At Home Workouts for Women – For Mountain Climbers

There a lot of factors that discourages women from working out and these reasons may vary from having a very busy schedule to a limited budget. Nevertheless, we bring you good news as you can actually find several at home workouts for women that doesn’t asks you to prepare an expensive equipment.

These at home workouts for women can improve a woman’s cardiovascular fitness and increase her lean muscle mass by using her bodyweight as resistance. Building large bulky muscles is not a problem because women don’t have testosterone levels that will make her gain large muscles as men do.

Among the fitness conscious ladies who are searching for several at home workouts for women are mountain climbers, and their cardiovascular exercises must focus on their arms, core and legs while they quickly increase their heart rate for the workout. If you are a climber and is interested in performing this exercises, the first step that you need to do in these kind of at home workouts for women is to position your body on the floor in a pushup pose. Position your left knee into your chest and keep your right foot behind you. Then you need to immediately switch your legs, positioning your right knee in toward your chest, and continue to alternate your legs in a running motion while performing three sets of 25 repetitions.

The next step that you need to do is modified pushups, and while following these at home workouts for women you will have to engage your chest, triceps, and core muscles. When doing this, you need to start on the ground and align your hands with your chest and slightly press your hips forward in order for your spine to be in a straight line. Then slowly bend your arms and lower your chest on the floor, and push your body up until your arms are straight and return to the starting position. Repeat these exercises for three sets of 15 repetitions.

Another procedure in this at home workouts for women is stationary lunges which tones a woman’s thighs and butt while using the core muscles for balance. First, you need to place your hands on your hips and slowly position your left knee near to the ground until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Push to an upward position and return to the starting pose. You have to perform these exercises with three sets of 15 repetitions on each leg.

The last at home workouts for women that you have to perform would be elbow planks. You need to focus on your core muscles, such as your abs, oblique and lower back. Before you begin, you must position your body on the ground in a pushup pose. Then lower your upper body near your elbows and tighten the abs to support your spine. For 30 seconds, you have to maintain a static pose then after you need to repeat the process of this kind of at home workouts for women for three sets of 30-second plank holds.