Beautifully Designed Disposable Bamboo Plates

Disposable Bamboo Plates

Another alternative to Styrofoam plates include disposable bamboo plates. Disposable bamboo plates are made from bamboo stalks and leaves. Bamboo is a mystical plant as a symbol of strength, flexibility, sturdy and endurance. It is a natural resource that has uses ranging from medicine and food to structural materials and soil preservation. It offers vital economic and ecological benefits to the lives of millions of people worldwide. Moso, used for its beauty and the fact that Pandas do not rely on it as a food source, is the bamboo of choice for these disposable bamboo plates and eating utensils. To make these plates, bamboo stalks are sheethed and constructed into strong, one time use plates.

Beautifully Designed Disposable Bamboo Plates

Disposable bamboo plates also have the added utility of being beautiful and sheik.  At this time of such importance for people to take sustainability measures its hard to believe that you do not have to sacrifice style.  Disposable bamboo plates come in all shapes and sizes.  The traditional first response when they are seen by the consumer is “ooo and ahhh” due to the uniqueness.  Stylistic Disposable bamboo plates are available in a great selection at

Don’t Forget to Compost!

When you are done using your biodegradable disposable bamboo plates, it is important to place them in a compost pile. A composter is an outdoor container where table scraps and disposable bamboo plates can be placed to break down. When your items have broken down, they will be wonderful nutrients to add to a garden or flower beds. Both the bagasse and disposable bamboo plates will break down quickly in your compost pile. is an excellent place for you to purchase disposable bamboo plates, catering supplies, swizzle sticks, cocktail picks and more.