Dentists Can Also Whiten Teeth

Through different methods now dentists are able to whiten his or her patients’ teeth. And considering your teeth have a reflection on your appearance whiter teeth also helps self-esteem too.

Some of the methods bring about faster results in teeth whitening while other take a bit longer. One method, the chair side teeth whitening can be done right in the dentist office. This is also sometimes known as teeth bleaching too. However this method can actually whiten your teeth in about an hour. Four to six shades lighter than your teeth were before the process began.

Some dentists have had patients that use teeth whitening methods by using straight peroxide. Although this does whiten the teeth it also makes the enamel very weak and the teeth and gums very sensitive. Not to mention it takes weeks to see any type of results.

In most situations teeth whitening also depends on how many shades your teeth need to be before they are the stage of white you want. And in some ways the whitest teeth can’t be achieved. This is due in part because the individual smokes, drinks a lot of coffee or tea, and many other reasons that affect the whitening process.

Teeth whitening hasn’t been popular but for a decade and new procedures are being introduced by dentists all the time. There are also home remedies where people believe the teeth can be whitened as well.

Probably the most common form of people attempting to get a great smile is by using over the counter teeth whitening products sold on the market today. Some of these whitening agents work while others can actually be harmful. Some of the products can be abrasive, and its important to read the instructions before you begin any type of teeth whitening procedure on your own.

There is even some toothpaste on the market today that improves whitening of the teeth. Individuals who want to use the whitener on a daily basis without harming his or her teeth. Children however should not use these products unless a dentist is consulted.

Many dental clinics and offices offer information and details about the teeth whitening processes and methods available today. Also, magazines are helpful too. Web sites on the Internet can also prove to be helpful and give an individual a better perspective on teeth whitening. Some of the methods are costly but to most individuals the cost is worth the whitening.