Anti-Aging or Simply Healthy Living

Imagine my surprise, and disappointment, when new research proved that subjects that regularly take vitamins, minerals and a host of other herbs are still dying at the same rate as the general population. The good news is that for those individuals trying to live a healthy life style by including a daily regimen of vitamins and minerals seem to be healthier for their given age. So what does that really mean? If you happen to be 50 years of age and you are taking the path of trying to lead a healthier lifestyle by including a daily regimen of vitamins and minerals, more than likely you are optimizing your body’s metabolic state for a healthy 50 year old. This is assuming that you are taking very good quality vitamins and minerals and not one of the common multi-vitamin mineral tablets that can be found on the shelves of your local grocery. If you fit into this later category, possibly taking one of the common one a day tablet forms of vitamin, there is a very slim chance that your body is actually absorbing all of the nutrients that you really need from the single tablet that you are taking. Many of these types of tablets are simply packed too tightly for your body to be able to break down the capsule before it as passed through your body and on its way to being fish food. Then there is the question of the quality controls that are used during the processing and manufacturing of these vitamins and minerals.

By now you are probably wondering what in the above discovery made me happy. Well take heart as I haven’t told you the good news just yet. With my real interest being in living a longer healthier life full of vital energy the above information did not match up to well with my plans for my future. In the last twelve months I have made three discoveries that have had the most profound impact on my health of anything I have discovered over the past 30 years. Thanks to a friend, that I will be forever indebted to, he gave me some products to try that have improved the quality of my life and without doubt added an unknown number of years to my life. (Thanks Rex!)

Through that gift I discovered a brilliant scientist by the name of Stephen Cherniske, a book titled “The Metabolic Plan” and a company called Univera LifeSciences. Since the common throughout all of these is Stephen Cherniske let me start by telling you a little about Stephen. Please keep in mind to do him real justice I would need to write a book, so I will do my best to cover the highest of the highlights.

Stephen Cherniske, M.S. is a world-renowned research biochemist, best-selling author and pioneer in anti-aging, longevity and human performance. He directed the nations first FDA licensed clinical laboratory specializing in nutrition testing, advised the U.S. Olympic team, taught sports nutrition at the IronMan Training Camp and Endurance Sports Center and served on the faculty of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Grounded in scientific method, Stephen has an innate appreciation for and understanding of the aging process and its effect on the human body. 30 years of experience has enabled Stephen to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative health care. Elected to Who’s Who in American Professionals in 1997, Stephen Cherniske is widely recognized as an expert in nutrition and human performance. He is a frequent presenter at national and international sports medicine conferences, a patent-holder in the field of biotechnology and considered the primary architect of the Metabolic Model of Aging. Stephen Cherniske is now serving as President and Chief Science Officer of Univera LifeSciences.

What if I told you that I could hand you the map to the fountain of youth? Wait it gets better. With this map you will be able to add forty or more years to your life. Further, those years would be filled with vital energy, increased strength, stamina, immunity, reduced fat, reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, enhanced memory, increased sex drive and more……


That map is called “The Metabolic Plan”. In roughly 300 pages Stephen Cherniske maps out, in layman’s terms, the most cutting edge breakthroughs, backed by science that will enable you to extend and improve the quality of your life. Granted it is known that 35% of our health is predetermined by genetics, but that leaves an outstanding 65% that is in our control. As Stephen so eloquently explains, we are creating 300 billion new cells every day which is an astonishing capacity for the repairing and rebuilding of our bodies. We simply need to know how to make tomorrow’s cells healthier and stronger than today’s cells.

With Stephen’s background in human performance this makes him uniquely qualified to better understand the aging process as it turns out that aging is closely related to human performance. Research has proven in numerous trials that muscle mass is a major factor in longevity. As mentioned “The Metabolic Plan” is spelled out in an easy to read format in layman’s terms. However, you don’t have to take Stephen’s word for it as there are hundreds of scientific references provided supporting the books content. So, for you guys that want to dive into the details of the science and read each of the references the door is open for you to go down that path. For those of you that want to get to the bottom line and get on with life there is a clearly laid out road map for you to be able to have a significant impact on the quality of your life.

Lastly there is Univera LifeSciences.

As part of the international family of companies that comprise the ECONET, Univera has access to more than 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art research facilities between South Korea and the U.S. In fact, Univera has more combined research space, more scientists, more published studies, patents and publications than any other natural products company. They also have 140,000 acres of primal forest and about 15,000 acres of other land under cultivation. Nowhere else on earth is anyone devoting the massive resources and talent at cracking the code of the aging process to produce a new generation of unique and exclusive wellness and healthy aging products.

Univera starts with the highest quality raw materials from their farms and forests around the world. They then test the ingredients and formulas at the DNA level – a process called Genomics. No other natural products company uses full scale Genomics to test its products. Finally they complete the chain of bringing those products from farm to family to your door by using state of the art manufacturing techniques and equipment.

Your body’s ability to repair, rebuild and regenerate 300 billion new cells daily is a function of three important factors – Raw Materials, Energy and Renewal Signals. From birth to 25, Raw Materials are the necessary building blocks that are available in the product called Ageless Essentials. From 25 to 35 your Energy level drops and some basic functions begin to cut corners, so Univera has developed AgelessXtra. After 35, your body loses its ability to produce Renewal Signals, but those signals can be turned back on through the use of Ageless Prime. Univera has developed unique, proprietary formulas and products (Ageless Essentials, AgelessXtra, Ageless Prime) to address the root causes of aging during the three phases of the aging lifecycle.

I will never tell anyone that this is an easy path to follow. There are pitfalls around every corner and most importantly it takes action on your part. And not just a day or two, not even a couple of weeks or a month. What we have to understand is that this is about a lifestyle change, but the payoff is beyond anything imaginable. We are now discussing a life full of vital energy that can fuel all of your dreams, plans and passions. Further more with the extended quality of life chances are that you don’t have nearly enough goals to fill a life time as we now know it. The choice is yours to make. What will you do?