Choosing a Lawyer for a Nursing Home Abuse Case

According to a Nursing Home Abuse Statistics, as many as 5 million elders in nursing homes are abused each year; 1 in 10 elders who are 60+ years have been victims of abuse. Another study revealed that 24.5% of nursing home residents experienced at least a single instance of physical abuse while in the facility. Unfortunately, only 1 in 25 cases of abuse is formally reported, because many victims are unwilling or unable to report their abuse.

Judging by the numbers, it’s evident that elders in the nursing homes are susceptible to abuse, and that something needs to be done.

If you or your loved one is or has been a victim of abuse in the nursing home, the best course of action that you can take is to talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer in Sandusky. These professionals have the right kind of experience dealing with such cases. In addition to providing the proper legal counsel, they will talk to the administration on your behalf, and even represent you in court if the need arises. They will go through hundreds of pages of medical records to learn everything that happened with the elder and also deal with doctors and nurses to make sure they get all the necessary information that they require to represent you.

With that in mind, the question then becomes, how do you select an attorney for a nursing home abuse case in Sandusky?

Follow these steps to find the right nursing home abuse lawyer for you:


Nursing home abuse issues are not day-to-day cases for most attorneys. In fact, many trial attorneys have little to no experience handling nursing home abuse. For this reason, it is critical to ensure that the firm you choose has the right expertise representing similar cases as yours. Be sure to ask them about the years of experience they have handling nursing home abuse cases to establish their level of knowledge. And don’t take their word for it, read reviews and testimonials to seek what other clients are saying about them.

Court experience

Go ahead and ask whether they have experience with the courthouse where your case will be heard. You should also find out if they have any working relationship with the court prosecutors and other law enforcement officers. It’s an added advantage if they have experience with the court, as well as the prosecutor and judges.


You should be able to reach the law firm when needed. A good firm appoints one lawyer to take on your case and don’t transfer files between staff.

Ability to research

As stated earlier, nursing home abuse cases can be very complex and need lots of time and expertise. Find a lawyer who has the patience to study and understands financial and medical records.

Proper resources

The lawyer in question should have the right kind of resources to represent you. And this should include access to expert witnesses who will testify on the case.

Knowledgeable about the process

There are four distinct stages in a litigation case against a nursing home, and a good lawyer should have a mastery of them all. These include the investigation phase, discovery phase, preparation for trial phase and the trial phase.