Chain Dental Practice vs. Private Office

Chain dental practices might seem to be the better choice to busy residents of Herndon, VA. Dentist offices that are part of a chain are usually nationally known, and easier to research before setting up appointments. Residents may opt to drive farther since the name of the chain is trusted rather than go to an unknown local dentist office. The same can be said of Oak Hill, Virginia dentist options. Unfortunately, many patients do not realize that they may receive better care in an individual, private office than in a big chain that is not located in their home town.

Private dental offices in your town often provide the friendliest service around. While it is true that major dental chains also have friendly employees, there is still nothing quite like going to a Herndon, Virginia dentist and knowing you will be seeing people from your own town. There is a good chance you have something in common with the people who work in the office, such as children who go to Hutchison Elementary School. At a chain dentist office, the friendly service may be detached and not as warm as it would be in your hometown.

Individualized care is a hallmark of private dentist offices, but can be hard to obtain at a chain dentist since there are so many patients. You will still receive quality care, but not like you would get at an Oak Hill, VA dentist. The premier dental care you would receive in your hometown could include your hygienist remembering if you prefer a certain type of toothbrush over another. Nearly half of the population of Oak Hill has a bachelor’s degree and if you are currently in college, the office staff may even remember to ask you at your checkups how school is going. Personalized care like that may be hard to come by in chain dental offices.

Many people might also cite their insurance as a reason to go to the chain dental offices in other cities because they accept most types of insurance. While this is true, it is still worth checking with your local Oak Hill dentist or Herndon dentist. You may be able to drive a shorter distance and premier dental care that will still be covered by your insurance. Your local businesses lose money when you opt to go to other locations for common services like dental checkups, so it will benefit your specific area of Fairfax County if you visit your local dentists.