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Medical Tourism in Thailand – Prasan

1. Medical Tourism in Thailand

Health travel, once a luxury of only the rich, can now be enjoyed by virtually all. In the days of yesteryear, hardly anyone even pondered the possibilities of going abroad to a distant foreign land to have treatment. But now, with the advent of the world becoming the one and only global village, millions are crossing international datelines in hope of achieving a ‘better new life’.

One of those countries which have sprung to life as a destination for medical treatment is the south-east Asian country of Thailand. Unlike most Western countries, the cost of private medical treatment is cost-effective where hospitals do not charge a bomb. Contrary to popular belief, the standards in Thailand are of an extremely high international standard where many of the health workers have graduated in developed Western countries. Looking at it straight on, the reality is – Thailand can offer the patient the same kind of treatment as back home while enabling him or her to enjoy the holiday of a life time. The uptrend of medical tourism in Thailand is escalating to meteoric heights.


Thailand’s first hospital was founded during the reign of King Chulalongkorn and the Medical Association of Thailand was established in 1921.

Prince Mahidol, the father of the present king Bhumibol, has much to do with developing medical schools in Thailand and goes down in Thai history as ‘The Father of Modern Thai medicine’. Prince Mahidol realized the importance of bringing Western standard medical practice to Siam and so helped fund many of Thailand’s doctors and nurses to go abroad to further their studies at institutes such as Harvard and MIT in the United States. And it was those health workers who planted and later sowed the seeds of a world-class medical network in Thailand.

Latest Situation

Westerners are currently arriving in Thailand, the Land of Smiles, in exhilarating numbers to undergo medical treatments at a fraction of the cost as that charged in their home countries.

On top of having treatments conducted by highly trained and skilled doctors, patients can also enjoy a marvelous holiday in one of Asia’s prime tourist destinations. Many of the country’s hospitals are now globally renowned for their expertise. They include Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok General Hospital, Samitivej Hospital and Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital.

Figures and Statistics

Thailand as a destination for medical treatment has rocketed in recent years and they have the statistics to prove it. Take just one country like the United Arab Emirates for example – over 60,000 of their citizens a year come to Thailand to enjoy treatment. Two of the Thailand’s top hospitals Bumrungrad and Samitivej treat patients of whom 40% are foreign – this kind of high percentage is quite phenomenal.

According to the Kasikorn Research Centre, 2005 alone attracted an unprecedented 1.28 million foreign medical travelers which generated revenue of 33 billion baht. That means therefore, that on average each patient spent 25,800 baht for their treatments. It was revealed in …


An Arthritis Diet Plan For You

An arthritis diet plan is a listing of the types of food and drinks that you can take to reduce the effect of arthritis. Characterized by extreme pain to your joints, the disease is caused by inflammation of the affected areas. Medication plays an important role in alleviating the condition. However, the nutritional approach cannot be ignored as it not only reduces inflammation, but also increases the level of immunity in your body.

Below are selected foods for arthritis diet plan:

– Introduce fruit and vegetables to your daily servings

Fruits and vegetables are known to contain vitamin C .Intake of fruits and vegetables will help you ease the pain caused by arthritis. Fruits such as oranges, lemons, kiwi peaches melons and most of all berries act as good sources of vitamin C. Berries such as strawberry and raspberry are very nutritious and are in fact highly recommended by nutritionists over all other fruits. In addition to fruits, vegetables such as spinach, kale and broccoli need also to be taken in your quest to alleviate arthritis. An ideal arthritis diet plan has to contain at least 5 servings of both fruits and vegetables in one day.

– Vitamin E foods

Intake of foods rich in vitamin E plays a crucial role in reducing joint pain. Nuts of different types such as walnuts and almonds fall into this category. Note that these are nuts that are unsalted. Vitamin E is also found in seeds which are edible such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

– Spices

When you add spices and herbs into your meals for better taste, did you also know that you have added some bit of medicine into your food? Well, recent studies have shown spices to be of utmost importance in soothing inflammation. Spices have the effect of being anti-inflammatory in the body. This means that an arthritis diet plan cannot lack spices and herbs as they help clean the body by removing toxins and metals which are otherwise harmful. Additionally, some spices have the property of reducing the absorption rate of heavy metal and toxic effects. Cinnamon, ginger, curcumin and rosemary are just few among the many spices that fall into this category.

– Avoid dairy products and some select foods

Not all natural foods fall into the arthritis diet plan as some increase inflammation, hence increasing pain to your joints. One category of food to avoid is dairy products. They are rich in saturated fats. Tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes and any other food that falls into the category of solanum are not ideal for your body.

– Drink plenty of healthy fluids

Fluids constitute a major part of arthritis diet plan and they help keep your body hydrated .Most aches and pains are at one point caused by dehydration. Drinking water will reduce the amount of inflammation in your joints. If you must drink something better tasting, then try cherry juice. This juice reduces inflammation as it contains high level of anthocyanins.

Arthritis is a painful condition …