Tunturi Cross Trainers—the Cadillac of Elliptical Cross Trainers

Tunturi machines are a top of the line cross trainer and market directly at the consumer who want just a bit more from their elliptical. They are, generally, somewhat more expensive than other brands, like Proform or York, but the fact that they are high quality machines really stands out and makes you notice. Originally a manufacturer of high end road bikes the company is branching out into all sorts of training equipment like treadmills, elliptical and exercise bikes and are now owned by the German fitness company, Accell, Accell produce the Bremshey cross trainer range. Along with all this they have a very large selection to choose from. Four of their models are listed below along with some of their more salient features.

Tunturi C45 Elliptical Cross Trainer has a huge 34kg flywheel that gives the elliptical motion a smooth ride. Tunuri´s patented T-Ride technology will bring a smile to the face of the hardest core fitness nut.

Tunturi C40 Elliptical Cross Trainer 19” has the same exotic console as the standard C40 but comes with a 3” longer stride which makes exercising more comfortable for taller people or those with a longer stride.

Tunturi C40 Elliptical Cross Trainer 16” has, as the name implies, a 16” stride and an advanced console. The very good 2 year warranty makes this an excellent buy.

And finally the Tunturi C20 Elliptical Cross Trainer is the beginner’s model in the range. This elliptical is designed for exercisers weighing up to 135kg (about 300lbs) and with a 16” stride. It will accommodate most users however and is a very good machine.

With Tunturi you make a conscious choice for quality, Finnish design and reliability Use the many programs for fitness challenges, heart rate tests and just everyday exercise.…


The Emotional Recovery from a Heart Attack

Copyright (c) 2009 Stephen Lau

A heart attack is one of the most devastating and traumatic experiences in life. At least 1.5 million Americans suffer a first or recurrent heart attack every year. Heart attacks are often an indication of advanced coronary heart disease, which is the Number One cause of death in the United States. Attacks occur when oxygen is unable to be delivered to some parts of the heart due to blockage in one or more of the coronary arteries.

Unfortunately, about half a million of those suffering from heart attacks do not survive. And those who are lucky enough to survive may also undergo emotional turmoil that affects their recovery from these attacks.

Indeed, many heart-attack survivors are beset by the emotional feeling of fear – fear of imminent death or fear of a recurrent attack soon. The fear may become so obsessive that they become oversensitive of even the smallest tinges in their bodies. For some, the fear has become so real that they are afraid of being left alone – and this often becomes an emotional anguish for themselves as well as their spouses and loved ones who take care of them.

A heart attack is often an emotional awakening to the frailty of health, or the reality of death. The realization of human mortality is similar to that experienced by the elderly as they approach their inevitable end. Although the confrontation with death can be motivating for some who subsequently decide to embark on a new lifestyle to improve their overall health, the realization of the mortality of life can be debilitating to the majority of survivors. This lack of motivation on many heart-attack survivors may interfere with the rehabilitation process, and thus making them more vulnerable to future attacks.

Most heart-attack survivors also undergo a phase in which they are angry with themselves about their attacks. One common scenario is that they may become angry even at those who are trying to help them. Another scenario is that they may feel injustice, such as “why me?”

In short, heart-attack survivors have to recover not only from the coronary heart disease itself but also from the emotions associated with a heart attack. Depression is common among heart-attack survivors. Accordingly, spouses and family members have to be more understanding of their mood swings and emotional outbursts in order to help them on the road to recovery from heart attacks.

A positive outlook of life may be the best remedy against depression and other distressing emotions. Self-reflection is able to promote positive lifestyle changes, which are critical to long-term recovery from heart attacks. It is important that being granted “a second chance in life” should become the driving force to learn valuable life lessons from a heart attack.

It is understandable that heart-attack survivors may still have lingering doubts and fears, but time resolves most feelings of anger, anxiety, fear, or depression. Once emotional recovery begins, recovery from a heart attack will duly follow, if accompanied …


Order Alfuzosin – Read This Before You Buy Online

Alfuzosin is prescribed to treat enlarged prostate gland problems. This drug relaxes the muscles around the prostrate and bladder so that urine can pass through more easily. This medication is classified as a type of alpha blocker. If you do not have health insurance coverage, the drug can be prohibitively expensive to buy purchase and treat your condition.

Order Alfuzosin Online

One way, in which you can save money, is to order your supplies of Alfuzosin online. The number of patients buying drugs online has increased dramatically, over the years, as the costs of medications have soared. There is a number of online drug stores available, which can meet your needs. However, it is extremely crucial that you choose a reputable provider, such as Doing so, will help you to ensure that when you order Alfuzosin, you receive the genuine product.

Stay Safe Online

Many disreputable online drug stores sell medication that is out of date or counterfeit. These drugs can look particularly convincing but will not provide patients with the treatment they need. Worse yet, unsuspecting customers may be putting their lives at risk. Customers buying this medication in genuine, good faith can experience all kinds of problems, from unexpected side effects, through to a worsening of their condition. This is why it is essential that if you need certain medications, to treat your condition, then you should only order from a reliable and trustworthy seller, such as

Another problem with online drug websites is that some of them do not offer secure, online payment facilities. This can leave your personal identity vulnerable to online criminals. After using one of these unsecured websites, you could have your credit details and identity stolen and misused. This will not only leave you out of pocket, but will take months to sort out with the credit reporting agencies. The entire process can be a tremendously, stressful experience.

Buying Prescription Drugs Online

Many prescription drugs are extremely powerful and can have a number of potentially serious side effects. It is essential that you only purchase from online drug stores that can offer you professional advice. This will ensure that you have a way to check for any concerns, which you may have with your order. offers a free consultation with a licensed pharmacist, with each order. Doing so, will provide you with a quick way to ask any questions, about the medication being ordering.


When you order Alfuzosin with, you can be sure you are getting a genuine product, which will help you to manage your condition. As well as being cheaper than traditional pharmacist online drug stores, can offer a truly discreet service, which ensures your privacy. Drugs can be ordered quickly and easily online. The medications will be shipped directly to your door. offers competitive shipping options worldwide. If you are unhappy with your order, there is a 30-day refund policy, in place.

You can order Alfuzosin quickly and securely, through This website …


Zumba, The Hottest New Fitness Trend, Spends A Weekend In Curacao

Unlike many Caribbean destinations that are known primarily for shopping and entertainment, Curacao is recognized as one of the world’s top fitness and recreation destinations. As home to some of the world’s best dive sites and ecotourism sites, Curacao has long attracted fitness-conscious travelers from around the globe. This year, during the first weekend of October, Curacao will play host to an exciting gathering for one of top new trends in fitness, Zumba. As this unique low-impact workout is known for its Latin rhythms, easy-to-learn choreography and incredible fat-burning power, it has inspired everyone from fitness experts to novice exercisers. Just 10 years after its serendipitous creation, Zumba has already reached 75 countries, being taught in more than 40,000 gym and spa destinations. Whether visiting for the Zumba Weekend in Curacao or simply checking out the classes in between enjoying the island’s numerous sights, visitors in Curacao this October will find that Zumba is a perfect match for the island’s upbeat, yet refined atmosphere.

Zumba was created almost entirely by chance when fitness trainer Beto Perez misplaced his aerobics music during a training session in his native Colombia. Without the traditional upbeat dance music on hand, Perez chose to play a selection of his favorite songs – including traditional Latin American genres such as salsa and merengue – and improvise a fitness routine to match the music. The result was an easy-to-follow, but incredibly effective fitness routine. After perfecting the workout in his own gym, the fitness trend – bolstered by popular traditional music and beginner-friendly moves – began attracting plenty of attention throughout Colombia. Inspired by the success of Zumba in Colombia, Perez visited the United States in 1999 hoping to hook both those new to fitness classes and more dedicated exercisers in search of new workout options. With the support of investors, Perez found plenty of interest in the United States with both fitness professionals that added the workout to their class schedules and those interested in simple home workouts, as evidenced by the program’s extensive DVD sales. Throughout the early 2000s, Zumba expanded to several additional Latin American and Caribbean nations, quickly becoming one of the hottest workout trends and fitness travel opportunities.

As Zumba was created as a fun and effective alternative to more grueling fitness classes, those that have traditionally shied away from such fitness programs are finding Zumba to be an excellent place to begin a healthy and active lifestyle. Zumba relies on simple Latin dance moves and basic choreography to get participants moving. The workout then alternates between intervals of fast-paced movement and more relaxed gestures to promote resistance training and consistent fat and calorie burning. The result is a fun, low-impact workout that is capable of burning up to 1,000 calories each hour.

The popularity of Zumba and the growing interest in fitness travel have created events such as the Zumba Weekend in Curacao. Unlike common Zumba classes that are staged in fitness rooms throughout the world, the Zumba Weekend in Curacao …


Precautions of Vitamin D3 Injection

Adequate daily intakes for dietary vitamin D3 Injection are listed below. Seniors and people who don’ t get exposed to much sunlight may need to take supplements. Seniors may be at risk of developing vitamin D deficiency because as we age, the body does not make as much vitamin D from sunlight, and it has a harder time converting vitamin D into a form it can use.

Many researchers have suggested that the adequate daily intakes for vitamin D are too low. The National Institutes of Health, which sets the amounts, is reviewing the research. If you are concerned about your vitamin D3 Injection levels, ask your doctor whether you should take a supplement, and how much.

Because of the potential for side effects and interactions with medications, you should take dietary supplements only under the supervision of a knowledgeable health care provider. Taking too much vitamin D3 Injection can cause a number of side effects. However, scientists don’ t all agree on how much is too much. The National Institutes of Health has set the maximum upper limit at 1,000 IU daily for children to age 12 and 2,000 IU daily for adults. But some researchers believe those limits are too low. Ask your doctor to determine the right dose for you.

Side effects may include:

* Excessive thirst
* Metal taste in mouth
* Poor appetite
* Weight loss
* Bone pain
* Tiredness
* Sore eyes
* Itchy skin
* Vomiting
* Diarrhea
* Constipation
* A frequent need to urinate
* Muscle problems

You cannot get too much vitamin D from sunlight, and it would be very hard to get too much from food. Generally, too much vitamin D is a result of taking supplements in too high a dose. People with the following conditions should be careful when considering taking vitamin D supplements:

* High blood calcium or phosphorus levels
* Heart problems
* Kidney disease

Vitamin D3 Injection is essential to build and maintain healthy bones throughout life. Calcium, the main element of bone, can be absorbed into the body only when vitamin D is present. Vitamin D and calcium are involved in many body functions, including keeping your immune and nervous systems healthy. Vitamins are compounds that you must have for growth and health. They are needed in small amounts only and are available in the foods that you eat. Vitamin D is necessary for strong bones and teeth.

Taking too much vitamin D3 Injection (more than 1,000 IU daily) can make you very ill. Symptoms include excessive thirst, metal taste, bone pain, tiredness, sore eyes, itching skin, vomiting, diarrhea, a need to urinate, and muscle problems. Getting too much sunlight will not give you too much vitamin D.Check with your doctor before taking vitamin D3 Injection if you have high blood calcium or phosphorus levels or if you have a cardiac or kidney disease.

Adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D3 Injection is important in all patients. Patients must receive supplemental calcium …


Things You Should Know About Youth Softball

People who love softball often take their family to play this sport, including their children. This activity can enhance their skills, especially if the parents want the children to be professional players. However, there are several things that parents should know before starting to do efforts to make the children like softball superstars.

For you who do not have any idea about this sport, you can try to understand that softball is sport game played by nine players in a team. The game needs two teams that alternate between offense and defense. The team who makes more runs than the opponent team will be the winner. In addition, it can be played for both girls and boys, so it eliminates your worries that your kids will be rejected.

This game requires several skills that include strength, teamwork and craftsmanship, eye-hand coordination, and also some position-specific skills like running, pitching, and fielding. That is why the minimum age to play this game is 4 or 5 for tee ball and 7 or 8 for player-pitch teams. A kid needs to be patient and attentive enough to deal with the slower pace of baseball. In addition, the kid should be team-oriented, as the game requires team coordination to win.

If you put your kids to a softball course, you will find that they spend a lot of time lingering in the outfield. Physical activities are not done too often, but the play will become more athletic and aggressive depending on their growth. You should provide the suitable equipment that fit their body well. You can go to stores and ask the shopkeepers or even go there with your kids to know which ones that fit them perfectly. Things you must buy are uniform, gloves, cleats, batting gloves, and batting helmets. The price may vary, but the equipment for beginning players is mostly cheap.

Then, you need to consider the potential injuries that possibly happen during the game. That is why you should know the tricks to prevent injuries, such as using softer balls to reduce injury factors. This kind of ball is often used by younger places as it is well known for the ability to reduce the risk and severity of head injuries. Then, you can also reduce the risk of ankle sprains and other injuries by giving your kids breakaway bases, or also called safety-release bases.

There are several conditions you may find after certain periods of play. If your kids throw too many pitches, they can experience an overuse injury. In a response to this, you can make sure that the kids get plenty of rest for their arms. The coach may even ask you to do this. Further, you can get some tips to prevent the injuries by contacting the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.…


The All in One Source of Hip Injuries Information

The Hip Flexor inherently has a lot to do with the Hip Joint. Hip Joint pain is often intertwined or confused with Hip Flexor pain; hopefully this article can clarify on the former.

The hip joint is the joint where the leg is attached to the upper torso, in other words the top of the leg connects with the pelvic bones. This is an extremely intricate area much like the Hip Flexor region because of the overlap, and many people suffer pain for many different reasons. Inflammation, tears, trauma, wear and tear, and many other factors can cause several serious conditions.

Hip Joint Pain Causes


Inflammation is basically the swelling of a body part when it is engorged by blood. It is a biological response in response to certain pain or other stimuli that signal that the body is being damaged or has been damaged.

Tendon Inflammation

Tendons are the strong tensile tissues that connect muscles to bones for the most part. In all cases they are attaching something in your body to another. When these become inflamed they can cause significant pain by not being able to operate correctly and by interacting with other internal parts they are not designed to. The result of this kind of inflammation is more often or not some sort of tendonitis.

Inflammation of Bursas

Bursas are little cushion like structures filled with fluid at all your major joints. Think of them like a pillow in between your head and the ground if you were lying on the floor. While your head and floor would hurt if they were directly moving against each other, with a pillow (bursa) in between any pain is ideally diminished during movement. When these bursas become inflamed however, they can become sensitive to movement and have functioning problems which leads to pain during movement.

Surrounding Injuries

Since the Hip Joint is central to a lot of body movements and functions, it depends on surrounding muscles and inner workings to function properly. When there are surrounding issues like lower back pain, Sciatica, Hip Flexor Tendonitis, there is often a correlation to Hip joint pain.

Wear and Tear

This is really the only truly age dependent cause of Hip joint pain that occurs somewhere just after middle age for many people. Any bad habits of posture, walking, etc. eventually start to catch up with you once you get older. The years of stress on the Hip can accumulate and emerge in different ways, but the result is usually a lot of pain, and in many cases this is why people need Hip replacement surgery as they age.

Common Conditions and Injuries


There are many types of Hip arthritis, but the most common is Osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis is caused by wear and tear because it usually affects elder people. In a joint there are many contributing body parts that help to ensure proper functionality; one of these is protective cartilage. In this condition the cartilage is slowly grinded …


Anxiety And Depression – It Is A Lot More Common Than You Think

It is only natural to feel sad or worried sometimes. Anyone who is a parent worries about their children. Anyone who has lost someone would have a shed a tear. That is normal and unavoidable. It happens to everyone and if you can say ‘not me mate’ then all I can say to you is ‘It will, just as sure as God made little green apples’.

However, when you worry all the time about every little thing and you are always sad then maybe, just maybe, you have a concern with anxiety and or depression. It can affect how you act, how you think, how you feel about yourself and how you relate to others.  It is only when you realise what the heck is going on and recognise some of the signs, can you start to do something about it.

You might think to yourself that you are the only one who is feeling or experiencing these feelings of depression and or anxiety. However, depression and anxiety are among the most common mental health issues experienced by young people today. Experts estimate that about 20% to 25% of people in the world will at some stage in their lives experience anxiety or surrender to the battle with depression. Some poor souls go through both.You are not alone.

What thoughts are going through your head on a daily basis? Are you a positive or negative thinker? I’ll sometimes have a chat with someone and come away feeling exhausted. The reason is the everything they talk about is dark and dreary. Things were getting worse for them and they could see nothing improving in the future. They regret  so many things they have done in the past and feel they are an absolute failure.

Others I come across are so worried about what others think of them that they have trouble enjoying life. They are too scared to say “boo” around people or to try to do something new in case they make a mistake. It is how you think that affects the way you feel. It also affects the way you behave.

Someone who wanders around thinking negatively all day is going to behave in a similar fashion. They will tend to move around slowly, lack motivation to do anything and tend to withdraw from their friends and family. Someone who is worried about everything will be fidgety, nervous looking and tend to avoid mixing with people or going into crowds.

Thinking like that all the time is eventually going to take its toll on the body. Some of the more common physical symptoms are the change in sleep patterns, change in appetite, bodily functions and energy levels. These symptoms may not be so obvious to others but everyone knows their own body and when things are amiss.

Odds are that when you are down, troubled, bothered, agitated or distressed for any length of time, people around you are going to be affected whether you intend it to happen or …


Fishing in the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway

A portion of the St. Croix River forms part of the state boundary between Minnesota and Wisconsin. The remainder of the St. Croix River and the entire Namekagon River are in Wisconsin. Regulations vary depending on where you fish and what state your fishing license is issued from. It is important to study a map of the area and to know which regulations apply to the area you are fishing. The Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway includes the St Croix River and a major tributary, the Namekagon. Within the St. Croix watershed are numerous lakes, rivers and streams, most of which include fine fishing.

Generally, fish are divided into two categories, warm water and cold water species. Cold water habitat is critical for the support of trout. Warmer water will support those species that cannot thrive in colder water.

The Namekagon River upstream from Hayward is a cold water habitat and has received national recognition for it’s quality fishing. Naturally reproducing brown and brook trout are plentiful. The section from Hayward down river to its confluence with the St Croix is a transition zone. Here trout become fewer and smallmouth bass begin to dominate, while walleyes and northern pike begin to increase in numbers.

The St Croix River is a warm water habitat. The stretch from Danbury down stream to St Croix Falls is recognized as one of the finest smallmouth bass fisheries in the country. The section from Taylors Falls to Stillwater is truly a river filled with warm water species; bass, walleyes, saugers, northern pike, muskellunge, catfish, suckers, sturgeon, carp and pan fish abound. The river from Stillwater to the Mississippi has slowed its flow and is now called Lake St Croix. Located close to the Twin Cities, this section is popular for watercraft sports; yet fishing remains productive.

Minnesota and Wisconsin Boundary Waters
Boundary waters of the St. Croix River extend upriver from the confluence of the Mississippi River in Prescott, Wisconsin, to an area approximately 2.5 miles downstream from the confluence of the Namekagon River. Anglers may fish from either shoreline in the boundary waters with a license from either state. An area downstream of the hydroelectric dam at Taylors Falls – St. Croix Falls is closed to fishing and is identified by signs and fences.

Bait and Lines in Boundary Waters
Two lines with a single lure or bait on each are permitted. If fishing with one line you may use two baits. Live crayfish may not be used for bait on the St. Croix or Namekagon.

Inland Waters
The entire Namekagon River and the St. Croix River, from Gordon Dam to an area approximately 2.5 miles downstream from the confluence of the Namekagon River, are
Wisconsin inland waters.

Bass Zones
The St. Croix River is divided into northern (N) and southern (S) zones regarding open seasons for bass in boundary waters. Northern bass zone waters are upstream from the
hydroelectric dam in Taylors Falls – St. Croix Falls. The entire Namekagon River is located …


Zadroga claim provides extreme physical and mental comfort to 9/11 victims

The 9/11 terrorist attack left the entire world in a state of shock. Thousands of innocent people had lost their lives and had fallen prey to the inhuman terrorist attack. Thus, to help the sufferers of 9/11 World Trade Centre attack, the Government of United States issued the Zadroga claim

The Zadroga claim is available to a wide range of victims that have either lost their family members or have been severely affected with grave injuries in the occurrence of September 9, 2001 terrorist attack.

Zadroga claim provides excellent health care facilities that the sufferer may not be able to afford, as a result of being critically unwell. Not only this, the Zadroga claim also provides financial assistance to the victims, which would help them to reduce the medical burden thus caused.

The sufferer can hire an experienced and talented Zadroga lawyer, who would help the victim in registering the Zadroga claim with the court of law. The Zadroga lawyer would investigate about the required information such as the particular company the claimant was working and also the doctor who is connected with him because of the matter involved. With the existence of Zadroga claim, the sufferers have been able to ring the bells of the court for vital claim. However, the court follows certain rules and regulations for giving claim to well deserved victims.

People file court cases for various reasons; some file it to get rightful compensation while others file it to get the right over the assets and many other things. The Zadroga claim are specially filed in the court of law against the employers who do not alert their workers about the harmful toxic element called Asbestosis. People who are dependent on the Zadroga claim and are asking for the compensation are mostly cleanup workers, emergency workers, police personnel, firefighters and all other ground zero workers who were helping during the 9/11 attack. Besides them, the residents of the World Trade Centre are, people working in and around the attack site, students studying in the locality are also eligible for the Zadroga claim.

All these victims are suffering from several life-taking health conditions such as Upper or Lower Airway disease, Acid Reflux disease, Obstructive Airway diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); or Obstructive Lung Defects such as Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS), occupational asthma (WTC Cough), Sarcoidosis, Asbestosis and Mesothelioma Cancer.

The victims should appoint a Zadroga lawyer, who works on the principle of “no win, no fee” which means that the lawyer would charge the victim only if he wins the case and the lawyer would not ask for the payment if he loses the Zadroga claim.

Thus, with the aid of Zadroga claim the employees can file for ceaseless disability benefits. The Zadroga claim would help the victims battle with their health problems that they are suffering from due to the terrorizing attack on the World Trade Centre.

The commendable feature about the Zadroga claim is that if …