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RU486 Pill – A Painless Procedure to Conclude Unwilling Pregnancy

Dealing with an undesired pregnancy can be a scary thing. When a woman all of a sudden becomes pregnant, then she develops the feeling of fears, anxieties or worries. Woman or girls come across with the problems that how they would inform their boyfriends, husbands, and parents. They wonder about the important things such as how they will complete their higher education, continue their jobs, pay for pregnancy expenses, and how to raise a child. Women have to express their feeling and emotions openly and honestly. They have to express themselves to people that they trust and respect are partner, family members, trustworthy friends or even a counselor. Women have to take firm and final decision for an abortion on the basis of age, belief, health, current situation and moral values.

An abortion is a medical method for the termination of unplanned pregnancy. There are commonly used methods of abortion are a medical method and surgical method. The surgical method is accessed at the hospital or clinic by the health care professional. The drawback of the surgical method is a painful procedure, requires more money, time and effort and lack of confidentiality. While the medical method for the termination of undesired pregnancy is a safe, efficient, accurate and reliable method. The medical method of abortion utilizes some FDA approved medicines such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol, etc. RU486 is a well-known brand of Mifepristone that is extensively used to conclude the pregnancy of 49 days of the gestation period, so with the help of RU486 pill, you can access your abortion in a confidential manner.

RU486 pill contains the FDA approved generic medicine that is used to conclude the unintended pregnancy.  RU486 can be used to terminate the pregnancy of 7 weeks (49 days) of the gestation period.

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How does RU486 Pill work?

RU486 contains an anti-progesterone drug called Mifepristone that blocks the activity of progesterone hormone by binding to the progesterone receptors, as the progesterone hormone is responsible for maintaining pregnancy. Mifepristone mainly causes the uterus wall lining to shed and leads to placental detachment. It removes the developing fetus from the uterus.

How can RU486 be used?

RU 486 has three tablets of Mifepristone (each pill of 200 mg) and you have to take three pills of Mifepristone orally with a glassful of water. You have to follow with a clinical visit after 2 days of consuming Mifepristone.  If you are still pregnant then you have to take 2 tablets of Misoprostol (400 mcg) orally with a glass of water. Finally, you have to follow with a clinical visit after 14 days of consuming Mifepristone for the final confirmation of the termination of pregnancy.

Side effects of RU486 tablet are sleepiness, exhaustion, uneasiness, shortness of breath, nausea, headache, vomiting, pelvic pain, back pain, indigestion, abdominal pain and abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Precautionary steps:

  • If your pregnancy is more than 49 days of gestation period,

eternal love of innocent souls

Eternal Love of innocent souls

I was just at the other end of my teen when I happened to fall in love with this girl who was in her mid teens. It was in no way love at first sight. I had known this girl since her birth as she was a relative of mine . She was very lean and I often use to tease her as Kaddi meaning as thin as a broom stick. I often use to tell her that if she remain Kaddi she will not get a groom to marry. she use to get angry over me over the remarks. Frankly I never thought her to be my bride material  at all. But I never knew one day I would be falling madly in love with her .  I had just completed my degree and she had entered the degree course. Both our family were residing in the same building complex I use to go to her house for chit chat. during the course knowingly or unknowingly I started liking her. Her typical teenagers mind ,smiling and laughing, staring at me often made me feel special to her. We were so involved in our conversations that hours use to fly like minutes. we were often lost in our own world. I was convinced that the feelings were on both the sides but both of us never expressed the same. Months passed on. I got myself enrolled to a post graduate course. I use to feel very lonely when she was not seen around and at that point of time  her importance in my life was all the more pronounced.

Her family shifted the house to a different location which made all the more difference to me. Before her shifting I wanted to express my love and went straight to her house. It seemed she was also eager to hear from me. But some how I did not get courage and I fumbled. I know she was very much disappointed with me at that point of time and she kept on asking what next ? . Like a lost warrior I returned home empty handed.

. Next day their family shifted to a new house. I could not get sleep for several days and life was a prison sans her. Now our meetings got drastically reduced but my feelings for her were as solid as ever. She completed her degree and got into a Govt.job  . I was still a student. Now I have started realizing that it would not be so smooth an affair to make her my life partner, as she being the  eldest in her family her parents started searching for alliance to her . I completed my Post graduation and soon got into a private company . Now with a job in hand I felt more confident and had planned to visit her place for Diwali and with renewed confidence wanted to propose her. But alas fate had other plans. I got …


Treating Epilepsy With Natural Remedies

Epilepsy is a nerve related physical disorder. In epilepsy the brain’s normal electrical activity is disrupted and the patient experiences seizures as a result of that. In an Epilepsy attack patients may lose consciousness or his/her vision can turn blank for a few seconds. Patients lose control over their senses and start making queer movements like jerking or thrashing various parts of their body.

Epilepsy attack can be controlled but it cannot be cured. Therefore treatment of epilepsy has to be continued for the whole life. Patient has to continuously remain health conscious. That’s how he/she can lead a healthy life.

The natural remedies of epilepsy are more to do with life style management. The remedies include certain advises.

Epilepsy patients should follow strict diet; they should live in a relaxed environment and they should do minimum or less intensity exercise on a regular basis. Once in a week a fruit diet is good for these patients.

Instead of heavy large meals, epilepsy patients should prefer taking small meals during the day.
Application of mud pack is said to be a good cure to decrease the occurrence of epileptic attack in a patient.
Application of hot and cold compress at the back of head for 2-3 minutes proves beneficial in controlling epileptic seizures. At the same time bathing in Epsom salt treated water proves healthy for the patients suffering from epilepsy.
The patients of epilepsy should avoid all sorts of emotional outbursts. Strict avoidance of physical and mental stress and a relaxing life style is the secret of consistent well-being of an epileptic patient.
The sharp aroma of basil helps an epileptic patient to recover from a seizure attack quickly. It is thereby recommended that epilepsy patients should keep basil flower or basil essential oil fragrance in a hanky which they can inhale the moment the seizure strikes.

Fresh grape juice consumption works almost like a miracle for an epilepsy patient. The patient of epilepsy should drink 500ml grape juice three times daily for minimum three months. This simple natural remedy will surely help him/her get better control over epileptic seizures.

Vitamin B6 is a good supportive dietary remedy for epilepsy. Natural sources of vitamin B6 are milk, rice, brewer’s yeast, green leafy vegetables, peanuts, and carrots and these ingredients should be included in the daily diet of epileptic persons.…


A Guide On How To Remodel Smaller Bathrooms To Make Them Look Bigger

Small restrooms are hard to work with for the reason that, well, they’re small. There isn’t much to work with from the start. Nevertheless, there are some things which you can do to make them more cozy and look more spacey. Take a look at these following pointers.

Paint your walls with pastel colors or white. Simply put, dark colors make rooms appear more enclosed. Light is unable to travel efficiently, making the walls of the room appear closer than they truly are. By using pastel colors, you allow light to reflect off the walls and travel further, increasing the visible area. You can hardly go wrong with all your walls painted white. But if you would like a bit of color, I highly suggest that you keep one wall white, namely the one opposite from the entrance. It will also help to install white porcelain tile flooring. The porcelain will be able to help reflect even more light.

Next, you should put in place a smaller sink arrangement. One method to do this is by installing a sink which takes up not more than two by two by four feet. This would only leave space for the sink bowl and some toiletries. You will want to store your toiletries inside your medicine cabinet or sink cabinet. One alternative method is to place a narrow, long sink cabinet which spans the entire length of your wall. This way, you can lay out your toiletries across your counter, producing the appearance of space. You’ll even have additional storage space below when you require it. One last thing about the sink issue, think about installing a wall mounted faucet assembly so that you can have everything as nearest to the walls as possible.

If you don’t really use your medicine cabinet, swap it out with a large, thin mirror. If possible, install one other large mirror on the opposite or adjacent wall. This will create the appearance that the bathroom is larger than it truly is.

If your restroom is like the average type, the shower uses a shower curtain or frosted sliding glass doors. I recommend getting a frameless clear glass shower stall. The non framed construction clears up a lot of bulk and clutter, and the glass allows light to travel through. If you still would like to keep your shower curtain arrangement, keep your curtain open any time you are not using the shower, however it will typically cause mildew to grow on it quicker.…


How to Find the Right Dentist – Westfield Dentist

Going to the dentist at least twice a year is essential to having strong and healthy teeth.  However, this simple chore is somewhat elusive to many people, simply because they don’t like or enjoy going to the dentist.  However, most people don’t like going to the dentist only because they probably haven’t found the right dentist for them.  They haven’t found the dentist that makes them feel comfortable before and after any procedure.  They haven’t found the dentist that explains everything in a clear and precise manner so no surprises come up.  Having the right dentist for you is necessary in order to have a pleasant experience during a dental visit.

Finding the right dentist for you, one that fits all of your needs such as availability, right personality, and proper skill set, can be challenging if you don’t know where to start or if you don’t have the right tools.  For someone who has never had to choose a dentist, the task can even be a bit overwhelming.  However, there are some basic simple steps that you can take in order to find the right dentist for you.

First, you should rely on your circle of trust and ask the people closest to you.  This includes trusted family members, trusted friends, and trusted co-workers.  This may seem like common sense, but those people can most likely recommend a dentist with whom you would get along.  You can also ask your doctor to recommend a dentist, as many times doctors and dentists have referral programs with each other.

Second, for residents here in New Jersey, you should contact the NJ Dental Association and ask for a referral.  For any other state, you should contact the local state dental association.

Third, again for New Jersey residents, you should call the UMDNJ dental school clinic and ask for a referral.  For any other state, you could call any local dental school clinic.

Fourth, you should consult the American Dental Association’s member directory.  An ADA approved dentist is definitely one that you should keep in mind and consider as one of your options.

Finally, if you are  movig to a new area, you should ask your current dentist for a referral.

After you’ve gathered a couple of dentists to choose from, you should also keep in mind some points and questions to ask yourself in order to better evaluate whether or not the dentist is a right fit for you.

First, you need to determine how accessible the dentist is.  Is his or her office near your home or job?  Is it easy to get the appointment times that you need?

Second, make sure the office is clean and well kept.  The dentist should wear gloves, a mask, and a gown.  You should also ask him or her about instrument sterilization procedures.

Third, make sure that the dentist has a pleasant and respectful relationship with his staff.  A good dentist will have a good relationship with his or her staff in order to …


Privacy and the Law in Ghana: Issues of Human Rights Violations

  1. 1.      An overview

The present article reflects the growing importance, diversity and complexity of fundamental human right in Ghana in recent times when government agents are perceived to be secretly engaged in wire-tapping or in control of personal information of people without their consent.  With the passing of Whistleblowers Act, (720) in 2006 by parliament, violations of privacy remain a serious concern to Ghanaians. This law provides for the manner in which individuals may, in public interest, disclose information that relates to unlawful or other illegal conduct or corrupt practices of others–dealing with six specific types of impropriety. However, apart from challenges of enforcement it faces challenges from civil and human rights groups that believe the Whistleblower Act violets some fundamental human rights of individuals such as freedom of speech which the 1992 Constitution has guaranteed. Also many other existing laws have not kept up with the technological development, leaving significant gaps in protections while the enforcement and intelligence agencies have been given exemptions.

Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and in many other international and regional treaties. Privacy underpins human rights issues of the contemporary time.

Nearly every country in the world recognizes a right of inviolability of the home, property, and secrecy of communication. Most newly-written Constitution such as South Africa’s and Hungary’s include specific rights to access and control one’s personal information. In countries where privacy is not explicitly recognized in the Constitution, such as the United States, Ireland and India, the courts have found that right in other provisions. In many countries, international agreements that recognize privacy right such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) 1966, have been adopted into their national laws and Ghana is not excluded.

Notwithstanding this wide recognition and constitutional guarantees, there are widespread violations of laws relating to surveillance of communications, even in the most democratic countries.  The U.S. Department’s annual review of human rights violations finds that over 90 countries engage in illegally monitoring the communications of political opponents, human rights workers, journalist and labour organizers (GILC Report, 2007). Before I turn to examine what the situation is like in Ghana, it is important to look at “privacy” from different perspectives. This is because, the various concepts on privacy form the basis of its crystallization into legal right.

  1. 2.      The concept of “Privacy” as a right

The New Oxford Dictionary of English defines “privacy” simply as the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.

The Calcutta Committee in the UK defines it legally as “the right of the individual to be protected against intrusion into his personal life or affairs, or those of his family, by direct physical means or by publication of information” (Report of the Committee, QC, 1990 London: HMSO, p.7)

Among all the human rights in the international instruments, privacy is perhaps …


I Cannot Remember a Thing. Am I Losing Brain Cells?

The real reason for knowledge decline in the aging brain is now thought to be small changes in the structure, function and communication between brain cells rather than their complete loss. Neurons typically have many branches allowing for multiple points of connection with other neurons to form complex circuits. But as we age, scientists have found that neurons lose a lot of their branches and together with specific chemical changes in the neurons, these subtle structural changes alter their functioning. Certain regions of the brain are more susceptible to these age related changes than others leading to a decline in some mental faculties but not others. But the good news is that many studies have shown that the brain remains capable of regrowth and learning.

It wasn’t until 1998, that researchers led by Peter Eriksson of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in G`teborg, Sweden and Fred H. Gage of the Salk Institute in San Diego [1], California first found evidence of new neurons being produced in the brains of adult humans as old as 72 years of age! Research over the last decade has produced growing evidence that the adult human brain in fact creates new neurons throughout our lifespan, overturning decades of dogma that the cells you have at birth are about all you’ll ever have, and a neuron lost is lost forever.

This “neurogenesis”, or creation of new neurons, arises from neural stem cells that exist in the adult human brain. The most active area of neurogenesis is the hippocampus, a region deep within the brain involved in learning and memory. Research shows that the hippocampus produces thousands of new cells each day. Although many die within weeks of their birth, recent findings show that many of these new neurons survive and integrate themselves into the working brain, suggesting the potential for a self-healing brain. To live and become part of the working brain, a new neuron needs connections with other neurons. Without these connections, neurons wither and die.

Several factors can determine whether a new neuron integrates into the existing brain circuitry. One of these is learning and another one we know of is exercise.

Recent animal studies have shown a correlation between learning and new neurons surviving in the hippocampus. After teaching rodents a variety of tasks that engaged a range of brain areas, scientists found that, generally, the more the animal learned, the more neurons survived in the hippocampus. Cells that were born before the learning experience were more likely to survive to become neurons, but only if the animals actually learned. The increase in survival occurred with tasks that depended on the hippocampus as well as those that required significant effort to learn [2].

Everybody knows that exercise is good for your heart, but in recent years, compelling evidence has shown that exercise is also good for your brain. Experiments have found that mice that used a running wheel had about twice as many new hippocampal neurons as mice that didn’t exercise. Learning may still …


Diagnosis And Treatments Of Nails Diseases And Problems

Nails are parts of our body that are themselves colorless and transparent. They are situated at the fingers of our hands and legs. Nails are good reflectors of our health as well as our beauty. In a healthy condition the color of nails is the pink because of the vigorous blood under the nails. If you hardly press a nail, it appears milky because the blood under the nail is displaced.

Those who are living under stress or are going through anemia or are having some other disease, they donâ??t have pink nails. The color may be white or yellow. Spotless and smooth nails are a sign of good health and beauty.

Here, we are discussing about diagnosis of diseases and treatments of diseases related to nails. There may be various diseases related to this. Some of the diagnosis and treatments of diseases related to nails are explained here.

First of all we should do the diagnosis of diseases related to nails. Twisted or curved nails at the edges are a sign of lung or heart diseases. Anemia can cause twisted and curved nails. Crooked and twisted lump on the nail obstructs the growth of this. Generally, debility and ligamentary weakness is the main cause of it. Occasionally, a child may have fingers without nails from his birth. Such a child is generally bald by birth. Roughness and lack of smoothness of nails are signs of calcium deficiency. Lack of calcium leads to lose the brightness and impede the growth of nails to full size. If it will not grow, they will not be very soft and thin.

Now, we should talk about treatment of diseases related to nails. In case if your nails are detached from the skin, broken or torn, you should immerse your finger in warm mustard oil for about 10 minutes and then you should rub it or fingers smoothly so that blood circulation can be reinstated in them. If your nails are very weak then you should take food rich in calcium and milk in plenty. Milk is very beneficial in any disease related to nails. You should massage it with olive oil to make them strong and bright. If alum salt is mixed along with olive oil and regularly applied on this then the nails will not be brittle. You may also use coconut or turpentine oil as a treatment of any disease related to nail and for maintaining the natural strength and brightness of the nails.

Lemon is a best treatment of any type of disease related to nails. If it have problem in growing in the normal way, you should dip your finger in warm lemon water for approx 5 minutes, after that immediately put them in cold water. It will help in the growth of your nails. For making them beautiful and strong, you should apply lemon juice on the nails; you should clean the fingers, and massage them with lemon and should let them dry up. You may also use …


Sciatica Treatment – ememichael

Sciatica is one of the most difficult conditions for medical practitioners, even those experienced in treating back pain and sciatica patients, to identify and treat. Sciatica often presents itself as a tingling and/or numbness, not unlike the feeling one may experience with a pulled hamstring muscle, the biceps femoris at the back of the leg. The sensation may be dull, almost an ache, with periods of tingling and/or numbness occurring during certain activities.

Many causes of sciatica exist. Instances of trauma to the sciatica nerve have been reported from accidents injuring the pelvic region, diseases such as diabetes damaging the sciatica nerve, osteoarthritis induced bone spurs narrowing the spinal canal and tumors placing pressure on the nerve. More commonly, however, the cause of sciatica can be found in a herniated lumbar disc.

When a person has to deal with sciatica for quite some time the best thing to learn about are all the different causes of sciatica. In fact, many people are rather surprised when they find out some of the different things that cause sciatica. Even though it depends on what type of professional you speak with about sciatica, there are really many different ways to get sciatica.

Treatment of sciatica is usually associated with treating a bulging disc. The first line of treatment is usually an attempt to reduce inflammation to reduce pressure on the nerve by means of oral medications. For more powerful anti-inflammatory effects, spinal injections with steroids like cortisone may be used.

This exercise program is primarily geared to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the lower back and the legs, reducing back pain and sciatica. The following are stretches that will assist in pain reduction and relief by removing much of the stress from the lower back, pelvis (hips) and lower extremities.

Natural remedies are growing in acceptance and are usually gentler and safer to use and focuses on other mean to achieve pain relief and help with a healthier back. While drugs are appropriate for immediate pain relief, reduction of inflammation and relaxation of muscles, it may be better to avoid them on an ongoing basis and to look for a holistic approach to treating the problem.

Sciatica Symptom:

In the previous two articles in this series we’ve discussed some of the reasons why we experience sciatic nerve pain or sciatica. In this article I would like to jump back just a bit and discuss the symptoms associated with sciatica, explain just why we experience this type of pain, and some of the other basic issues often faced when we experience it.

You cannot begin to consider cures for sciatica without first understanding exactly what sciatica is. That said, allow me to reiterate that cures for sciatica exist and are available, accessible, and effective as you will see in this article and on the next page.

Sciatica Treatment

Chiropractors, through the use of manually induced spinal adjustments, can often help the symptoms of sciatica. The adjustments, usually quick and painless, can align the …


Panic Attacks Treatment – The NLP Way

Everybody in this world has encountered any sort of panic attack. It can be caused by anxiety, worry, depression, nervous, fear, phobia, pressure and so on negative emotions. This can occur at random or after a person is exposed to various events that may trigger a panic attack. Panic attacks are periods of severe anxiety that happens due to feelings of anticipated fear or terror. The attacks may last for a few minutes or in some cases, quite a few hours.

Here is the panic attacks treatment without medicine but in NLP way. NLP or is called Neuro Linguistic Porgraming is the study of human excellent by 2 genius named John Grinder & Richard Bandler. This is individually recognized as highly successful ways of changing peoples behaviors and perceptions and I’m sure you can imagine the amazing benefits of combining these powerful techniques, allowing you to quickly and easily change the thoughts and behaviours you currently have so you just find yourself changing in beneficial ways.

There are 5 steps involved for panic attacks treatment by using NLP method:

Panic Attacks Treatment Step 1: Keep yourself relax.

Close your eye feeling every part muscle of your body is in deep relax. You can be in this level by talk to yourself that: “my eye is relaxing… hand is relaxing…” Do it from head to toe.

Panic Attacks Treatment Step 2: Recognize the positive intention behind the negative feeling.

After you are in total relax level. Now we want to sue the NLP techniques called Disassociation. Mean you are “separated” from yourself (the one that facing the panic attacks) and treating him/her as another person. Then ask yourself (the negative me) this question: “What is the purpose of your existence? What you want from me?” Because in NLP, we believe every negative emotion bring positive intention. Then waiting some answers from within. Yes, a sound or may be a picture or just even a feeling. You’ll know what it means.

Panic Attacks Treatment Step 3: Appreciate to the negative emotion (panic).

After fully understand the intention of the existence of panic, appreciate it sincerely and ask “him” to leave, because it shows no help in achieving the intention behind. Just like in your job or business, when the strategy not work then should change another!

Panic Attacks Treatment Step 4: Choosing the right emotion to install.

After the “negative you” left, choose the right and positive emotion that can empower your behavior in the future, say, passion, energetic and etc.

Panic Attacks Treatment Step 5: Create a emotion link when the similar event happen again. This is the most important part of the steps. You have visualize a scenario that if the similar events happens, you can “see” yourself can deal with the situation without panic but the positive emotion instead. You have to repeat it 4-6 times until you feel it is “real” to you. Then recover.

If you still experience panic attacks more often than occasionally, I strongly suggest …