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Integrating allopathic medicine & herbal medicine in ghana

A paradigm shift in health care is taking place all over the globe which calls for integration of allopathic and herbal medical practice in Ghana.

The sale and usage of food supplements and herbal medicinal products are increasing, whiles more people are asking and requesting more information on herbal therapies.

Many have also lost interest and confidence in allopathic medicine resulting from drug resistance leading to treatment failure.

There also exist chronic diseases that need prolonged and expensive allopathic medicine which the general public cannot afford.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), between 80-90% of the population of the world depends on traditional medicine for their primary health care needs.

As a matter of fact, the industry is not regulated and as a result, has attracted charlatans into the industry which is a multi-billion cedi business.

So far as prescription medicines are concerned, every country has legal requirements that govern the manufacture, wholesale and retail distribution processes, dispensing processes and usage of medicines. However, when it comes to medicinal plants products, these legal requirements are not in place to even call for the integration of herbal medicines into the health care delivery system.

A wide range of herbal medicinal products are being peddled around for sale with impunity without recourse to the user as to what will happen.

Most of these products are coming from China, India and Malaysia.

To help improve the herbal medicine industry which can create employment for millions and provide possible treatment to numerous diseases that confront us as a nation and the rational use of these products, integration into the national health delivery system and regulatory issues should be looked at.

Integrative Medicine is a rapidly emerging field that seeks to improve medical care by integrating the allopathic medicine to best of herbal medical modalities and approaches that have proven efficacy and safety.

Most allopathic medical practitioners are not aware of the evidence that already exists for the safety and efficacy of many herbal medicines for the treatments of most disease conditions where allopathic medicine has failed. There is therefore the need for the incorporation of herbal medical modalities into allopathic medicine in Ghana.

The integration of the best of herbal and allopathic medicine will be able to create a radically new kind of health care. This will be the medicine of the future. What is at stake is not just the status of some individual persons or treatment but the whole meaning of health care for all.

The larger mission of integration of both systems in the long run is to put together a new kind of medical practice, an integrative medicine. Separation of these systems as we have is meaningless. We therefore have to build but one inclusive health system instead of two, as these healing modalities and procedures will work in conjunction with the common reference point of science.

Integrative medicine is a partnership between patient and practitioner and it incorporates allopathic and herbal medical methods to bring about a healing …


ADD ADHD Test to Diagnose Behavioral Disorder

In the fast world that we are living, there are a number of things happening around us. Our body is developing many new disease and symptoms that are related to the number of changes that has happened around us in the recent past. It is very easy for people to get a solution for problems that are occurring physically. Even when there is no solution is available, they can at least reach to some extent in this process as there will be some level of diagnosis to stop further with the treatment. When it comes to some issues related to mental wellness, it is quite difficult for people and also the medical expert to come to a point of conclusion about the treatment and also how to proceed further. One of the most serious disorders that many people all over the world are suffering is the ADHD. It is a quite difficult thing for some people to realize that they are actually affected by the disease. People will get to realize this only in the extreme stages where it will be quite difficult for doctors to diagnose. In the recent days, ADD ADHD Test has developed a lot in a number of aspects.

The main improvement in this process is that the treatment technique directly involves the physiological response of the subject rather than just going for any general approach in the process of diagnosis. One of the best tools that are now available for doctors to move further with their treatment process is the ADHD Neurofeedback method. It is so advanced and beneficial that it will work for people of all age categories. This method, which is previously thought to be working with small children, has now been upgraded in a number of aspects to make sure that they are working fine with adults too. This technique is the one and only hope for many people in the Treatments for ADHD. Even though it will take a long time for this treatment, it is one of the most effective techniques as it works without the aid of any medicine. As there is no necessity for stimulants, there are no side effects associated with the treatment of ADHD Neurofeedback. Techniques of treatment will vary from each and every individual depending on the age category and the level of mental awareness.

Neural feedback technique can extensively help in the treatment for ADHD and show positive results in no time. …