CrossFit gym equipment

There are a lot of videos online mocking people who don’t know how to use gym equipment, but everyone has to start from scratch. So, before you start pulling strings and lifting weights, it is smart to get some advice for each machine you use in the gym. Also, working out without knowledge is very bad for your body because you can get injured easily.

When it comes to CrossFit there is more to it than regular gym equipment. Working with gym likes these require a great understanding of each exercise if you don’t want to get injured. They are famous for their rigs where people usually train in groups where they swap exercises after some period of time. CrossFit is a great way to make your focus better and of course, boost your physical strength.

Training equipment

The first and the essential thing you will need are the right shoes for training. Nike Metcon and Reebok Nano are made specifically for CrossFit. So, if you chose any of these you won’t make a mistake. They have a flat sole and reinforced heel. When it comes to indoor training where you won’t have that much running, they are the perfect match. For outdoors, if you have to run more than 2 or 3 miles you need to have joggers.

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Next piece of essential equipment is going to be a pair of shorts. Typically there are a lot of guys wearing football shorts, but for this type of training you need your shorts to be flexible and there are also Reebok shorts made for CrossFit you can find online. They have a higher price than regular shorts, but they are definitely worth it. You want to be able to squat in perfect motion without your clothes making it harder. This also goes for the t-shirt.

Because you are going to do weight lifting and also a lot of exercises where you use bars, you are going to need good hand protection. There are a lot of styles you can choose from. Most commonly used in CrossFit are also used for gymnastics. Their main job is to protect you from blisters and also for better grip.

There are also many non-essential items you can use if you are starting out, and want to protect yourself from injuries. There is something called goat tape which you put on your thumbs where you stop the bar rubbing on to them. One of the non-essential equipment that is used much is the knee guard. It gives some extra cushion when you are doing squats and it makes you feel more supported. As your training becomes more advanced you are probably going to get more equipment that professionals are using like lifting boots.

Most common setup

There are a lot of companies that build gym machines, but for this kind of training, there are more similar to calisthenics where you have more bars than weights. CrossFit is the combination of these two. Read more on this link.

The most common is 20 to 24 footer rig. It is separated into sections, one for each exercise. The squat station is going to be 4 feet wide and 6 feet deep. That is a pretty big square footage for a rig, but when you have many people training you need that kind of a space. There is also a bench setup, where you can easily set the height of the bench for various sizes of lifters and every squat station comes with J cups that are holding the weights. They are plastic on the inside so it is not going to scuff up your bars. You can get the rig with various pull-up systems.

The base edition comes up with double upright pull-up bars. These double bars are used for stability. You can’t do muscle-ups on these, but you will have “dirty bars” for those which are double bars with one in front where you will have enough room for the muscle-up. The third station is the rack station and that is going to have the top caps but also a support beam going from one upright to the other on each of the squat stations. This is made so you can utilize things like rack poles and floor presses if you are more into powerlifting.