Gym Marketing is No Big Deal

Loyalty and referral programmes – Loyalty and referral programmes are fantastic ways to thank your clients for sticking with you thru thick and thin as well as getting new clients to sign up to your gym. One very important thing that gym owners should keep in mind is to balance their gym marketing to benefit both old and new clients. If one feels more appreciated than the other you will loose clientele from both groups. Don’t over complicate your programme structures and make sure that members understand all the conditions.

Free and Corporate Memberships – Different membership types should be established for different member groups. Special memberships are great methods of attract new members. Free membership will allow people to sample the gym as well as fitness routines before making long-term commitments. This is a super marketing trick as people have a tendency to want more once they have tried a taste of something. Corporate memberships are offered to businesses at group rates, who in turn offers it to staff as some form of benefit.

Weight loss challenge – Weight loss challenges have proven very successful thus far. Contestants are drawn by the cash prizes at first and the idea of a sexy, thin body secondly. The chance of looking good while making money at the same time is just to good to pass-by. Now you can also use this winning formula is your membership recruitment. Upon subscription to membership of your gym, the new members’ measurements and weight is recorded. At rule pre-determined intervals the member will be re-weighed and measured to determine how much weight has been lost or gained and prizes to be awarded. Make sure that the rules, terms and conditions are clear and unambiguous so that there is no chance for misunderstanding or disputes.

Marketing a brand – You will not just be marketing your gym but rather a brand. People will associate your gym with a specific logo, slogan and face. Your brand identity will play a major role in all your marketing campaigns.

Stretch that budget – Media advertising is without a doubt a very important part of marketing. However the impression of the gym itself will decide if membership will be a done deal for the long or short term. Members are extremely image conscience and don’t want to be seen visiting a rundown dump. Stretch and adjust your budget to include funds for face-lifting the building with a splash of paint as well as new equipment.

Websites and blogs – Newspaper and radio advertising is so outdated. Website and blog marketing is the most modern and incredibly successful method of marketing your gym to millions of internet users everyday. Keep your site well maintained with regular updates to information and photographs especially pricing and event info.

Give thanks to your trainers – The gyms’ trainers are the heart of your business. Without them there will be no services rendered or new clients recruited. They are the representatives who can take your business to unbelievable highs or lows. Appreciation is such a small gesture with immense power. Show your appreciation and thanks by small things like knowing their names and giving them membership discounts. Treat your trainers in respectful and positive manner and you will see the difference in their attitudes. However it is very important to make sure that your trainers have a passion for the job. If they only do it for the payment instead of the love you will stumble upon problems later in the course of employment.

Community – Community involvement and upliftment has become of greatest importance, as jobs are created and business marketed by mere mingling with neighbours, locals and other businesses in your area.