Cosmetic Dentistry Vs. General Dentistry

Most of us never think about the various titles dental providers use. We never stop to consider which practitioner best suits our specific needs. I would like to take a moment to share some of the major differences, and how they might affect us, the patient.

General dentistry offers the common services required by a family dental practice. They provide services like cleaning, cavity checks, and general monitoring for possible problems that might other wise go undetected. You should see your general dental practitioner every six months just as you would visit your family doctor for a periodic health exam. The health of your mouth can affect your overall physical health so take care not to neglect this vital area.

While the general dental provider monitors your overall oral health, cosmetic dentist is the specialist in dealing with specific dental issues. They are specialists in the aesthetics of oral health. The family dentist often refers their patients to a cosmetic provider, if specialized dentistry is required.

What kind of dental issues would require the service of a cosmetic dentist? There are several procedures provided by a cosmetic dentist which are often taken for granted. There was a time in the not too distant past when we had very few options for corrective dentistry. If the teeth are yellow, chipped, decayed, or just ill shaped a cosmetic dentist can create that Hollywood Smile everyone would love to have.

There are many benefits of cosmetic dentistry that borders on miraculous. Veneers can cover chipped, yellow, an ill shaped teeth with a porcelain material that will stay beautiful for many years. Veneers can be fitted and bonded within a few visits.

Whiting teeth are another procedure offered by cosmetic dentists. Though this procedure can be performed in a family dentist’s office, a cosmetic dentist often offers laser treatments which can give you that white Hollywood Smile most of us want. There are times when veneers are not the solution to your oral health issues. The cosmetic dentist can perform other procedures that may meet your needs just as well. Let’s say your teeth are weak due to cavities or an accidental injury. Cosmetic dentists can replace the missing teeth with bridges or implants. Which process the dentist may use depends greatly on the extent of the damage to your permanent teeth. If only a few teeth are damaged, bridges could be the only repair required to restore the use of your teeth and the appearance of your smile.

If all your teeth are damaged or too weak to support bridges, implants may be the best procedure available. This procedure requires metal posts to be attached to your jaw and then porcelain teeth are attached to these posts. This process produces strong, attractive replacement teeth. Since porcelain is so durable, the implants will stay beautiful for years.

Braces are not just for kids anymore. Many orthodontists have used braces to straighten and align children’s teeth for years. Now, it has become common to see adults wearing braces. Cosmetic dentists have discovered that teeth can be slowly moved from one position to another aligning teeth and reshaping their overall appearance.

So, it might be time to visit your local cosmetic dentist for a checkup. You might discover how simple it is to achieve a beautiful Hollywood Smile.