Dentures don't fit even after numerous adjustments

What are the laws governing dentures in California? What law applies, if any, to a dentist who cannot get my dentures to fit correctly nor refund my money for having to go elsewheres to do so?

I went to a dental clinic in Long Beach, CA went through an exam and was told I needed a full set of dentures.  I agreed and we started the process the following week.  Teeth were pulled leaving me toothless on the left side of my mouth for almost 3 weeks, the day I arranged to get my new dentures, I went in the dentist pulled the remaining 12 teeth and put in my new dentures.  Immediately the top set was not right, they were too long from the front to the back, gagging me, and they would not stay in.  The lower set was difficult to put in but they finally got them in.  Felt much better than the tops.  The following week I went in for adjustments.  I had done as they dentist told me and left them in overnight and removed them the next evening. Upon trying to get the lowers out I ended up in tears as they were so tight it pulled skin off my gums.  I could not get them back in so I went back to the dentist and was told to wait for another week for the swelling to go down.  A week later back to the dentist for adjustments and possiblygetting the lowers in.  This time, they did something that the lowers were so loose they don’t stay in and there is no room for my tongue, I have difficulty talking at all, I can’t use them to eat with, I bite the corner of my mouth talking, aside from them falling out completely of I try to use them for anything.  The Uppers, I had problems with and they fixed the problems and made things worse, now they won’t stay in.  I have to use poligrip to keep them in.  They don’t look natural as the teeth are much too long for my mouth from gum to bottom of the tooth and too long from front to back, They fall down if I laugh, and I am being told it will be this way for at least 6 month.

I have called them office I went to and complained, called the corporate office and tried to file a complaint and was told I had to go back to the original office.  I asked to transfer to another office where this dentist and tech didnt work only to be told I could get a new set of dentures if I paid for them but for these dentures I have now if I want adjustments I have to return to the original office.

I wanted transfer to another office and couldn’t, I have already paid for more than 2/3 of the charges and I will refuse to pay anything more.  The dentures do not fit, the company will not stand behind their work and I have gone to another dentist who says these dentures cannot be adjusted to fit ever, they were never meant to fit my mouth.