eternal love of innocent souls

Eternal Love of innocent souls

I was just at the other end of my teen when I happened to fall in love with this girl who was in her mid teens. It was in no way love at first sight. I had known this girl since her birth as she was a relative of mine . She was very lean and I often use to tease her as Kaddi meaning as thin as a broom stick. I often use to tell her that if she remain Kaddi she will not get a groom to marry. she use to get angry over me over the remarks. Frankly I never thought her to be my bride material  at all. But I never knew one day I would be falling madly in love with her .  I had just completed my degree and she had entered the degree course. Both our family were residing in the same building complex I use to go to her house for chit chat. during the course knowingly or unknowingly I started liking her. Her typical teenagers mind ,smiling and laughing, staring at me often made me feel special to her. We were so involved in our conversations that hours use to fly like minutes. we were often lost in our own world. I was convinced that the feelings were on both the sides but both of us never expressed the same. Months passed on. I got myself enrolled to a post graduate course. I use to feel very lonely when she was not seen around and at that point of time  her importance in my life was all the more pronounced.

Her family shifted the house to a different location which made all the more difference to me. Before her shifting I wanted to express my love and went straight to her house. It seemed she was also eager to hear from me. But some how I did not get courage and I fumbled. I know she was very much disappointed with me at that point of time and she kept on asking what next ? . Like a lost warrior I returned home empty handed.

. Next day their family shifted to a new house. I could not get sleep for several days and life was a prison sans her. Now our meetings got drastically reduced but my feelings for her were as solid as ever. She completed her degree and got into a Govt.job  . I was still a student. Now I have started realizing that it would not be so smooth an affair to make her my life partner, as she being the  eldest in her family her parents started searching for alliance to her . I completed my Post graduation and soon got into a private company . Now with a job in hand I felt more confident and had planned to visit her place for Diwali and with renewed confidence wanted to propose her. But alas fate had other plans. I got …