Health Benefits Of Krill Oil

The oil extracted from krill is highly nutritious; it contains omega-3 fatty acids, astaxanthin, as well as vitamins A, D, and E. The kinds of omega-3 fatty acids found in krill oil are primarily DHA and EPA, two highly beneficial nutrients. DHA has been known to lower blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and ease inflammation. EPA, on the other hand, plays a critical role in the central nervous system and contributes to proper brain functioning.

Astaxanthin is a fairly unfamiliar nutrient which is actually a red-colored pigment, the pigment which is responsible for the color of the Krill. Astaxanthin is considered an antioxidant and contributes to good health in several ways, it helps regulate hormones, protect the brain, and ease premenstrual symptoms. The vitamins in krill oil are beneficial for obvious reasons, though the oil doesn’t provide very high quantities of these vitamins.

In addition to the specific benefits brought about by the nutrients covered thus far, krill oil has been shown to improve concentration and memory, as well as improve our overall mood. Furthermore, krill oil has a special ability to promote liver health, strengthen the immune system, and even cure many skin problems. Many of these desirable effects of taking krill oil are also attributed to fish oil, which explains the popularity which fish oil has also enjoyed. However for several reasons krill oil is much better than generic fish oil. For example, krill oil has larger amounts of antioxidants, higher EPA content, and a much longer shelf life.

Now that we’ve covered all the incredible benefits of krill oil, it’s worthwhile to reflect on some of the possible side effects as well. Although fatty acids are a nutritional powerhouse, consuming enough of them will often lead to diarrhea and indigestion. Krill oil should most definitely not be taken by anyone with shellfish allergies, or by anyone taking blood thinning medicine. For everyone else just remember that nothing is good in excess but taken moderately krill oil will contribute to your overall good health in all kinds of ways.