A Guide On How To Remodel Smaller Bathrooms To Make Them Look Bigger

Small restrooms are hard to work with for the reason that, well, they’re small. There isn’t much to work with from the start. Nevertheless, there are some things which you can do to make them more cozy and look more spacey. Take a look at these following pointers.

Paint your walls with pastel colors or white. Simply put, dark colors make rooms appear more enclosed. Light is unable to travel efficiently, making the walls of the room appear closer than they truly are. By using pastel colors, you allow light to reflect off the walls and travel further, increasing the visible area. You can hardly go wrong with all your walls painted white. But if you would like a bit of color, I highly suggest that you keep one wall white, namely the one opposite from the entrance. It will also help to install white porcelain tile flooring. The porcelain will be able to help reflect even more light.

Next, you should put in place a smaller sink arrangement. One method to do this is by installing a sink which takes up not more than two by two by four feet. This would only leave space for the sink bowl and some toiletries. You will want to store your toiletries inside your medicine cabinet or sink cabinet. One alternative method is to place a narrow, long sink cabinet which spans the entire length of your wall. This way, you can lay out your toiletries across your counter, producing the appearance of space. You’ll even have additional storage space below when you require it. One last thing about the sink issue, think about installing a wall mounted faucet assembly so that you can have everything as nearest to the walls as possible.

If you don’t really use your medicine cabinet, swap it out with a large, thin mirror. If possible, install one other large mirror on the opposite or adjacent wall. This will create the appearance that the bathroom is larger than it truly is.

If your restroom is like the average type, the shower uses a shower curtain or frosted sliding glass doors. I recommend getting a frameless clear glass shower stall. The non framed construction clears up a lot of bulk and clutter, and the glass allows light to travel through. If you still would like to keep your shower curtain arrangement, keep your curtain open any time you are not using the shower, however it will typically cause mildew to grow on it quicker.