Fitness Footwear

The demand for fitness shoes has increased rapidly over the past few years and this is set to continue with brands such as Reebok and Skechers recently increasing their ranges; Fitness footwear incorporates all shoes which have fitness benefits either through increasing toning, weight loss or stamina and depending on the fitness trainers, different technologies are used to reach the end goal. 

Fitness trainers have become popular thanks to the effects they have and the ease of introducing them into a daily routine when so many now suffer from time poverty. Unlike going to the gym, when more often than not an excuse or reason to miss it will emerge, fitness shoes can be slipped on and worn all day with minimal effort. 

Reebok’s fitness trainers feature balance pods, using the same principles as a gym ball they create natural instability and resistance so that the muscles are forced to work harder with every step. Reebok’s fitness shoes are now available for walking, aerobics and running so whatever exercise you prefer there is a quick and easy way to enhance and increase the toning benefits. 

Skechers have both Shape Ups and Tone Ups fitness footwear which both help to tone the legs and bum. Skechers Tone Ups Sandals and Shape Ups Fitness Trainers have a soft kinetic wedge in the sole which simulates the same uneven surface as walking on sand. This engages the muscles and makes them work harder as they have to stabilise every step.

Earth fitness footwear features negative heel technology, this is a slight 3.7 degree incline in the sole which places the heels slightly lower than the toes as if on an incline. This small change has been proven to burn four times as much body fat as standard shoes and also redistributes the body weight and improves the posture and consequently the breathing. Earth fitness footwear is available in sandals, shoes and boots so can be worn all year round for maximum toning. 

Another fitness footwear brand is Tonewalker, these sandals have been designed as an “extreme exercise shoe” and feature a platform sole with Pivot Technology to work the core muscles as the wearer has to constantly correct their balance to maintain a natural position. The Pivot Technology is used alongside Resistance Technology which tones and strengthens the muscles in the legs, bum and back.

When it comes to modern fitness shoes, research shows the difference it can make and unlike other fads, fitness shoes can be worn all day to give proven results. Whatever the preferred exercise regime, the vast range of fitness trainers means that there is a pair that can be used to increase the exercise value and intensify the activity to enhance results.