Discount Celebrity Teeth, Snap On Teeth

Snap on teeth are a brilliant creation which gives you get dazzling white teeth in minutes. Veneers and caps are the permanent alternative but can cost from anything from one thousand bucks a tooth. Not every one can afford this dear price ticket but with snap on teeth you do not have to have a massive bank balance.

Snap on teeth have good qualities and bad quailities

Your new smile is simply snapped on to your existing teeth, have the perfect smile modeled on your favorite celebrity in minutes. The snap on grin as also they are known are the most effective way to “test drive” a new grin before committing to the more costly and permanent veneers or caps.

The process of making the snap on teeth

The process is 2 fold, firstly you’ve got to visit a dentist, he is taking x-rays, impressions ( for plastic moulds ) and measures your teeth. photo’s are taken of the pre teeth and post teeth.

Next, in order for both you and the dentist to get a sneak preview of how your snap on teeth will look. Resin is applied to your teeth and hardened with a special light. The resin is scrupulously chiseled in to a custom grin, he/she takes more impressions and pictures, everything is sent off to the laboratory, in two weeks your new snap on teeth will be prepared.

The plus points of snap on teeth.

Snap on teeth give you the appearance of having the perfect smile without the cost and inconvenience of wearing retainers, getting veneers or caps.

Snap on to your current teeth, no need to use denture adhesive.

They are more affective than dentures as they will cover up all misaligned, discolored and missing teeth, they fit closely to the gums. Getting fitted is a pain free process, no treatments or needles are required, no need to fear the dentist for this application.

Minus points of snap on teeth.

This device has a short life span, not an abiding answer to your dental issues. They are not hard wearing, they can be worn down or broken by chewing hard food. The teeth must be removed to be cleaned, food particles can lodge under the snap on teeth causing plague and discoloration to from if you do not clean both the new teeth and your existing teeth.

Phobia, although you will not encounter pain, you will still have to visit the dentist to have the devise created and fitted. Having the impression made can be a bit uncomfortable and strange but not in the least bit painfull.

The snap on teeth can be damaged easily, they are not a permanent solution.

It will take a little practice to communicate correctly with the snap on teeth in place, they can cause you to speak with a lisp until you become to the foreign body in your mouth. If this is for an important day, ensure you have them ahead of time to become used to talking and eating, it can be compared to wearing a dental brace for the 1st time. Strange and uncomfortable, but with in days, if not hours you will not notice the difference.

Snap on teeth can cost from $400 to $1500’s, for a non permanent solution this will appear quiet expensive.

For less expensive but successful options to snap on teeth, consider teeth whiteners and diy teeth whitening.

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