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Qivana Business – A Comprehensive Qivana Review

Qivana is a health and wellness company that’s teamed up with executives from McKesson Pharmaceuticals to create a full line of integrated health products, including products for Weight-Loss, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Sports Nutrition, Skin Care and more.

On the business side of things, these products reach the market by direct sales through a network marketing distribution model.

If you’re reviewing companies and looking for the best home based business opportunity, I have a checklist of essential characteristics you need to consider.

So let’s get right down to brass tacks and take a look at Qivana to see how they measure up.

First, the industry itself. Health & Wellness is a growth industry that just passed the $112 Billion mark a couple months back, with no signs of slowing down.

As baby boomers age and people become more health conscious in general and open to alternative medicine, I look for this trend to continue, which is a strong positive for a company like Qivana.

Next let’s look at company management. Qivana has put together a very accomplished executive team made up of heavy hitters like CEO Derek Hall, who’s been involved with multiple companies in the health field, like Nature’s Way & Botanical International, and CMO Craig Johanson, who has experience with Xango and Tahini Noni.

The entire Qivana team is strong across the board, with lots of experience and a proven track record of success, particularly with other networking companies, another positive.

Third, let’s look at the product. The Qivana product line is based on what they call the “Qore” system with a focus on cleansing, detoxification, and supplementation. It’s a a 3-step platform using ancient Chinese herbs together with a diverse assortment of vitamins and minerals to stabilize, vitalize, and optimize health.

Because the product line is relatively unique, in demand, and of high quality – it’s fair to say that Qivana brings an excellent product to market.

The problem comes when you look at the business model. Qivana uses a binary compensation plan, which is fairly standard in this industry and can be lucrative, as long as sales are made regularly and you continue to build out your organization.

And that’s where Qivana comes up short.

To be blunt, this company just doesn’t know how to market in the 21st century.

When it comes to recruitment, sponsoring, and building a business, Qivana’s “strategy” consists of bugging friends and family, using memory joggers to create a list, and applying the (dreaded) 3-foot rule when  in line at Starbucks…

If you’ve ever tried this stuff, you already know – it’s no fun! And it just doesn’t work…

And while it’s true that Qivana is trying to incorporate social media platforms, notably twitter & facebook, the truth is, unless you know how to use web 2.0 as part of an overall comprehensive strategy, that’s really no different than putting your flyer on a car windshield – just doing it cyberspace!

As for the sales pitch, it’s the same old same …

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Baba Ramdev Medicine For Kidney

People who are suffering from hypertension, metabolic disorders like diabetes or other heart complications often show signs of kidney disorders. Effective functioning of the two bean shaped kidneys assures that the excretion of toxins from the body is smooth. If the toxins are not removed they start to gather inside the body leading to the production of poisonous substances that can damage the body’s healthy functions. Making sure that the toxins are excreted timely, is the responsibility of these two half disc shaped organs, which are equidistant from the spinal column on both sides of the body!

Toxins in the body are harmful, and have to be thrown out of the body in the form of urine with the help of the kidneys. The proper and timely removal of the toxins assures that the body starts healthy and alive. Edema and swelling can settle in the body if the kidney function is compromised. The human wastes gather in the kidneys and through two tubes they are taken into the bladder for excretion. The body’s minerals are also recycled with the help of kidneys and these organs also carry out mineral salt dilution in the body.

You may not even realize it but the kidneys are busy working -as you toil and as you sleep. Day in and Day out, they carry out the toxin excretions and bodily regulations. The body works best if it has an adequate supply of essential vitamins and minerals. The Kidneys have sieves that carry out a process of filtering and in this way they save the vitamins and minerals for the body by filtering them, and in turn flush waste materials out of the body.

Substance and chemical abuse largely effect kidney function. Cigarettes, alcohol, strong medications, drugs etc prompt the body to go haywire and start to increase toxin production in the body. These toxins have to be taken out, but the kidney needs to put in extra efforts in the flushing process. You need to cut down on the sodas, salty, sugary and fatty diets right away. To help in optimum functioning of kidneys the person needs to consume lots of water. Toxin build-up and lack of water shows up as swelling, engorgement and tenderness in the kidneys. This inflammation hampers the normal kidney function and leads to complications in the outflow of toxins.

Kidneys can suffer from various disorders and stone in the kidneys is one of them. The condition is painful, exhausting and deeply distressing. Regular cleansing of the kidneys is a must and for this Baba Ramdev has prepared a herbal remedy called Divya Ashmarihar Ras that can be of great help. This herbal combination acts on the kidney stones and helps in removing them from the body in a natural manner. There are plenty of conventional treatments available in modern medicine but these do not effectively remove the stones.

Medical sciences insist on surgery for stone removal and they administer chemical based medicines to control the condition. The herbal …


Join Course For Homeopathy Materia Medica Online For In-Depth Knowledge

Homeopathy is considered as an alternative system of medicine founded by Samuel Hahnemann on the concept of “like cures like” offering vast material on homeopathic remedies. The homeopathic doctors too after finishing their course and in practice generally refer lot of material on a daily basis which is really a tedious task and to stream line this process of going through the experiences of best homeopathic teachers from different eras a course for homeopathy materia medica has been established to make the learning process simple and easy.

So by joining this online course for homeopathy material medica, the homeopathy doctors across the world can have access to the study of different homeopathy remedies that stem from a main remedy and also go through the experiences of various homeopaths to gain an insight and knowledge in the subject that can be useful in their practice and enhancing the treatments offered to the patients.

So one can join this course for homeopathy materia medica online by filling in an application and once enrolled in the university can have the material ready for consulting and implementing in their practices. One can also have online access to reputed professor classes in homeopathy that would help one to understand different symptoms and remedies to treat the ailments of their patients. Using the latest technology the materia medica is also offered to the aspirants in TV format and DVD quality for their reference at any time they wish to use it.

One can also send their research monograph on the homeopath topic for developing a thesis on aspects like remedies, comparison of remedies, development or research on remedies using homeopathy medicines can be sent for evaluation and those qualified shall be published and shared for circulation on the site. This online site offering homeopath materia medica is also indeed creating a platform for the homeopathy practitioners to share their knowledge which otherwise would not be possible due to involvement in the medical practices. Apart from the online course the university is also planning for regular classes bringing in experienced international homeopathy doctors to further enhance the knowledge of homeopathy treatments to the future generations.

The seminars, special classes and teleconferences by the renowned homeopath doctors are all available online to those who have joined this course for homeopathy materia medica using the modern techniques and technology of online platform. Many have been able to enhance their knowledge in this field of homeopathy understanding the concepts and remedies from reputed teachers by joining this online course.…


How does Asacol Affect Metabolism?

Asacol is a medicine used to treat inflammation of colon, large intestine and rectum, which is known as ulcerative colitis and also prevent the symptoms to reoccur. The symptoms of ulcerative colitis may include abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, diarrhea, very urgent necessity to go to toilet. It is taken orally and is available in the form of granules or tablets. Asacol is stored at room temperature. It is only tablet that is sulfa free 5 ASA and is approved by FDA. (US food & drug administration). It is thought that Asacol releases some antioxidants that capture the products that are potentially damaging the metabolism.  You may purchase Asacol at Trumed Canada website.

I am suffering from ulcerative colitis, what all safety measures should I take while taking Asacol or before taking it?

Do not take Asacol if you have history of being allergic to salicylates e.g. Aspirin. Do remember to tell your doctor if you are facing any kidney or liver problems. It is recommended to all patients to get their kidney function test done before starting this medicine or periodically while you are taking this medicine. You should take healthy alimentation before you start Asacol.

How should I take Asacol?

Never chew, bite or crush the tablet. The outer coating keeps the medicine intact so that the active ingredients are not lost. Asacol starts its affect once it reaches your intestine after passing through your stomach. It is usually taken once in a day, which proves to be more convenient to the patient. Try to take the medicine daily at the same time.

I take 400 mg Asacol tablet; By mistake this time I ordered 200 mg tablets, Can I take two 200 mg tablets to fulfil the need?

No, it is not recommended to take two 200 mg tablets as a substitute for 400 mg tablet.

I am a nursing mother, should I take Asacol?

Studies shows Asacol passes through breast milk to your baby. So please consult your doctor before you start taking Asacol.

I am pregnant and suffering from ulcerative colitis, Should I take Asacol?

Research done till date shows no clear evidence of the side effects caused to the pregnant lady so meet your doctor to get the clear picture about this.

I am planning to take Asacol, What are the side effects of Asacol?

Asacol may cause diarrhea, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, muscle cramps, headaches, skin rashes, hair loss or may even some times worsen the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, if the medicine is causing the worsening of ulcerative colitis symptoms, immediately contact your doctor.

What are the effects of Asacol on male fertility?

Asacol does not cause any side effects on male fertility; it was found that Asacol improves the sperm count, morphology and sperm motility as well.…

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Acupuncture Treatment for Allergies

Skin allergies are commonly found among people of all ages. Allergies can happen anytime and there could be various reasons for this. Some are affected by dust and some from medicinal reactions. Allergies can stand a life time as body cannot accept everything so a cream might not suit a skin type which results in allergies.

One can easily find a Texas acupuncture clinic for getting relieved from such allergies. Research has proved that through acupuncture treatment one can get rid of various bodily allergies. Many of the respiratory disorders can cause chest congestions due to which a person might avoid windy conditions. This affects the person’s breathing and through acupuncture one can get this healed. It will also protect the person from cold and some of the commonly found chest infections.

The trained acupuncturists properly check the patient’s health condition and will be looking for root causes for the allergy. So, the whole person is treated in this case. A specific plan is created for a particular patient as per his/her health condition. The plan comprises of all the methods that will be undertaken to look at the person’s acute symptoms and also address the same. The immune system imbalance is checked which is the root cause of the person’s allergies.
So, it is a wholesome treatment procedure which comprises of modification of the person’s diet, use of the required medicine or the chosen herbs depending upon the treatment type. These things need to be done along with acupuncture for a treatment for the allergies.

When getting treated from a Texas acupuncture clinic the specialist staff at the clinic will help in treating the symptoms as well as the cause. It is commonly known as the root and branch treatment. The branch treatment will often focus on local and distal points that focus on the energy pathways involved. The root treatment will focus on restoring the body’s functions in order to address the cause. When going for an acupuncture treatment it is best to start treatments early rather than later.
In most of the cases it helps the patient to tolerate the particular treatment period. It also enables most people to reduce their dependency on the allergy medication that they had been taking. So, during the pollen season, the focus is to treat the acute symptoms. After the pollen season is over which is the main reason for respiratory allergies the focus switches to treating the underlying problem by strengthening the immune system.

After an initial series of treatments, further treatments are provided as needed. Some people may need to return once or twice a year for acupuncture sessions, while others might need to come more often.
Hence one can find a Texas acupuncture clinic that provides acupuncture treatment for allergies.…


Things You Should Know About Youth Softball

People who love softball often take their family to play this sport, including their children. This activity can enhance their skills, especially if the parents want the children to be professional players. However, there are several things that parents should know before starting to do efforts to make the children like softball superstars.

For you who do not have any idea about this sport, you can try to understand that softball is sport game played by nine players in a team. The game needs two teams that alternate between offense and defense. The team who makes more runs than the opponent team will be the winner. In addition, it can be played for both girls and boys, so it eliminates your worries that your kids will be rejected.

This game requires several skills that include strength, teamwork and craftsmanship, eye-hand coordination, and also some position-specific skills like running, pitching, and fielding. That is why the minimum age to play this game is 4 or 5 for tee ball and 7 or 8 for player-pitch teams. A kid needs to be patient and attentive enough to deal with the slower pace of baseball. In addition, the kid should be team-oriented, as the game requires team coordination to win.

If you put your kids to a softball course, you will find that they spend a lot of time lingering in the outfield. Physical activities are not done too often, but the play will become more athletic and aggressive depending on their growth. You should provide the suitable equipment that fit their body well. You can go to stores and ask the shopkeepers or even go there with your kids to know which ones that fit them perfectly. Things you must buy are uniform, gloves, cleats, batting gloves, and batting helmets. The price may vary, but the equipment for beginning players is mostly cheap.

Then, you need to consider the potential injuries that possibly happen during the game. That is why you should know the tricks to prevent injuries, such as using softer balls to reduce injury factors. This kind of ball is often used by younger places as it is well known for the ability to reduce the risk and severity of head injuries. Then, you can also reduce the risk of ankle sprains and other injuries by giving your kids breakaway bases, or also called safety-release bases.

There are several conditions you may find after certain periods of play. If your kids throw too many pitches, they can experience an overuse injury. In a response to this, you can make sure that the kids get plenty of rest for their arms. The coach may even ask you to do this. Further, you can get some tips to prevent the injuries by contacting the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.…

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Natural Alternatives to Treat Intestinal Parasites

Is it irritating to have a stomachache because of those intestinal parasites that resides in your intestine? Well, it indeed very disappointing to have those parasites inside your stomach because aside from the facts that it distracts your metabolism it also makes you weak and sickly. But what are intestinal parasites? Do you have any idea about it?

Intestinal parasites are normally caused by the protozoa or the helminthes. These are the two common types of parasites in your intestine. These protozoa are single-celled that can able to develop and multiple inside your body. And the helminthes which is the Greek word for worm. This also can multiply in the body and the most common type of this is the round worms and the tapeworms.

The symptom of these intestinal parasites includes diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, gas or bloating, weakness and fatigue, weight loss and worms in your stool. But this can be treated if you give time to end up with your suffering. There are actually natural remedies for worms or intestinal parasites. So, if you think that you have it, it is very vital that you visit the nearest health care in your area and have a diagnosis. This will help you find out what kind of organism cause you this.

Natural Alternatives

1. Garlic – This plant is said to be effective against roundworms, giardia lamblia, trypanosome, and plasmodium.

2. Goldenseal – This herb has been utilized by our ancestors’ long time ago to treat infections most especially in the mucous membrane like the respiratory tract. This is also effective in treating all types of worms or intestinal parasites that resides in your body.

3. Black Walnut – This is a folk herbal that is used for ringworms and even for athlete’s foot. The juice of the fruit is said to be effective as well.

4. Wormwood. This herbal medicine has been used for many years as treatment for intestinal parasites.

5. Pumpkin Seeds – This is also used to treat tapeworms and roundworms. The seed is mashed out and mixed with juice.

6. Grapefruit Seed Extract – This is normally found in a liquid form in health stores in your area.

7. Eating carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash which are rich in beta carotene helps increase resistance to penetrate larvae. These foods can prevent intestinal parasites to multiply in your body.

The following are herbs and recommendations that you can take and that can be a part of your treatment plan against intestinal worms.…

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Sports activities Nutritional supplements

Whey protein is very common and this is superior in protein, even though being very low in carbohydrates and fat. As a sports dietary supplement, whey protein is readily available as a flavored powder to which milk or h2o is added to make a superior protein shake.

Meal Alternative Products and solutions

These are powdered it which are used as meal replacements. They are readily available as nutritious drinks that contains carbohydrates, fats, and nutritional vitamins, and aid in muscle progress.

Fat Attain Formulas

These nutritional supplements help the person achieve pounds in a healthful manner, promoting progress. The sports supplement current market also has combination dietary supplements, which, as the name suggests, are a mix of additional than a single supplement. The most widespread mix is protein powders or meal replacement merchandise as a base with exceptional health supplements this sort of as creatine, glutamine, amongst others, to make it an easy-to-take in supplement.

Sports Health supplements Manufacturers

For people thinking which sports activities supplement brands to get, the superior news is that most of the makes have similar goods. It is important to don’t forget that distinctive individuals use health supplements for different functions. Some go by flavor other folks emphasis on substances or price tag. It is constantly a excellent concept to examine testimonials by people to know their experiences about a specific brand. For individuals on medicine, consulting a medical professional is the 1st action. Selecting one with treatment is crucial, maintaining in brain the existing diet regime, genetics, and hereditary variables. Some nutritional supplements have been identified to result in severe health pitfalls.

Sports supplements are not constantly mandatory as they only include to a person’s current diet regime. For athletes, it is pounds and strength teaching mixed with a eating plan schedule that assists. Sports activities supplements quite simply complement the schooling process, and when employed adequately, bring lots of benefits.

A lot of folks will flip to supplements when they want to bulk up, start off bodybuilding or lose weight. The most well-liked supplements that people today invest in will likely be the most useful for evident causes, despite the fact that the more recent supplements that do not have as significantly recognition may well however be useful for you as just about every individual reacts in a different way to the items they take.

Whey Protein
Whey protein is a person of the most preferred supplements for people today who train at the health and fitness center. Whey protein is a protein supplement for your diet built from milk. Whey protein features a substantial volume of superior protein and is low in carbohydrate and excess fat.

As protein is critical if you want a lean physique then it is essential that you try to eat sufficient every single day. Protein powders this kind of as whey are charge useful and offer you a perfect rapid source of protein

Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine is the most effective supplement if you want to acquire muscle …


Holistic Cancer Cures – Cure Cancer Naturally

Cancer is the Symptom of Something Much Deeper…

Cancer is a disease which touches one in five people. The mysteries of the disease seem to evade even the most well-known oncologists. However, there are alternative cancer cures and holistic cancer cures that are able to rid the “dis-ease” from your body. Cancer can be cured by changing your lifestyle in such a way that you begin to live an “Anti-Cancer” lifestyle. A miracle cancer cure occurs “when you get your mind, body and spirit working in ‘sync’ with one another.”

I have developed an “Anti-Cancer Diet” comprised of cancer fighting foods which can be found on the shelves of the grocery store. All cells regenerate themselves constantly. Some cells die and new cells form. Cancer cells are missing two essential amino acids that normal cells have. When the diseased cancerous cells are fed foods which replenish the missing amino acids, a miracle occurs and the diseased cells morph themselves into healthy cells.

Changing your food is not the only change you need to make. Holistic Cancer Cures deal with the mind and how “Thoughts are things.” Since you have “thought yourself into illness” you can “think yourself into wellness.” This is not an easy concept to grasp at first, but when you take time to consider alternative cancer cures and alternative cancer therapy a new realization happens.

Our minds are quite complex. Research has shown that our minds hide subconscious thoughts that eat away at our bodies daily even as we sleep. It has been proven that outside influences such as a terrible shock, death, or even financial ruin can cause our minds to leave our immune system open to disease, particularly cancer. We are totally unaware of the goings on of the subconscious mind. Holistic Cancer Cures deal with bringing the subconscious threats to our healthy body, mind and spirit to the surface and allow the “destructive subconscious thoughts” to leave the body forever.

A combination of cancer fighting foods and the release of “dis-ease enabling thoughts” can lead to a natural cancer cure.

Before I had cancer I was an international fashion designer with a television show on Home Shopping Network and the Shopping Channel in Canada. I had several businesses and life seemed to be thriving.

I was engaged to be married to my business partner. While on a business trip to China, I tried to call home to my fiance. Call it woman’s intuition, but I had a very bad feeling. My feeling turned out to be justified. I received a call on my cell phone while in China from the Sheriff of my home town telling me that my fiance had died of a heart attack.

That news shook me to the core of my existence after I stopped screaming for hours.

I flew home to collect the body only to find out my fiance had another life that did not include me. He was gay; actually bisexual. He died before he could hide the …


The Truth About the Pet Food Industry

The pet food industry, a $30 billion-dollar (North America), unregulated operation, feeds on the garbage that otherwise would wind up in landfills or be transformed into fertilizer. The hidden ingredients in a can of commercial pet food may include roadkill and the rendered remains of cats and dogs. The pet food industry claims that its products constitute a “complete and balanced diet” but, in reality, commercial pet food is unfit for human or animal consumption.

dog-scull-poison1.jpg“Vegetable protein”, the mainstay of dry dog foods, includes ground yellow corn, wheat shorts and middlings, soybean meal, rice husks, peanut meal and peanut shells (identified as “cellulose” on pet food labels). These often are little more than the sweepings from milling room floors. Stripped of their oil, germ and bran, these “proteins” are deficient in essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants.

“Animal protein” in commercial pet foods can include diseased meat, roadkill, contaminated material from slaughterhouses, fecal matter, rendered cats and dogs and poultry feathers. The major source of animal protein comes from dead-stock removal operations that supply so-called “4-D” animals; dead, diseased, dying or disabled to “receiving plants” for hide, fat and meat removal. The meat (after being doused with charcoal and marked “unfit for human consumption”) may then be sold for pet food.

Rendering plants process decomposing animal carcasses, large roadkill and euthanized dogs and cats into a dry protein product that is sold to the pet food industry. One small plant in Quebec renders 10 tons (22,000 pounds) of dogs and cats per week. The Quebec Ministry of Agriculture states that “the fur is not removed from dogs and cats” and that “dead animals are cooked together with viscera, bones and fat at 115° C (235° F) for 20 minutes”.

The US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is aware of the use of rendered dogs and cats in pet foods, but has stated: “CVM has not acted to specifically prohibit the rendering of pets. However, that is not to say that the practice of using this material in pet food is condoned by the CVM.”

In both the US and Canada, the pet food industry is virtually self-regulated. In the US, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets guidelines and definitions for animal feed, including pet foods. In Canada, the most prominent control is the “Labeling Act”, simply requiring product labels to state the name and address of the manufacturer, the weight of the product and whether it is dog or cat food. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) and the Pet Food Association of Canada (PFAC) are voluntary organizations that, for the most part, rely on the integrity of the companies they certify to assure that product ingredients do not fall below minimum standards.

The majority, 85 to 90 per cent of the pet food sold in Canada is manufactured by US-based multinationals. Under the terms of the US-Canada Free Trade Agreement, neither the CVMA nor PFAC exercises any control over the ingredients …