Best Workout – Progressive Overload

Progressive Overload is the most significant fitness principle for your weight lifting program. Whether you’re workout in the gym or work out at home, you want to apply progressive overload to your workout if you would like to see continual, long term results. Progressive overload can be thought of as gradually accelerating the load of your program to repeatedly add increased challenge to you over a period. Doing so forces your body to repeatedly grow, helps you break thru plateaus helping you see more results as time rolls by. This also stops your program from becoming rancid as it’s always in motion to handle our body’s best foe, time itself.

Consider it this way, as time tries to break down muscle, progressive overload makes you increase muscle. Applying progressive overload helps stop, or at least seriously slow growing older down when it comes to muscle loss and the host of other issues that come with the loss of muscle. The explanation progressive overload is especially significant for ladies is that ladies are much more susceptible to muscle loss and in danger for musculoskeletal illnesses like osteoporosis as they age. This is how to apply progressive overload. When it comes to cardio, simply go a bit further, a bit quicker or a bit more frequently.

You need to look to add progressive overload in 2-week increments as a general guideline. To explain, add 5% additional load every two week to your weight lifting program. Now that you are clear on ways to add progressive overload, let’s add another guidelines to your program. You can’t add progressive overload to your work out every two week indefinitely. Eventually, your body is likely to want a breather so here is what you do.

Follow a 2 steps forward, one step back pattern. As an example : if you are on a staircase, climb 2 steps in a row, then step back one, then climb 2 more. If you are a little confused, try it on the steps and it will make perfect sense. When you start climbing up the steps, you may notice that you finally get to the top and you can notice that there are occasions when you drop back to a load you probably did some steps gone. This permits your body to build a little then recover and then build a touch more.

It is the perfect format for getting long term continual results from your program. It is also so crucial workout for girls format to follow because ladies don’t increase muscle as simply as men do. Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to bulk you up. A really heavy weight program only adds about one pound of muscle every month so there shouldn’t be any concern per getting too bigit just will not occur. Here’s what will occur when you add progressive overload to your work out program as a lady : you will get thinner thighs, a tighter waist, leaner arms and smooth lines where you never thought you’d see smooth lines.