Private Schools vs. Public Schools

This debate has been going on forever it seems. Both private and public schools have their benefits. It depends on a person’s own perception towards education that ultimately decides what they want for their children.

Despite the somewhat expensive tuition costs, there are many benefits of private schools. However public schools cannot be ignored either. Today’s article will pit the two concepts against each other and highlight their positives. This will help parents decide which school to enroll their children in.

Expensive Education vs. Free Education

Nothing can beat public schools when it comes to the cost of learning. It’s free – Paid for in full by the US Government all the way up to 12th grade. What is even more encouraging is the fact that the quality of education at public schools has been getting better and better over the years. This makes public schools a no brainer for many parents.

Quality of Education – The Main Difference

The thing that sets private institutions apart from public ones is the quality of education. Private schools have one single vision in mind – to provide the best possible education to their students by using the latest technology and excellent teaching staff. They carefully screen their teachers to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest teaching trends and possess the necessary academic distinctions required for teaching.

Furthermore, their curriculum is carefully designed to incorporate the highest levels of teaching methodologies. They also have a better student teacher ratio compared to public schools which also improve overall teaching and learning. These are traits not found in public institutions.

Access to Better Facilities, Tools and Equipment

Students at private schools take full advantage of all the amenities provided to them. They have access to better facilities both education and recreational. The libraries contain a healthy volume of books for research and the computer labs are better equipped to assist with projects and daily assignments.

Students are also given ample opportunity to indulge themselves in recreational activities in order to keep a healthy mind. Better gymnasiums, fitness classes and different types of recreational sports are just a few things offered at private institutions.

After School Enrichment Programs

Both public and private schools are big on after school programs. The types of programs however vary from school to school and private institutions tend to stay ahead of the pack, with the diverse, fun and highly productive after school programs designed specifically to enhance student growth both mentally and physically.

When it comes to education, parents certainly have good choices on the table. All schools have to uphold minimum standards of education and teaching as mandated by their respective school districts. With that in mind, both private and public schools provide children with the skills they need to succeed in life. Private schools though, do a much better job of it than its counterpart.…

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Seniors and Exercise

Reasons behind Sleep problems among Seniors

A person’s sleeping pattern may change with age; the amount of sleep and quality of sleep are determined by a person’s lifestyle, health condition and overall well-being. Naturally, seniors tend to face greater health challenges as compared to younger adults.

• A senior’s current illness or health condition may affect his or her sleep pattern. For example, pain or symptoms caused by age-related illnesses such as osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and asthma may disrupt a good night’s sleep.

• Lack of exercise or regular physical activities is another major reason behind seniors’ complaints about their sleep.

• Irregular sleeping pattern caused by frequent napping during the day may invoke sleeping difficulty at night.

• Consumption of alcohol before bedtime and smoking affect the quality of sleep among seniors.

• Medication intake among seniors is also more intense than younger patients. The side effects of a combination of drugs may result in wakefulness or frequent waking during the night.

• Seniors also generally experience a greater level of anxiety, depression and psychological stress that may increase their mental alertness at night, causing their sleep to suffer.

• Many seniors suffer from sleep-related disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring or restless leg syndrome, which are age-related conditions that can disrupt and interfere with good quality sleep.

Senior Care for the Physically Active

When choosing a home for seniors who are physically active and love regular exercise, one should consider the following criteria:

• Recreation facilities available. Be it a golf course, fitness center, pool or park, one should ensure the nursing home, retirement community or assisted living facility provides an accessible and convenient place for seniors to perform their favorite exercise on a regular basis.

• Recreation clubs or groups. Many facilities offer group classes on a wide range of exercise programs such as yoga, dancing or aerobics. These classes also encourage seniors to mingle and build friendships with other seniors.

• Fitness Center. Light weight training such as working with dumbbells and weight machines is a very essential part of seniors’ exercise program. Strength training helps them build stronger muscles and joints.

• Outdoor recreation facilities. For seniors who love outdoor exercise such as walking or running in the park, biking and golf may consider a retirement community or assisted living facility that provides such facilities. At least three sessions of continuous light cardio activity up to 30 minutes each session is recommended by doctors to help elderly patients improve their overall well-being and stamina.…


The history of horse racing

Horse racing is considered as one of the exciting sports over centuries. Today, it is also one of the major international industries. This sport is closely associated with gambling and is found in almost every nation. This sport is originated in the United States. Historically, it provided entertainment to the crowds and helped the riders to improve their riding skills. Over the centuries, this led to a systematic development of professional and specialized breeds. This sport has become a major part of gambling ruling the international market.

There are three types of horse racing. They are flat racing, steeple chasing and harness racing. Steeple chasing is a form where the horse is supposed to win the race by jumping several ditches and fences. In harness racing, they pull two-wheeled carts which are called sulkies. However, the style, the type of event and the distance of racing varies from country to country. Betting on these races is legal in America depending on the rules and regulations of each state. There would be a gambling station in the stadium where the gamblers can bet on their choice of horse.

Apart from United States and North America, horse racing is prevalent in countries like Australia, Mauritius, New Zealand, Canada, France, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore etc. The horses are well trained for racing. Training of the horse depends on the distance and type of the race. The performance of a horse mainly depends on its age, training, breed and physical fitness. Preferably, the horse must be at least four years old to take part in the race as the young horses have tendency to suffer from multiple fractures due to their immature skeletal system. The popularity of horse racing through millennia helped to preserve these riding skills that otherwise would have disappeared with the changing trends of world.…

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Dr. Kevin Lam Reviews – Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Feet

People can face different foot and ankle problems due to the repeated use/misuse of their feet. There are times when our foot creates annoying foot and ankle problems. This can also work as a great contributor for other problems such as aches, pains, as well as injuries. When you are dealing with such foot conditions you should consult the expert foot and ankle specialists or the Podiatrists. A podiatrist can help you by giving you proper advice as well as treat such foot and ankle conditions.

The podiatrists will provide you proper treatment as well as information regarding the particular foot and ankle disorder so that you can aware about the issue. Literally, you should also keep some points in mind so that you can pay more attention to your foot. You can even prevent different problems if you take care of your feet pay a little more attention of your foot during the regular work outs. With even a 10 to 15 minutes training and exercise you can keep several disorders away.

Here are some tips to take care of your feet:

Stiff/Tight/Inflexible Ankles: Sometimes people may face problems regarding stiff/tight ankles. The problem may arise when you have an inflexible ankle. During such situations when your foot and calf muscles are too tight, the movement of your foot is restricted. As a result more stressed is placed on the muscle, fascia, and tendons, and ultimately this brings Achilles tendon problems, heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

The main effect of poor flexibility of the feet is – restricted mobility. If tight muscle condition is left unattended it may result several injuries including rip, tear, strain and other injuries.

Challenges of weak feet and ankles:

The people who are facing weak feet and ankle condition are prone to grow foot muscle cramp or lock up in a spasm. As a result of muscle cramp we are prevented to engage our muscles by avoiding any movements with ankle, foot, as well as toes. It makes the patient weaker and weaker.

Foot and ankle exercise:

You can balance your muscle and its activities by practicing some simple exercise. There are few simple points and flex exercises that if practiced regularly, can help you enjoy healthy feet as well as improve the strength and flexibility of the feet. These useful fitness tips help you effectively stretch your calves in order to keep the muscle, heels, and plantar fascia well and eliminate all types of foot cramps.

These point foot exercises are very easy to perform. You can practice these exercise for your feet in any position by seating, lying down, or any other position. There are lots of options for variety that can help you to reach your target regarding your foot treatment.

You can use some easy exercise and warm ups such as cool-down stretch, toes pulling back, flexing the foot etc. This would help you to fine-tune your muscle and fine points of good movement habits. This will ensure that you …


Benefits Of Outdoor Climbing Frames

Outdoor climbing frames involve your children in outdoor activities that are very helpful in their physical and mental growth. They play with other children and develop friendships with them. They need to mix up, play, talk, and share their feelings with other kids. All this is the basis of their strong personalities when they grow up to become adults. Childhood is the time when they learn about several different things in life.

Technological advancements such as video games and other activities on the internet have captured the minds of children these days. In such a scenario, not a single outdoor activity seems interesting to them. They simply don’t want to play outdoors, or walk, jog, make friends, etc. With the invention of hi-tech gadgets, they are least interested in exploring the world outside. They just want the latest versions of online games or other video games. Lack of physical activity makes them lethargic and obese at very young age. Outdoor activities are as important as their studies for their development as a complete human being. This is where parents play an important role in changing their mind sets.

If you find your kid staring at the television or computer the whole day, you can look for interesting outdoor activities or toys to divert their attention. It is essential for your child to enjoy these activities as they are highly effective and efficient fitness equipments. You can select from a wide range of uniquely designed and themed climbing frames and gift it to your children. Encourage them to invite their friends or neighborhood kids so that they can mix up with them and develop lasting friendships.

Children’s outdoor toys are available in a wide variety that includes First Play Center, Spider Monkey Climbing Frame, Mighty Muriqui, Endeavour climbing frame, Kudu climbing frame, Bushbuck climbing frame, Warthog climbing frame, Wildebeast climbing frame, Siamang 2, Gibbon swing set, jungle gym cottage climbing frame, jungle gym barrack, jungle gym club and jungle gym farm climbing frames, junior trampoline, plum family trampoline, wooden playhouses, single swing, swing set, swing and slide set, jungle gym swing set, hanging chair, hammock chair, castle and tower climbing frames, and many more. You can choose any of them depending upon your needs, requirements, and budget.

When it comes to colors, designs, and sizes, there are a great number of choices. Depending upon your outdoor space, you can choose the best among them for your kid. Unlike indoor games, they do not restrict your child’s growth regardless of their size and theme. They will attract your kids to come out and play. Encourage them to invite their friends for an open garden picnic. You can also play pranks or organize a small tournament to actively involve them in outdoor games. Spend time with your kids and teach them to set their climbing frames on their own. Keep them busy in one or the other outdoor activity. Your love and attention towards your kids and outdoor climbing frames can help your …

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Importance Of Physical Fitness For Kids!

Physical fitness can be defined as a general state of good physical health. Obtaining and maintaining physical fitness is a result of physical activity, proper diet and nutrition. In more simple terms, physical fitness is to the human body what fine-tuning is to an engine. It allows the individual to perform up to their potential. Regardless of age physical fitness is the condition that helps the individual to look, feel and do their best. Therefore physical trainers define it as the ability to perform daily tasks vigorously, enjoy leisure-time activities and meet emergency demands.

Physical Fitness for kids is as important as it is for grown ups. Today in this digital era, you can find kids are more interested in playing video games, watching television, taking music classes rather than getting involved in any kind of physical activities. This is really sad for our future generations because participation in sports or athletics, and martial arts not only improves physical health but also builds confidence in children. It is important that parents work to revive interest in physical activities in their home itself.

Whether male or female, your children will benefit a lot from physical activities like sports, martial arts etc. Participating in physical activities gives sense of confidence to your child and also helps your kid to improve grades in school.

It is the best idea to teach your child the importance of physical activities when they are young. If your child develops physical fitness early then they will build healthy habits for rest of their lives.

There is a myth among some parents that physical activities like outdoor games are nothing more than a distraction for the child. But the importance of the physical fitness for kids should not be ignored because the cost of poor physical health and the declines in mental and emotional health that always accompany unhealthy physical bodies is extreme. Make a fitness schedule for your children and make them head towards healthy living. Inspire your children to learn to live life in a healthy way by doing it yourself. In addition to following a proper fitness regime also consider adopting a healthy diet and nutrition plan that is low in cholesterol and rich in fiber, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.…


Circuit Training for Tennis

Get fit to play, don?t play to get fit is a very well known saying and you should all know that doing some fitness work along side your lessons and practise sessions will improve your performance as well as making you less prone to injury.

Well, if you are looking for the perfect way to train all the components of fitness you need to improve your game in the same session, then you need look no further than circuit training.

Circuit training is an exercise format that normally utilises between 6 and 10 exercises that are completed one after another (the circuit!!) for a specified number of repetitions or time period before moving onto the next exercise. The completion of one exercise and the beginning of the next are separated by brief timed rest intervals and each circuit by a longer rest period. The total number of circuits performed during a training session may vary from two to six depending on your training level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), your period of training and your training objective.

To plan a Session you will need to think about the possible exercises that can be performed with the equipment and space you have available. In order to ensure that no two consecutive exercises stress the same muscle group set up the circuit as follows:

Total-body, Upper-body, Lower-body, Core/Trunk etc.

It is important to warm up and perform some dynamic stretching exercises and to repeat this as a cool down after the session.

Example No Equipment Circuit Training Session

Skipping ? cardiovascular & coordination

Press ups – chest, shoulders, arms (esp triceps – serve) and core

Squats ? quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and core/lower back

Crunch ? abdominals esp rectus abdominis

Star Jumps ? leg power, flexibility & endurance

Bench Dips ? triceps, chest and shoulders

Lunges ? hamstrings, glutes and quads

Back extension ? lower back

Shuttle runs (sprinting/running continuously between predetermined points) ? speed endurance

Duration ? start with the following (lower level): 20 seconds work on each exercise with a 30 second recovery between each exercise – 3 sets with a 3 minute recovery between each circuit

Complete the circuit training session twice a week with at least 48 hours between each session. I suggest you base your training on a four week cycle of an easy week, medium week, hard week and test/recovery week.

The work load can be varied by changing the number of exercises, duration, sets or repetitions. …


The Household Workout

Several years ago I wrote an article on functional fitness and how to perform construction work in a manner, which would, effectively and safely, build your muscle, mass and burn fat.

After a recent discussion with a client, it dawned on me that a similar article was needed for the domestic engineer.

There are many citizens whose work place are their homes and were physical exertion and manual labor is the bulk of their job description

To start off, when performing housework, or when driving or when simply walking from room to room, you should keep your abdominal muscles tucked and tight. This strengthens your core, improves your posture and burns calories.

Tucking your abs is done by, pulling your navel in and then up towards your spine and holding them there, to visualize this touch your navel with your index finger. Push in and then push up.

If you do this consciously for several weeks it will be come automatic and you wont barely even think about it. You will actually will feel funny if you don’t do it.

In order to effectively build muscle we must remember to work both sides of the body in equal amounts. If your right-handed and washing windows, you should switch to your left hand, periodically, through out the cleaning session.

Lower Body

The largest muscle group of the body is the legs. Many household tasks require picking up items from the floor, i.e. toys, flower petals, etc or cleaning areas that are below the knees, i.e. baseboards, lower portion of picture windows, etc.

When picking up a series of lightweight objects (scattered toys for example) perform a lunge as you approach each object you are picking up. A lunge, or a split squat as is it is often called, is done when one leg is in front of the other, and the hips are lowered towards the floor until both legs form ninety-degree (90°) angles. Be sure the knee of the front leg does not travel past your toes. Be sure to switch legs for each object you have to pick up.

When performing tasks below the knees that require you to be in one position for a period of time (washing lower portion of windows), you can perform a static (not moving) squat. Meaning that you lower your buttocks down until your upper leg (thigh) is almost parallel to the floor. Be sure that your knees are not sticking out past your toes. Do the best you can to hold the position for the duration of the task.

For tasks performed above your head, i.e. washing top portion of windows, putting items on a high shelf, you can perform active and/or static calf raises.

Each time you reach up high, raise yourself up on the balls of your feet and lower yourself back down slowly. If working up high for extended time, try to stay on the balls of your feet for the duration of the task.


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Acai Max Cleanse Reviews – Is it effective?

With the advance of the innovative health and fitness routine there’s been the beginning of a superb fitness league. Suddenly you find many individuals that are too much concerned in relation to the belly dimension, the waist etc. You see individuals struggling with the bloatedness illness. There are many occasions that individuals feel that there is an intense need to cleanse the colon like never before.

Acai berry products are plenty in the market which can help you get a superb belly and cleansed colon without any fat. There is an extreme demand for cleaning to be truly effectual.

Acai Max Cleanse Review

Acai Max Cleanse is a way in which individuals can definitely intensify the action of colon cleanse. It is a product which has a lot to do with the internal mechanism of the human body along with the colon cleanse.

Pros of package in line with the acai max cleanse reviews:

* Acai berry Formula: The acai berry is among the most thoroughly tested formulation for all time. The acai berry extracts can help you remove numerous free-radicals which are present in your body.

* Tested herbal products: It is among the supplements that infuse a superb volume of action with the use of herbal extracts and the superb mixture of the supplements that can help you remove each bit of the colon waste materials.

* Amazing Mix: Acai Max Cleanse is definitely amazing mix that can help you remove digestive tract waste products with little of hesitancy.

Downsides of package in line with the acai max cleanse reviews:

* Not Easily accessible: Once we say that it’s not easily available we mean that it is not found on the blocks and furthermore not located in the supermarkets. You must go on line to look for the compounds and learn more about the package. It is proven to be great.

* No Visible Testimonials: At times the individuals are concerned about the usage of a package due to the lack of live testimonials or outcomes.…


5 Worst Exercise Gimmicks on TV Today

Fitness is straightforward.  It’s even pretty simple.  You take the 3 components of rest, nutrition, and exercise; mix it all up and you achieve your fitness goals.  But one thing it is not- it is not easy.  For most of us, there is no losing 50lbs in 3 months or gaining 40lbs of lean muscle in 4 months.

But how would you look 25lbs lighter with harder muscles showing in a year from now?  How would you look if you added 20lbs of lean muscle mass to your frame a year from now?  Both would look pretty good.  It’s about working hard and consistently toward a goal of lifelong fitness.

But some companies want you to think they have come up with a shortcut.  And they market these shortcuts to people with implicit promises of great results with minimum effort, and it’s so easy.  Shame on them.

In my Clark Kent, day job, I work at a retail store.  I see a lot of “as seen on TV” exercise equipment come in. Although my job is to generate profits for the store, if we never sold a one of these, I would not lose any sleep. 

So, here are the worst 5 I have seen this year.

1.  Shake Weight – Are you kidding me?  So, I’m standing there with this plastic, dumbbell shaped thing in my hand and my associate is telling me to shake it.  So, I do and my response, “what next?”  Well, that was it.  For close to 30 bucks, this has to be the worst exercise equipment I have seen in a long time.  Better idea, get a pair of dumbbells for 10 or 20 bucks and do 3 sets of 15 reps for curls, extensions, raises, or whatever, but leave that shake alone.  Just pathetic (is that too harsh?).

2.  Ab Circle – Wow, you pop 200 bucks down to swivel back and forth.  Or you could spend a few bucks to get a pair of dumbbells.  Stand tall while holding the dumbbells straight over your head and do side bends.  Or you could spend 200 bucks to swivel back and forth.  And, how long do you swivel for – 5 minutes or 60 minutes – for it to work?  Just terrible.

3.  Leg Magic – Can it be so easy, you just stand there and move your legs out and in on rollers for a measly 100 bucks.  You can sculpt your legs and core muscles, and blah, blah, blah.  Wow, just stand there, watching TV and move your legs out and in and back.  Or you could get a decent set of snickers and mp3 player for less.  Then you could go on brisk 1 mile walk every other day while listening to your favorite tunes, and be a lot better off.

4.  Ab Lounge – $110 to do crunches and abdominal work in an easy, effective way that’s, again, easy on your lower back, easy on your abs, easy on oblique’s, …