Baby Health And Growth Monitoring

Growth monitoring is one of the best methods for assessing health Baby Health and is essential for newborn baby care. It is widely used in all over the world. Parents want to know about the growth and development of their baby. Through this assessment parent can understand whether their baby’s growth are taking place as per desired schedule or not.  Through the assessment findings necessary steps or actions could be taken for maintaining gradual growth of the baby.

In order to growth monitoring of the baby some instrument and materials is essential. These are weighing scale, growth monitoring chart/card and color pencil. There are three colors in growth monitoring card, which are green, yellow and red sections. If the weight of the baby is within the range of green section, then you think that your baby’s growth is taking place as per schedule. Again, if the Baby’s weight is correspondence with the yellow section, then you aware that the growth of baby is moderately taking place. But, if your baby’s weight is within the red section, then you have to think that your growth is not at all taking place as per schedule. There is something wrong. The baby may be suffering from serious mal-nutrition and some infection. From this assessment you have take necessary steps for solve these problems. Apart from giving regular foods to your baby, you need to check how effectively the goods are helping the baby to gain sound health.

Therefore growth monitoring is your responsibility. If you find any abnormalities you can quick take the assistance of doctors. Do not wait to consult doctors to let any abnormalities grow in serious worsening condition.