Avail Membership Of Motor Agency And Take Benefits Of Registration

There are many registered agencies that support vehicle owners for getting their vehicles registered. If you are going to buy a new vehicle, registration of the vehicle is mandatory by law. The process of registration makes the vehicle have its records entered with the government authorities. In the case of any eventuality, the ownership of the vehicle can be traced. The registration of a vehicle provides every vehicle with a unique registration number. This is the number through which a particular car can be identified. As per law, the registration is initially offered for a fixed duration of years, which can be extended through renewal on testing of the fitness of the vehicle as per the then prevalent norms.

Take help for registration process

The registration process of new vehicles is often a cumbersome process. You have to fill up different forms. You need to submit the forms at the road transport authority’s offices after standing in long queues which can eat up a lot of your valuable time. The service agencies can relieve you about this worrisome procedure. If you are a registered member of their agency, they come to your place for filling up of all documents and submit the same at desired offices with the requisite payment of fees. There are many agencies which can help you with the process of Car Registration Dubai and make you life smoother.

Renew your car registration in time

Has the time arrived for the renewal of registration of your vehicle? Your motor service agent will remind you of the same and take care of the renewal procedure. Since your car is no longer new, as per the government guidelines, a fitness test has to be conducted for the vehicle to qualify for the renewal process. The entire hassle for Car Registration Dubai will be borne by the agent. They will collect the vehicle from you and take it for the fitness test at the testing premises of the transport authorities. They will collect the renewal certificate after following necessary steps and hand over the same to you.

Dial your agency in case you require road side help

Apart from the registration activities, the motor agents also offer Roadside Assistance for its members in case anything happens during a journey on the road. They offer you this service for assistance all round the clock. You need to call them up in the time of distress to avail their services. In case by misfortune your car is immensely damaged through accident, they will arrange for towing away the car for repair works and arrange for you an alternative vehicle for completion of your trip. You must not forget to carry their emergency helpline which is operational for 24/7.

Avail the excellent opportunities

It may so happen that your battery gets discharged, and your car will not start. Call up the agency for a spare battery. They will arrange for you a spare battery through which you can start your vehicle and come back after the journey. The agency will take your battery for recharging; in case its life is exhausted they will facilitate to get a new battery for your car. Having your tire flat can be another reason for stoppage of your journey. Again, the agency will arrange for a spare tire for the continuance of your journey.

Just call up for benefits

There are these immense benefits that you gain by having a membership of these agencies. There can be pathetic conditions if you exhaust your fuel during your journey. It may so happen that your fuel meter stops functioning and you are stranded on the road due to no fuel. The motor agencies reach you on a call with fuel and make you mobile. These agencies are highly skilled in dealing with customer issues and proving their worth for the car owners.