Yoga – New Fitness Mantra for Seniors

Yoga is a soothing and calm fitness exercise, which originated in India. Seniors are highly benefited by yoga and this is the reason why both men and women of 55+ are attending Yoga programs for a better lifestyle. With increase of age, most of the people can take stress and afford heavy gym exercises like strength workouts. Often, they look for some calm and simple form of fitness Sydney. In this regard, yoga is considered as the most effective and fruitful solutions to work out. Most of the yoga teachers ask their students to do warm up exercises. This is coupled with joint movements or brisk walking while they are about to start yoga. With the help of the asanas, the seniors are not only able to maintain the physical stamina and shape but also get peace of mind, which is the most appealing part of Yoga.

Peace of mind

After a certain level, both the conventionalists and the modernists have agreed upon this fact that yoga help to retain peace of mind. The meditations in different postures help the practitioners to stay calm and increase blood circulation. This is only possible when the body is receiving fresh oxygen. Yoga offers this incredible resource. Remember that there is a link between the breaths (including inhalation as well as exhalation), mind, body and soul. All these can be reunified with the help of yoga.

Physical Fitness and Stamina:

With the help of this ancient method of balancing mind and body, the seniors are able to maintain their physical fitness. In this way, they succeed to stay away from deadly diseases. Mundukasana, Katichakrasana, Trikonasana, Noukasana, Bhujangasana, Pabanmuktasana, Paschimottolasana, and Dhanurasana are the most effective asanas for the seniors. Some of these help in stress busting, while others give relief from back pain and even joint pains of arthritis. With the help of many asanas, seniors are able to balance their blood pressure and diabetes. For better eyesight and weight loss, asanas play pivotal role.

With the help of Bikram Yoga, many seniors in Australia are succeeding to restrict excess weight gain. These asanas work as body warmers that prohibit fat to shelter in human physique. Besides, mediation works as a great alternative to the heart related medicines. This also helps the seniors with good sleep. As a matter of fact there are many elderly people who are unable to sleep. Many of them suffer from diseases like insomnia. But yoga has reduced their stress and allow them a full night sleep.

As a Stress buster:

This fitness Sydney work out are effective source of stress busters to seniors. As yoga help to increase blood circulation, the practitioners are able to feel refreshed. Yoga is also helpful to reduce the mental stress and work pressure. The seniors feel relaxed and also get peace of mind, after the end of an hour of exercising the asanas.

Better Shape and Weight loss:

There are many fitness freak seniors, who want to retain their physical shape …


The Mindset of a Powerlifter Part I

The world of powerlifting is a small enclave overshadowed by the field of body building. It is a peculiar coalition that is both feared and simultaneously admired; Feared due to the unnatural weight totals being lifted yet admired based on the intrinsic human value in becoming fast, strong and powerful.

Although powerlifting is not well known or understood by the general public, it has most frequently been confused with body building due to Hollywood’s accentuation of professional body builders like Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno. When referring to someone as strong and the process of attaining strength, people immediately think of a body builder and his routine method.  What we are reluctantly left with, is a pile of misinformation and myth that has become extremely difficult to excavate threw and make its distinction clear and popularize within our social network.

So the question remains what is and makes someone a powerlifter? Is it the genetic strength that one has attained at birth or simply the ability to lift more then the common weight being lifted within any commercial gym? Joe has been attending gym X for 6 months and now benches 375 lbs while Jimmy at the same gym only lift 275 lbs after 1 year and does crazy things with machines in ways it was never intended to be used. So who among the two is the powerlifter? The answer is simply neither or both.

What makes a powerlifter is not simply lifting heavy weights, respective to body weight, or having a particular physique. The true power lifter is anyone that has attained the basic seven mindset that lays the foundation for a powerlifting career, regardless of the amount he/she presently lift or have lifted in pursuit of pure strength within the three major lifts. To the competitive powerlifter, a true powerlifter is one that has stood on the platform of competition. Although this may be true, the phase of having to stand on a competitive platform is simply the result of what makes a true powerlifter. The competitive platform is simply a “means to an end” and not an “end” in itself but of course there are always exceptions which I bear not to discuss.

So this being said, the seven principles that must be laid to create the mindset of a true powerlifter are as follows:

1.  Committed

Acquiring a high level of commitment is a mandatory fundamental for any powerlifter. There must be a serious dedication toward one’s goals, plans and powerlifting principles to become effective within this field. One must establish clear and realistic goals to be met within a set time frame and assert a plan to meet these objectives within that time period.  This in itself requires planning that contain both short and long term goals in nature. Short term in the sense that you are committed to your training schedule regardless to what holiday is around the corner and long term to the point of continuing to lift regardless of injury and/or multiple sets …