Fat Loss Secrets: Short Term Goals to Achieve Long Term Success

Some people who are looking to lose weight simply never achieve their goal but it’s not due to their lack of motivation or even the amount of work they do, they simply get lost in the process. What I mean is, there are so many directions that a fat loss program can take it can be simply overwhelming at times. Deciding where you are at any time during your program and making the changes necessary to increase your results, if not organized properly, can lead to failure. One of the best ways to stay on track and properly motivated is to set short-term goals.

Short-term goals allow you to achieve success in smaller bites which added up over time leads to large success. These smaller goals help you to see your progress more easily and can keep your motivational mindset at a very high level at all times. Let’s look at a couple of short-term goals you may use in your own fat loss program:

Eating Habit Goals-most people are going to have to dramatically change the way they eat if they want to experience dramatic fat loss. Changing everything all at once can be difficult, however. A good idea is to set a few short-term goals to help you reach your target. These goals might include eating one less snack per week or maybe cutting your overall calories by 5% over the course of a month. These goals, when looked at individually, look small but on a day to day and week by week basis they can make a big difference in the fat loss results you achieve.

Exercise Program Goals-here is another area where people get overwhelmed. They want to jump in and begin an incredibly rigorous exercise program but the key is really starting slow. If you have been sedentary for a period of time then running 5 miles and hitting the gym for an hour is not a wise decision. Start slow, maybe walking for 10 to 20 minutes per day and build up the amount of work you do over time. It should only take you about a month or so to get your health and conditioning to a point where you might not be able to do a really intense workout, but if you jump in too fast, you run the risk getting hurt or simply getting burned out too early into your program.

Motivational Mindset Goals-it is important to adopt the right mindset when working to achieve significant fat loss goals. Because there are many books, CDs and DVDs on the market to help achieve these motivational mindsets, a short-term goal may be to review one of these products on a weekly or monthly basis. Feeding your mind with a constant supply of positive mental attitude type training will go a long way over time to support your fat loss goals.
Weight Loss Goals-want to lose 10 pounds per week? This probably is not a good idea for the majority of people to try this strategy. Fat loss is best achieved in small amounts over time. If you expect to lose a tremendous amount of weight very quickly, first of all, you could get sick because this is not healthy, and second of all you could become discouraged because this is also very hard to do. Setting small goals such as half to one pound or so per week of weight loss are more easily achieved and are healthier for your body.

Working to achieve any goal can be much easier and more successful if broken down into small short-term goals like the ones mentioned above. Organize your routines on a daily and weekly basis and track your results so that you are continually making progress toward your goal. With the right mindset and the right achievable short-term goals, your result will be long term fat loss success.