Agel Business Opportunity Review

General Overview

Agel Enterprises LLC is a nutritional supplement supplier and a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. lt started in March 2005 in Provo, Utah. Agel currently markets its products to 55 countries.

The product line includes nine discrete gelceuticals, which are the world’s first nutritional supplements that are suspended in gel. Agel also has the world’s first all gel care line with Ageless. The nine different products use proven ingredients to target specific maladies to do things; such as, reduce joint pain, promote heart health, intensify energy, and reduce appetite. Some of the supplements are also notable in that they are both kosher and halal certified, making them acceptable to Jews and Muslims to ingest.

The company has become especially popular in lsrael and many Muslim countries, such as, Malyasia and lndonesia.

A Little History:

The founder of Agel is Glen Jensen. He previously worked in other MLM companies; such as, Nu Skin Enterprises and Neways. He recently joined the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. ln September of 2008, the company moved its global headquarters from Provo, Utah to Lehi, Utah. The move was done to accommodate the rapid growth as well as to put it closer to Salt Lake City Airport.

Business Model:

To become an active Agel distributor, you must first order your Agel Roadmap. There are two choices, either the Executive Kit or the Personal Pack. You also have to setup your automatic monthly autoship.

Since Agel does follow the structure of a multi-level marketing business model, you more than likely will be instructed to create a list of 100 names, initiate a marketing campaign (with emphasis on recruiting people), and to commit to making at least two contacts per day.

Agel Training:

Monthly Product Webcasts conducted by Agel Corporate: This is every first Wednesday of each month where you get information on the various products from the experts.

Private Business Review (PBR) progam: Schedule a grand opening PBR in your home or somewhere else. The goal here is to develop a team and do a weekly PBR.

Plug into Agel Business Brief (ABB) network: Participate in a local event or meeting. For those areas that do not have an available ABB, make one.

Participate in Weekly Leadership Calls: Be in contact with your local leaders frequently for updated information and motivation.

Book attendance at major Agel events: Agel World is held annually and regional Go Diamond Weekends are held periodically.

30 Minutes a day of personal development: To focus on your goals, review progress, and plan you day.

Agel Compensation Plan:

There are nine ways to make money in Agel. The Agel Comp Plan includes expense allowances, travel award funds, team volume commissions, matching bonuses, and luxury car fund.

To create a commission, you must first be on autoship. lf you are on autoship, then you can earn an income through the following methods:

Retail sales: selling of the various products.

First order bonus: earn once you have recruited someone. If your new Agel distributor buys the Executive Kit, you earn $200. If your new Agel distributor purchases the Personal Kit, you earn: $35.00

Each personal enrollment also counts towards your commissionable volume.

Executive Rank Qualifications: Each month 1% of Global CV is shared amongst team members.

To qualify for the bonus, team members must be either a Supervisor, Manager, or Senior Manager. An additional 0.5% of the CV is shared amongst those who qualify at Director or Regional Director.

Annual Leadership Retreat: Each year, usually the Diamond Director and above are invited to a once a year leadership retreat and other special events. Expenses are paid for and luxury accommodations are provided as you increase you level of success.

Expense Account: Another perk for those who are at the Senior Director level and above. This lump sum is paid monthly.

Senior Director: $500
Corporate Director: $1000
Diamond Director: $1500
Double Diamond Director: $2000
Triple Diamond Director: $2500
Quadruple Diamond Director $3000

The money is to help pay the costs of building your business.

Luxury Car Bonus: For those at Senior Director and above. This bonus is designed to pay for cars and related costs but you are not required to turn in any receipts and can use the bonus any way you want.

Senior Director: $500
Corporate Director: $1000
Diamond Director: $1500
Double Diamond Director: $2000
Triple Diamond Director: $2500
Quadruple Diamond Director: $3000

Team Volume Commissions: This is for residual income. Basically, the compensation is a two-leg business structure. You earn 10% commission on your lesser leg, which means that for every unit of CV you accumulate in your lesser leg, you will receive ten cents back in Team Volume Commissions.

Leveraged Matching Bonus: You can earn up to 50% of the Team Volume Commissions being earned by any team members that you have personally sponsored, up to 7 levels down.


Agel MLM Opportunity is an MLM company that seems to be a viable business for anyone interested, but it not one without its criticisms. Many of the complaints against Agel focus on excess predictions of sales volumes and resulting bonuses, high “buy-in” costs as well as the
complicated compensation structure.

There have also been some complaints regarding the effectiveness of the Agel products.

Overall, many supporters and merchants who are involved in Agel say that it is a genuine, profitable multi-level marketing business opportunity. It has taken steps to deal with the complaints.

In essence, Agel offers a unique business opportunity for those interested. lt is a viable opportunity and you can generate a worthwhile income, but only through hard work and diligence.

I might add here that the trainings given are not satisfactory for many individuals who do decide to join. Most of the success generated will stem for using offline methods taught by Agel, which involves having a large list of family and friends and/or the capability to sell.

If none of these apply to you, you might want to consider using a marketing system that will train you on how to market your Agel opportunity using primarily the internet. Most marketing systems also provide a sales funnel that allows its members to generate an income while developing their business. This will help offset any costs you encounter from your marketing, as well as you overall business.

If you use the offline or online marketing strategies to building your Agel business, you need to be open to learning new skills. This is the necessity of every entrepreneur.