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5 Herbs With Medicinal Properties You Should Know About

While the Indians still practice Ayurveda (a medical science completely based on the medical properties of plants and herbs) and the Chinese swear by their traditional Chinese Medicine, both of the parties have strong, compelling reasons to believe so much in the therapeutic properties of herbs.

Nature’s bounty has a lot in store and one of the greatest gifts it has held for us has been herbs with medicinal properties. Exotic Herbs with medicinal values could just be the thing that could help you recuperate from an unforeseen illness. Would you not want to know about all the medicinal perks herbs can give you?

You must bear in mind that not all herbs have medicinal properties and that not all herbs with medicinal properties can be had by anyone due to possible allergic reactions known to happen for most of the herbs. However, for the most part, herbs are an excellent alternative to modern medicine and are completely organic. Here are five herbs with medicinal properties that you can benefit from:

Eyebright: Loaded with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, Eyebright has always been used for treating patients with eye problems like pinkeye or conjunctivitis. This herb, native to Europe, has been used as a traditional folk remedy for eye inflammation, eye irritation and other eye related problems. Introduced by a naturalist St. Hildegard (1098 – 1179), it has been a must-have herb when it comes to many eye problems. Eyebright is naturally found to be very rich in Vitamin A and C. It also comes with moderate amounts of B Complex, Vitamin D and slight incidences of Vitamin E. When it comes to minerals, it has zinc, Iron, silicon, Iodine and copper.

Garlic: Did you know that in spite of the fact that garlic is one of the most common spices used in the culinary rich Asian continent, its actual medicinal properties are unknown to most people? Garlic also has a rich and vibrant history. Ever since 3000 B.C, it has been in use for its extremely rich medical properties. Taking moderate amounts of garlic can reduce the incidence of your heart-risk by at least 67%. It is also known to reduce systolic blood pressure and diastolic pressure. Garlic lowers lipid-effects, decreases cholesterol levels (serum cholesterol – the bad cholesterol) and pumps up the lipoprotiens.

Gingko Biloba: This herb is one of the most important ones in the doctrines and practices of the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine; the Chinese truly have a high regard for this herb simply because it is a wonder herb. Gingko Biloba – taken in usual supplement size of 40- 200 mg – literally cures like it’s a panacea – tuberculosis, cholera, bronchial congestion, problems related to the heart and the kidney. Ancient Indians believe that it is also an effective cure against the asthma. Gingko seeds are said to improve your brain functions and make you sharper. Further, Gingko might also help with curing ear problems, Alzheimer disease, dementia and many more health conditions. It also …

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Anti-Aging or Simply Healthy Living

Imagine my surprise, and disappointment, when new research proved that subjects that regularly take vitamins, minerals and a host of other herbs are still dying at the same rate as the general population. The good news is that for those individuals trying to live a healthy life style by including a daily regimen of vitamins and minerals seem to be healthier for their given age. So what does that really mean? If you happen to be 50 years of age and you are taking the path of trying to lead a healthier lifestyle by including a daily regimen of vitamins and minerals, more than likely you are optimizing your body’s metabolic state for a healthy 50 year old. This is assuming that you are taking very good quality vitamins and minerals and not one of the common multi-vitamin mineral tablets that can be found on the shelves of your local grocery. If you fit into this later category, possibly taking one of the common one a day tablet forms of vitamin, there is a very slim chance that your body is actually absorbing all of the nutrients that you really need from the single tablet that you are taking. Many of these types of tablets are simply packed too tightly for your body to be able to break down the capsule before it as passed through your body and on its way to being fish food. Then there is the question of the quality controls that are used during the processing and manufacturing of these vitamins and minerals.

By now you are probably wondering what in the above discovery made me happy. Well take heart as I haven’t told you the good news just yet. With my real interest being in living a longer healthier life full of vital energy the above information did not match up to well with my plans for my future. In the last twelve months I have made three discoveries that have had the most profound impact on my health of anything I have discovered over the past 30 years. Thanks to a friend, that I will be forever indebted to, he gave me some products to try that have improved the quality of my life and without doubt added an unknown number of years to my life. (Thanks Rex!)

Through that gift I discovered a brilliant scientist by the name of Stephen Cherniske, a book titled “The Metabolic Plan” and a company called Univera LifeSciences. Since the common throughout all of these is Stephen Cherniske let me start by telling you a little about Stephen. Please keep in mind to do him real justice I would need to write a book, so I will do my best to cover the highest of the highlights.

Stephen Cherniske, M.S. is a world-renowned research biochemist, best-selling author and pioneer in anti-aging, longevity and human performance. He directed the nations first FDA licensed clinical laboratory specializing in nutrition testing, advised the U.S. Olympic team, taught sports nutrition at …

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Vitamins for focus and concentration 1

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be a common issue that has an effect on children and adolescents and might even always adulthood. Children suffering from this condition find it difficult concentrating and focus.

They thus battle to follow recommendations and directions and they are quickly bored and acquire irritated along with tasks. They often move consistently and impulsively without thinking just before acting. While most of these traits are routine in children, in the truth of children with ADHD, they occur with greater regularity than common.

In scenario of adults with ADHD, they end up having relationships, addiction and self-esteem as well as find it too difficult managing occasion, using group skills, job and throughout setting ambitions.

While there are various drugs helpful to treat the trouble, over this years, choice and fashionable medicine including brain health supplements are increasing in acceptance for managing ADHD. Some even take these types of remedies as opposed to standard professional medical approaches since these supplements are safer , nor have negative effects like common medicine.

Nonetheless, there can also be some vitamins for focus and concentration and supplements that are not assured safe. This is whyit is usually important go over any treatment or supplement you plan to take together with your doctor prior to starting it.

Zinc is amongst the minerals found in most brain supplements for students employed for treating ADHD. As little ones with ADHD usually have low zinc levels into their bodies, taking zinc dietary supplements with traditional ADHD therapy may boost the treatment. In addition to supplements, foods high in zinc are dairy food, beans, poultry, whole grains, fortified cereals, nuts as well as oysters and also other seafood.

Studies have proven that will fish acrylic helps enhance ADHD symptoms mainly because it contains omega-3 efas. Children together with ADHD who will be 8 to help 12 years of age may find a marked improvement in thought skills such as organizing pursuits on using fish essential oil supplements. Fish which can be high inside omega 3 fat include trout, mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring as well as albacore tuna.

Saint. John’s Wort is usually a herbal supplement used by treating major depression, sleep diseases and anxiousness by influencing brain substances like serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. However latest studies show that it must be not beneficial in the treatment of ADHD as well as symptoms.

In a study kids aged coming from 6 to be able to 17 were given either any placebo as well as St. John’s Wortsupplement thrice per day for 8 weeks. On evaluation for changes inside their attentiveness in addition to hyperactivity, it had been found that there is no difference by any means between both the groups.…


Some DUI/DWI Laws!

Driving while intoxicated or impaired (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) are the two terms that not only related with intoxicated driving after the consumption of alcohol at a particular level. But, it is about committing an offense that may cause you in deep trouble.  If the driver has consumed an amount of alcohol, whether legal or illegal, it can be proved by a common breath analyzer tests within few seconds.

It is important to mention here that the definition of drugs vary from states to states. However, they all consider a substance that mainly affects the thinking ability and physical capacities to an extent especially while driving. Also, you should know that driving under the influence of drugs available over-the-counter variety is different from generally medicine available such as caffeine pills or such others.

According to the definition used in California DUI/DWI, it is stated that any drug which is responsible for affecting a person’s nervous system, brain or muscle to an extent that the person becomes impaired to a degree and loses his or her ability to driving in the responsible manner. Also, the definition highlights that if the effect of alcohol is for the purpose of DUI or DWI drugs that are banned by the government of the state.

The punishment of such cases is usually similar in both DUI and DWI. Many states does not have jurisdiction to take a separate action against the person’s driving capabilities.  It is because such jurisdiction is the result of violation of laws.

An experienced lawyer can help you get instant relief in such cases. Start looking for one from now onwards.…


The Philosophy of Engineering Jobs

Philosophy in its own right is as broad a field of knowledge as engineering, and in some respects even shares similarities regardless of how unusual this pairing first appears. There are many definitions of philosophy. The proceeding definition that is perhaps most pertinent to this writing is that philosophy is the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct. How would such a definition apply to engineering jobs? Are not most engineering jobs required to make rational investigations of truths and principles of being, knowledge and conduct in some form or to some extent? The suggestion could easily be made that engineering jobs have as one of their cardinal attributes rational investigations of certain truths and principles. However, this writing is not as concerned with linking and comparing these seemingly divergent disciplines as it is with the task of engineering jobs, that is, how modern civilization engineers jobs, how we go about creating and managing jobs, and especially jobs for engineers.

The United States has one of the most modern civilizations in the world. The same can be said for career fields in the United States, for example, workers in the United States are far more advanced technically than many of their foreign counterparts. Consider career fields such as agriculture, aerospace, military, transportation, construction, computers, medicine, telecommunications, to name only a few. What do all these career fields have in common? The answer is quite simple. All these fields rely on engineering jobs. Without the expertise of engineers, none of these career fields could exist to any significant degree. It is imperative that two conditions exist to maintain the high status of our country’s career fields. First, engineers must lead the way in research, development and application. Education is key. Everyone in the world knows that we are an educational nexus for higher learning. We are also an engineer nexus, as foreigners come to the United States by the thousands to attend engineering schools and obtain engineering jobs. However, there is another more pressing concern. How in an economy that has been sold out by corporations, can we ensure that there will remain plenty of engineering jobs?

There are a plethora of opinions about how the United States can create jobs. We can say that the task has become so complex that we now need to engineer jobs. The use of the term, engineer jobs, sounds artificial somehow though. It rings of New Deal politics, government intervention and work programs, socialism, redistribution of wealth, and many other related subjects. The aim here is not to explore political aspects of the current dilemma, but to think about practical solutions for how we can make the engineering of jobs efficient, inexpensive, uncomplicated, and worthwhile. The question is not about politics; it is about pragmatism. Americans are famous for their pragmatism, and that is what needs to be addressed.

Once the country has worked through the political and financial crisis plaguing the national economy, it then must figure out …


Ramdev Medicine For Depression

Almost every second person feels sad and lonely sometime in life and faces a moderate or mild depression. There are others who fall a prey to severe depression and their mental, physical and emotional state of body effects their personal well being and daily life chores. This emotional disorder leaves the person bereft and broken and makes him or her act in an erratic and irrational manner.

There are various factors that can trigger depression and these are like anxiety, stress, tensions, nutritional deficiency, tragic incidents and drug addiction. The person gets bogged down with sadness, wants to stay alone, feels dejected, exhausted, weak, tired, sleepless and irresistibly sad. Depression may also manifest itself, because of physical problems. Depression makes the person feel disinterest in all activities and suicidal tendencies may set in because of loneliness and dejection.

You can’t wait for the symptoms to pass away, you need to contact a professional who can help you deal positively with the symptoms of this mental disorder and help you live a contented life. Conventional treatments for depression involve prescribing sleep inducing drugs that are also effective in keeping the mind in a calm state. These drugs have side effects and it is uncomfortable to feel sleepy and drugged all the times. You can take the natural remedies that are made for depression by Baba Ramdev. The Yoga Guru has prepared herbal combinations that have shown to deal safely with depression. These therapies are created out of different parts of plants and herbs that have medicinal properties.

People who slog through their daily lives face enormous problems and tensions. Their brain generally starts to over think and a feeling of depression settles on their shoulders, if they are unable to find solutions to their problems. It takes time for a person to get out of a depressive state and it’s the guidance of a professional which can steer them out of their problematic state. A depressed and demoralized state, means living a sad life, full of inactivity and complexes. De-motivation and lack of confidence can be very troublesome for a depression patient. Depression may also be a result of nasty childhood experiences, substance abuse, physiological factors, stressful life, medicine effects, imbalanced diet, heredity reasons and psychological factors.

Ayurveda has found medicinal herbs that are very effective in treating depression. Ayurvedic therapies are side effect free treatments and the body weight does not fluctuate erratically with these medicines. These medicines are made from natural things that are free from the negative effects of hazardous chemicals. Baba Ramdev has herbal remedies that he includes in his package of depression.

Divya Medha Kvatha a herbal combination helps calm the brain and provides respite from grief. It normalizes the brain with its natural properties. Divya Moti Pisti is also excellent Baba Ramdev’s medicine for depression and helps person get rid of lonely and sad emotions. Divya Pravala Pisti increases blood supply and nutrition to the brain and helps one stay balanced in emotional upheavals and …

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Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval – Two Year Practitioner Training

The Course consists of the following; Year 1

Weekend 1. Shamanic Journeying

A shaman is a ‘Master of Ecstasy’ (Mercia Eliade). The word ecstasy comes from the Greek – ex-stasis – meaning outside the limited, narrow, trance-state we call ‘normal’ waking reality.

The classical shamanic journey is one of the most profound visionary methods of obtaining hidden knowledge and wisdom. It is a powerful way to facilitate self-transformation, and personal empowerment.

Participants on this course will learn advanced shamanic journeying techniques, and explore the cosmology of the shaman, known as the Upper , Lower , and Middle worlds.

Weekend 2. Soul Retrieval

From a shamanic perspective one of the two main causes of illness, is a loss of power (or life force), and the other an ‘intrusion’ of an invasive external force within our field of energy.

The recapitulation of life force is the body of work, which restores or recapitulates lost life force. Soul Retrieval is one of the most well-known and effective practices to this end.

To understand how recapitulation practices work, we need to look at the multidimensional nature of reality and move away from a linear sequential perspective. From this expanded perspective, ‘anything which has ever happened to anybody, anywhere; it is still happening somewhere’. If a traumatic event occurred for a person 10, 20 and so on years ago, for that person it is still happening, and in some way still influencing the person’s life.

Shamanism does not dwell on past events; there is only this vast awesome ever-moving great moment of now where there is no separate past, present, or future. It is possible for a practitioner to journey and move outside of linear time to go to the place where that energetic event is still occurring for that individual. Find and bring back that person’s life force which is held in that energetic event, and when this has been carried out, then the therapeutic healing of the event and it’s consequences can truly begin.

The loss of life-force is known as soul-loss, and this can take place when we suffer a trauma, have an accident, experience strong emotional exchanges with a loved one, separation from a partner, death of a loved one, go through a pervasive period of difficult circumstances. When we undergo a severe trauma typically a part of our vital nature goes away, so that we can survive what ever is happening to us. It is a way for the body and consciousness to survive severe trauma. Problems develop when the soul part or fragment does not return. It may not want to come back, or may not be able to return due to the nature of the trauma

There are a number of symptoms of soul-loss, for example, when people feel that they are observing life as an outsider, rather than engaging and being fully involved. Other common symptoms are when people feel that they are being ‘spaced’ out a lot of the time, not really here. Other symptoms that …

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6 Natural Medicines for Anxiety

Caught in the prescription drug cycle? The one that has you taking anti-anxiety medication that you have to take because another prescription drug you’re taking causes anxiety.

Or maybe you’re feeling overly anxious because of every day stress and are thinking about seeing your doctor for anti-anxiety treatments?

Before you get sucked down the prescription medication rabbit hole you may want to take a look at these natural medicines for anxiety.

A Healthy Diet. Hippocrates nailed this one several thousand years ago when he wrote, “Let food be they medicine and medicine be thy food.” An abundance of sugar, unhealthy fats, processed foods, soda, and other staples of the Standard American Diet (SAD) not only negatively affects your health, they increase your stress levels, which causes anxiety.

Exercise. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Wait a second, I wanted natural medicines for anxiety and all I’ve gotten so far is eat healthy and exercise. I already knew that.” There’s a reason this begins with diet and exercise. It doesn’t matter what you take for anxiety if you don’t exercise and your diet sucks. In fact, if you really want to reduce anxiety, you’ll start with a close examination of diet and exercise before you do anything else.

Omega 3s. Let’s get into some specifics regarding diet. Omega 3s can be found in healthy fats, such as fish oils. In addition to relieving inflammation in your body, research conducted by the Institute for Behavioral Medicine at The Ohio State University concludes that Omega 3s can also reduce “emotional inflammation.” The study shows that students who took 2.5 milligrams a day of mixed omega-3 fatty acids for 12 weeks had less anxiety under stressful conditions.

Essential Citrus Oils. The aromatic bliss of citrus has been a calming influence on natural remedy seekers for years. Don’t worry if you don’t live next to a fruit orchard. Citrus oils such as wild orange and lemon have been shown to reduce anxiety when diffused or when smelled directly.

Passion Flower. “But love is so stressful!” Don’t worry, passion flower is not the romantic herb its name hints it to be. It’s a natural sedative. The German government has approved it for treatment of nervous disorders and some researchers claim it’s as effective as prescription drugs, without the side effects.

Heat. Ever wonder why the sauna or the hot tub is so relaxing? Heat reduces muscle tension and stress. Researchers at the University of Colorado have concluded that heat also alters neuro-transmitters that affect mood.

If you’re interested in knowing about natural supplements vs synthetic drugs for treating anxiety, keep reading.…


How to Stop Smoking?

Smoking is certainly a harmful habit which is not just a physical addiction but a psychological habit as well. No matter if you are a new smoker or smoking for a long span of time, often the decision of quitting smoking and implementing on it is difficult. Taking about convention smoking method, cigarettes contain nicotine which is instantly merged into the blood stream. In just ten seconds, nicotine enters to brain from the body. The addiction of cigarettes is quite similar to heroin, alcohol and cocaine. However, in order to stop it, there are some points that you must follow.

• First of all make a list of the things that you like about smoking

• Then make a list that why quitting smoking is not easy for you

• Set a quit date and write a contract that has signature of the witnesses who are supporting you to quit smoking.

• Try to convert your mind and change your lifestyle

• Set some goals

Determination and preparing is the core to giving up smoking. 1st, work out the principle reasons you would like to stop. Take a sheet of paper – on one half, pen down the factors you light up and within the other 50 percent, write down the many reasons you can think of to relinquish. Now you do have a clearer thought of what you will lose and what you will gain via stopping smoking cigarettes. Circle an important reason that you should quit. Write the item down using a separate section of paper as well as keep it and easily consider it when it is advisable to.

No matter how difficult quitting smoking will be but it is not impossible. For stop smoking there are three things you need such as planning and preparation to quit, get motivated and pick a day. When stopping smoking you many experienced an intense craving for nicotine, feel tension, frustration, impatience and anxiety. More than this, you will feel difficulty in concentration, trouble sleeping and drowsiness, headaches, irritability, depression, weight gain and increased appetite.  

Smoking is certainly a bad habit and by following a certain set of rules you are unable to stop this habit, then it is advisory to consult a medical practitioner. A practitioner will tell you precisely about the best options suitable for you. However, there is no certain medicine designed for quitting cigarettes but one should have only will power to stop smoking.

Though, it is a common notion that the addiction of smoking is very strong, but if you have self control that nothing could be difficult. Moreover, it the overcome from this addiction is really very effective but only if you have self control. …

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Qivana Business – A Comprehensive Qivana Review

Qivana is a health and wellness company that’s teamed up with executives from McKesson Pharmaceuticals to create a full line of integrated health products, including products for Weight-Loss, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Sports Nutrition, Skin Care and more.

On the business side of things, these products reach the market by direct sales through a network marketing distribution model.

If you’re reviewing companies and looking for the best home based business opportunity, I have a checklist of essential characteristics you need to consider.

So let’s get right down to brass tacks and take a look at Qivana to see how they measure up.

First, the industry itself. Health & Wellness is a growth industry that just passed the $112 Billion mark a couple months back, with no signs of slowing down.

As baby boomers age and people become more health conscious in general and open to alternative medicine, I look for this trend to continue, which is a strong positive for a company like Qivana.

Next let’s look at company management. Qivana has put together a very accomplished executive team made up of heavy hitters like CEO Derek Hall, who’s been involved with multiple companies in the health field, like Nature’s Way & Botanical International, and CMO Craig Johanson, who has experience with Xango and Tahini Noni.

The entire Qivana team is strong across the board, with lots of experience and a proven track record of success, particularly with other networking companies, another positive.

Third, let’s look at the product. The Qivana product line is based on what they call the “Qore” system with a focus on cleansing, detoxification, and supplementation. It’s a a 3-step platform using ancient Chinese herbs together with a diverse assortment of vitamins and minerals to stabilize, vitalize, and optimize health.

Because the product line is relatively unique, in demand, and of high quality – it’s fair to say that Qivana brings an excellent product to market.

The problem comes when you look at the business model. Qivana uses a binary compensation plan, which is fairly standard in this industry and can be lucrative, as long as sales are made regularly and you continue to build out your organization.

And that’s where Qivana comes up short.

To be blunt, this company just doesn’t know how to market in the 21st century.

When it comes to recruitment, sponsoring, and building a business, Qivana’s “strategy” consists of bugging friends and family, using memory joggers to create a list, and applying the (dreaded) 3-foot rule when  in line at Starbucks…

If you’ve ever tried this stuff, you already know – it’s no fun! And it just doesn’t work…

And while it’s true that Qivana is trying to incorporate social media platforms, notably twitter & facebook, the truth is, unless you know how to use web 2.0 as part of an overall comprehensive strategy, that’s really no different than putting your flyer on a car windshield – just doing it cyberspace!

As for the sales pitch, it’s the same old same …