Fear of the Dentist. Overcoming Dental Phobia

Fear of the Dentist. Overcoming Dental Phobia.

Huge numbers of people are afraid when they go to the dentist. In Britain 40% of the population is so afraid that they just don’t go and in the United States 30-40 million people either receive inadequate dental care or avoid going to the dentist altogether because of the fear of dental procedures. This is clearly a massive problem.

A person in the grip of a terrible fear or phobia is suffering and it may ruin their whole life. My own terror of the dentist was so extreme that it was almost painful. I couldn’t look at the outside of a dental surgery or at pictures of them in newspapers, magazines or on the television and if someone suggested I should go to the dentist it could result in a huge row.

When one of my front teeth broke and looked really horrible I was finally forced to go to the dentist. I was lucky because I had trained in Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis. Using the techniques I had learned I was able to overcome my fear to the point where I actually liked my dentist. In the past I would never have thought it possible that I could ‘like’ a dentist. I wrote the techniques I used down in a small book so that others may use them too. The techniques I used are simple and very effective.

There are various techniques and treatments available to help you overcome the fear of going to the dentist and other phobias. The unorthodox ones that I recommend include: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Hypnotherapy, either from a qualified therapist or using self-hypnosis.

Neuro Linguistic Programming works on the supposition that our brains run programmes and that a phobia is simply one of these programmes. Other programmes you will have include a programme for driving a car, riding a bicycle, brushing your teeth and so on. By changing the programme, either with help from a NLP practitioner or by using the techniques in a book, you can overcome your phobia.

The Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the Meridian Therapies and is also known as psychological acupuncture. By tapping on certain acupuncture points whilst using a set up phrase and repeating affirmations you can create great beneficial changes for all sorts of problems including trauma, phobias and addictions, etc.

A Hypnotherapist may use various techniques and also, whilst you are in trance, NLP to help you overcome your phobia. With self-hypnosis you can use the power of suggestion and visualisation to help free you from your phobia.

So don’t suffer unnecessarily. Find out what therapies are available in your area or buy a suitable book and help yourself. Very soon your fear or phobia could be a thing of the past and you can look forward to a happier, less fearful future. You can do it so just go for it!