Best Wii Fitness Games

Wii fitness games are great to get your kids up off the couch and moving. Lets face it, kids love video games, they have been around for years and show no indication that they are going away anytime soon. Combining video games with fitness activities is a way to satisfy kids and make parents feel better too. Actually the best Wii fitness games are not only good for kids, but parents as well. You can really get a good workout from these games.

One of the best wii fitness games is called, Just Dance, there is a Just Dance 1 and 2, both are fun and a workout. You can choose your song and whether or not you want to dance by yourself or have someone else dancing along side you in a challenge. The game does get your blood pumping and you can work up quite a sweat. It is so much fun that it does not feel like you are working out. You will find this as much fun for kids as adults.

For a more tradition workout, such as Zumba or a Golds gym cardio workout, or a mixed workout such as EA Active, these are available from Wii too. They are like having a personal trainer come into your home. You will learn the proper techniques for each move and can track your progress easily.

Less tradition workouts can be received had by purchasing Wii sport games. You can buy accessories to make you feel like you are really playing tennis or golfing. While these may be different from a normal workout you would receive with traditional exercise, you are still getting cardio. You are up and moving around, your heart rate goes up, you are doing your body a lot more good than you would by sitting on the sofa eating chips and watching TV.

The best Wii fitness games are a solution for those who dislike exercise. Many people hate the thought of a scheduled workout, however these same people might enjoy video games. Playing a game is not met with the same resistance as a gym workout. Perhaps having the mind feel that it is doing something fun instead of something to dread has something to do with it. Children and adults who say they hate working out, find that playing a video game that is giving them a workout keeps them coming back for more.