritionally balanced daily diet; while many people prefer working out under supervision of trainers, others feel quite confident of losing the few extra pounds by themselves and thus, prefer to invest in home exercise equipment like fitness balls.

You can exercise in a controlled manner while at home or at the health center; it all depends on your dedication to weight management and fitness routines that are right for your body type and age.

So, with the added popularity of cost-effective exercise balls that many weight loss enthusiasts are taking to there are an equal number of persons signing up at the local health club to use these fun accessories to trim that fat.

Among the favorite health care accessory to have as part of home fitness equipment is the fitness ball that comes in bright colors and many different sizes that can be used for shaping up while at home or even outside in the garden effectively, easily and with minimum fuss.

The fitness ball allows for exercising at flexible times and affords a unique home workout to the owner; from treating back-pain to strengthening the spinal muscles, there are several good reasons why physiotherapists are giving the fitness ball a big applause for being instrumental in raising fitness levels.

Most fitness balls used as a part of physiotherapy range in a diameter of 55 to 85 cms and are constructed out of elastic rubber that enhances exercise output and fitness levels by being so pliable and easy to use.

There are different kinds of fitness balls available in the market today, such as the Pilate’s ball, the gym or therapy ball; the balance, body and yoga balls are other types that are popular while some people also like to purchase the sport or Swiss ball.

The main function of the fitness ball is to allow the user’s body to respond to the ball’s instability so they can improve their balance and also tone up muscles while using it.

So, regular and right use of a fitness ball can actually work to strengthen muscles, help improve sense of balance, stretch abdominal muscles to improve muscle tone and be a fun way to build stamina and patience. You do have to persevere with a bit of extra self-discipline to get accustomed to using the fitness ball though, but the results are sure to amaze you into sticking with the regime, experts guarantee.

Not only do you get to work out all the core muscle groups, you also enjoy the variations in the …


Tahitian Noni International – Should You Join Or Is It A Scam?

If you’re looking to start a home based network marketing business, and you’re looking into different companies you can join, chances are you’ve heard of Tahitian Noni International (TNI). In this Tahitian Noni International Review, I will go into the company, products, compensation plan and, more importantly, what it truly takes to prosper with a company like Tahitian Noni International.

The History Of Tahitian Noni International

Tahitian Noni International is involved in the Health & Wellness Industry. The Health & Wellness Industry is predicted by many industry experts to be the next billion dollar industry. They’re also involved in the Natural Beverage Market, which is currently over a $135 billion industry.

The company itself was founded in July 1996 and is headquartered in Provo, Utah. It’s co-founders are John Wadsworth, Stephen Story, Kim Asay, Kerry Asay and Kelly Olsen. As of this writing, Tahitian Noni is a debt free and privately held company. Tahitian Noni currently operates in 73 countries and support 65 different languages. One of the most impressive accomplishments of the company is that it surpassed $4 billion in revenue in it’s first 10 years, while paying out $2 billion in commissions to it’s distributors. This has resulted in a very impressive track record of having 400 distributors make $1 million in cumulative commissions. The company has also been documented in magazines, health journals, TV documentaries and news clips. According to Tahitian Noni’s presentation, they are currently doing $60 million in revenue every month worldwide.

Lastly, from a marketing standpoint, they have also been endorsed by many celebrities and sports stars, like NBA All-Star Chauncey Billups and Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr. And they are arguably the first network marketing company to start it’s own industry, the Healthy Beverage Industry. It could be said that Tahitian Noni paved the way for companies like Xango and Monavie, which are multi-billion network marketing giants themselves.

The Products

Tahitian Noni International’s flagship product, is Tahitian Noni Juice, now known as Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverage. It’s main ingredient is the superfruit known as Noni. Noni has a 2,000 year old history in Polynesia for aiding in immune system support, antioxidant protection, good digestion, enhanced energy and vitality, and enhanced physical performance. Researchers have studied Noni for the last 50 years and have documented what it can do with human clinical trials. Tahitian Noni is so dedicated to Noni research and development that they actually own the only noni-dedicated laboratory in the world.

Besides Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverage, the company also markets other noni-based products. For example, they developed a noni-based energy drink called Hiro. They have noni-base protein shakes. They even have a weight loss cleanse product geared for women over 40 called Tahiti Trim 40. On top of that, they have a whole line of vitamins made with noni. And a very high quality line of noni-based hair care and facial care products.

The Compensation Plan

The Tahitian Noni International compensation plan pays out in 5 main ways. These 5 ways …