Extreme Bodybuilding Workouts And Exercises For Advanced Bodybuilders

So let’s continue by looking at just how we can add some extra spice to those routine bodybuilding workouts and exercises…

Also recommended for building arms are fixed machine PEC DEC and similar compressions machines found in all top gyms for those without weights or again for a change, or even warm up, try the many forms of press ups or floor dips. These too have multiple varieties of exercising, from hand spacing changes, to high fast press ups, with hand clapping in between pushes or even single arm push ups, or on finger tips. The latter used often by martial experts really impress non-bodybuilders.

For upper chest workouts, try INCLINE bench pressing, again using free weights, (make sure you have spotters around and still awake!) or machines with barbells and dumbbells or the reverse stance of floor dips with your feet raised higher than your head. For lower pecs, use the old standard vertical dips on parallel bars, adding extra resistance when you can exceed 2O reps with a weight attached to your lifting belt. Make sure you do complete full range movements and not just slight unlocking of the elbows – great also for triceps and lats.

Just think three popular muscle groups exercised in one go -must be a bargain! To gain chest EXPANSION and the lung fitness and accompanying health benefits, the best and proven exercise is the combination of SQUATS along with breathing pullovers. The prime requisite is that you perform enough high reps squats to make you literally gasp for breath, so you would need to squat for at least 2O reps, using around bodyweight in poundage, followed immediately by the pullovers, using a medium to light dumbbell, swing bell (centrally loaded dumbbell rod) end over or cross over a bench.

You can also use pulley arrangements. The main thing is to use light weights with the emphasis on stretching your rib box to the full. Aptly named because they look like the teeth of a saw, i.e. SERRATUS MAGNUS, these muscles are now noticeably pronounced in most muscular line ups, making a beautiful tie in with the abdominals.

To fully develop this group, include in your workout, prone flying exercises, and pullovers on bench. Do both straight arm and bent arm pullovers, the latter allows a lot more weight and is great also for lats. Early lone trainers often had to pull over the barbell first before using it for bench presses, and some impressive poundages have been recorded in this lift.

That’s it for today’s look at boosting your Bodybuilding workouts And exercises, so have a go to put these muscle building tips into action, and please feel free to share comments with other bodybuilders in the comments form below, or just join us on facebook and write on my wall!!!