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The Hip Flexor inherently has a lot to do with the Hip Joint. Hip Joint pain is often intertwined or confused with Hip Flexor pain; hopefully this article can clarify on the former.

The hip joint is the joint where the leg is attached to the upper torso, in other words the top of the leg connects with the pelvic bones. This is an extremely intricate area much like the Hip Flexor region because of the overlap, and many people suffer pain for many different reasons. Inflammation, tears, trauma, wear and tear, and many other factors can cause several serious conditions.

Hip Joint Pain Causes


Inflammation is basically the swelling of a body part when it is engorged by blood. It is a biological response in response to certain pain or other stimuli that signal that the body is being damaged or has been damaged.

Tendon Inflammation

Tendons are the strong tensile tissues that connect muscles to bones for the most part. In all cases they are attaching something in your body to another. When these become inflamed they can cause significant pain by not being able to operate correctly and by interacting with other internal parts they are not designed to. The result of this kind of inflammation is more often or not some sort of tendonitis.

Inflammation of Bursas

Bursas are little cushion like structures filled with fluid at all your major joints. Think of them like a pillow in between your head and the ground if you were lying on the floor. While your head and floor would hurt if they were directly moving against each other, with a pillow (bursa) in between any pain is ideally diminished during movement. When these bursas become inflamed however, they can become sensitive to movement and have functioning problems which leads to pain during movement.

Surrounding Injuries

Since the Hip Joint is central to a lot of body movements and functions, it depends on surrounding muscles and inner workings to function properly. When there are surrounding issues like lower back pain, Sciatica, Hip Flexor Tendonitis, there is often a correlation to Hip joint pain.

Wear and Tear

This is really the only truly age dependent cause of Hip joint pain that occurs somewhere just after middle age for many people. Any bad habits of posture, walking, etc. eventually start to catch up with you once you get older. The years of stress on the Hip can accumulate and emerge in different ways, but the result is usually a lot of pain, and in many cases this is why people need Hip replacement surgery as they age.

Common Conditions and Injuries


There are many types of Hip arthritis, but the most common is Osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis is caused by wear and tear because it usually affects elder people. In a joint there are many contributing body parts that help to ensure proper functionality; one of these is protective cartilage. In this condition the cartilage is slowly grinded …