Celebrating Halloween With Senior Citizens

With just 487 days left for Halloween celebrations, and these celebrations always get bigger and bigger every year. However Halloween can be a stressful period, particularly for the senior citizens who live all alone at home or for those suffering with dementia. Kids in different costumes and people who come up to the door and possibility play pranks – trick or treat, marks this important celebration. Here are some tips to help the elderly; first of all you need to remind them that Halloween is near. When elders don’t have any kids at home, there will be no enthusiasm to enjoy the holidays, and this is no longer a part of their lives and they won’t be able to remember all holidays. Jump in and help with decorations their houses, if you want to get some sprit, do ask your friends to help with the decorations. And don’t forget to ask the elders what kind of decorations they prefer. Witches or Ghosts? Vampires or Zombies? Working on Halloween crafts with a group of elders and friends is a great way to spend wonderful time. But make sure to schedule some time to check out the local stores for Halloween decorations.
Don’t forget to ask them if they like to stay at home during the night of trick or treating. Some elders might enjoy children visiting their homes, while others don’t. Do let them know that, a well illuminated front yard shows that someone is at home to give away candies! Also tell them what can be done, if you run out of candies, and still people keep knocking the door. Based on their independence level, let someone be at home during the night to help with the trick-or-treaters. You can even invite these kids for a lovely early dinner; it will be great to have children in their scary costumes! If you happen to live far away from your grand parents or other elderly relatives, perhaps you may request their neighbor or your friends who are living there to accompany them to the church or invite them over for the get together. If there is no one to accompany the elders, you can bring them to your place for the celebrations.
Always choose the candies carefully during Halloween. Lot of elderly people love to give away candies to those cute trick-or-treaters who knocks the door. Do consider any health related issues such as diabetes while purchasing candies and other kinds of treats. If you get time, give them some assistance for their Halloween candy shopping, it will be fun for both! Don’t forget to include lot of sweet varieties especially if these elders live in a neighborhood with loads of children. Do offer help with the costumes. Senior citizen centers or Church groups might have Halloween parties, so make sure your seniors folks wear a great costume and let it be comfortable, just a nice shirt and a hat will also look great! With little planning in advance, Halloween can be fun not only for children, but even for the elders.