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Dr. Daniel Davidson


Dr. Daniel Davidson is the Founder, CEO and Medical Director of the New Me Surgical Institute™. He is a distinguished and prominent executive Surgeon who has performed thousands of procedures in the specialties of Advanced, Revisional and Reconstructive Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Laser Surgery of the Face, Body and Skin. He is one of the busiest Cosmetic Surgeons in the United States with thousands of Satisfied Patients from All Over the world.

Dr. Daniel Davidson was born in Persia in a family that valued education highly. His father was a dentist and an executive doctor, supervising hospitals, healthcare facilities and thousands of healthcare professionals for over thirty years. While Dr. Davidson has been fascinated with art and beauty since a very young age, he became interested in the field of surgery at the age of five. Surgery has been his life passion. Matter of fact, to pursue his life passion, Dr. Davidson came to California as a young teenager without his parents where he worked and went to school. He grew up and completed his high school studies in California.

A motivated student committed to becoming a surgeon, Dr. Davidson was the youngest in his Medical School class at the age of nineteen. He completed Medical School at the age of twenty-three and was chosen to attend a clinical Research Fellowship at the University of Southern California.

He was admitted into a surgical residency program at an affiliated hospital of the prestigious Yale University School of Medicine, where he was trained in General Surgery.

The more Dr. Davidson was exposed to the amazing field of cosmetic surgery, the more fascinated he became with this Super Specialty of surgery as a career. While Dr. Davidson’s training allowed him to be exposed to all the specialties of General surgery such as Orthopedic Surgery, Urology, Transplant surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Neurosurgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ; Dr. Davidson realized that cosmetic surgery was where his God-Given Gifts & Talents laid. He was an artist by nature and he loved surgery and he immensely enjoyed helping otherwise healthy patients improve their lives and appearance through the performance of the best of Natural Advanced Cosmetic Surgical Procedure. That is when he was recognized by the prominent Bernard Koire, M.D. of Beverly Hills, an internationally recognized Cosmetic Surgeon with over forty five years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery of Face, Body & Skin. Dr. Koire who was one of the fore-fathers of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery was impressed with Dr. Davidson’s commitment to the field of cosmetic surgery and his capabilities as a surgeon hence he elected Dr. Davidson to be trained in Advanced General Cosmetic Surgery of the face, body & skin under his tutelage. Besides being a leader in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and a prominent surgeon in Beverly Hills where he served thousands of rich and famous Americans, Dr. Koire was invited to travel the world to perform surgery for the royalty in various countries. What struck Dr. Davidson about Dr. Koire besides his unbelievable capabilities as an outstanding cosmetic surgeon was his incredible down-to-earth humility, kindness and bed-side manner as well as his devotion to his fellow man. Dr. Koire had traveled the world in various capacities over the span of half a century long career to serve the needy and the poor along with other philanthropic giants such as Mother Theresa.

After completion of this extensive training under the direct supervision of Dr. Bernard Koire, Dr. Davidson became qualified for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery’s examination and later sat for this exam. To qualify to sit for the examination of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery in the category of General Cosmetic Surgery there are numerous challenging requirements that a candidate surgeon must meet. The passing rate of this examination was surprisingly low (amazingly only around sixty percent of the candidates passed the exam that year) and Dr. Davidson was able to pass this examination on his very first try. Some of these requirements included Completion of Advanced Training in Cosmetic Surgery, Demonstration of Expertise and Qualification in Cosmetic Surgery and successful completion of an oral and a written examination covering all aspects of Cosmetic Surgery of the Face, Body and the Skin. Most of the examiners of the oral examinations are leaders in the respective fields of the specialties in which they examine the candidates. (For more information regarding the examination and the required qualification for this examination please visit the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery’s website at

In order to become a Prominent Super Specialist in Advanced, Revisional and Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Davidson’s passion for this specialty led him to seek further training by Dr. Morton Mazaheri, a world renowned Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, who had been selected by the White House to perform cosmetic plastic surgery on a First Lady.

Dr. Mazaheri – a professional sculptor, a recognized artist, a practicing attorney as well as a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon further trained Dr. Davidson his beloved student & associate in the art of cosmetic plastic surgery for several years.

Dr. Davidson’s commitment to constant and never ending pursuit of excellence in education enticed him to seek further qualification in Advanced Cosmetic Surgery by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. This commitment led to recognition of Dr. Davidson as a Fellow of this Academy. American Academy of cosmetic surgery is a leading organization representing the largest group of surgeons specializing in the specialty of Cosmetic Surgery in the United States and Internationally. To be honored as a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, a surgeon must fulfill the many strict guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and demonstrate one’s expertise and qualification by fulfilling these requirements set forth by this Academy. (For more information please visit the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s website at

Dr. Davidson’s commitment to excellence in practice of Cosmetic Surgery, and his exemplary cosmetic surgery results & patient satisfaction led to his receipt of the 2003 Best Plastic Surgeon Award of Readers’ Choice Award of the Los Angeles Daily News, in the category of Best Plastic Surgeon, Runner up. This Award is granted annually to the top three Plastic Cosmetic Surgeons in Southern California by the Reader’s Choice Award Committee and the hundreds of thousands of the readers of this paper.

While tirelessly working full time as the Medical Director and the senior Cosmetic Surgeon at the New Me Surgical Institute, Dr. Davidson’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and education enticed him to pursue a twenty seven month Accelerated, Advanced Graduate Education and Training in the field of Executive Healthcare Management and Administration through the University of California where he received his Fully Accredited MBA degree in 2004.

Since then, Dr. Davidson’s commitment to the advancement of the Gold Standards of the operations of the New Me Surgical Institute has led him to recruit some of the Top Executives, MBA’s, Consultants and Advisors in the various healthcare management fields. In addition, he is passionately looking to recruit some of the Top Cosmetic Surgeons to join the Elite Team of Surgeons at the New Me Surgical Institute. Dr. Davidson’s relentless and tireless efforts is directed towards setting the standard of care and service in the field of Cosmetic surgery and placing the New Me Surgical Institute in the forefront of the field of Cosmetic Surgery in Southern California and beyond.

Dr. Davidson is without a question one of the authorities and one of the leaders in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. He has personally helped thousands of patients to a better life during his career as a practicing Cosmetic and Laser Surgeon. His professional motto is “The better my patients look, the better I look!” That is why he is driven to excellence in his cosmetic plastic surgeries and pays immense attention to every detail. He is known for taking that extra time to assure that everything is done to the level of his high standards. He is a Diplomat of numerous Boards, including:

American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

American Board of Laser Surgery

American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine

American Board of Ambulatory Medicine

American Board of General Medicine and Surgery and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery as well as the American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery.

In addition, he is a Professional Member of the following organizations:

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery

American Medical Association

American Academy of Ambulatory Medicine

American College of Executive Physicians

American College of HealthCare Executives

While Dr. Daniel Davidson is an exceptionally accredited surgeon, he is legendary for his extraordinary personal care for patients, associates and employees. He makes patients feel like family members, and enjoys forming life-long relationships with his patients. When Dr. Davidson is not enjoying his time at work, he enjoys spending quality time at home with his beloved wife and two young daughters in Beverly Hills.