Health Benefits Of Quitting Smoking – Richard

Quitting smoking has a numerous health benefits and they start from the moment that you breathe out your last puff. Unfortunately, you possibly might feel like you are leaving a bad symptom.

However, if you keep in mind the benefits you are about to enjoy it should motivate you to be free. Bellow I have listed a number of health benefits pick the most important once for you and use them as your motivation on your journey to become ex-smoker.

Higher energy levels
Blood pressure starts to return to normal
Mouth and hair and fingers no longer smell like smoke
Vision increases
Risk of life threatening diseases decreases
Stamina increases
Senses of smell and taste improve

Emotional Benefits of Being Free of Smoking

Not only you will get physical benefits from quitting but also there are a number of emotional benefits. First one and the most important one is you can feel really proud of achieving something that many have tried and failed. You can also start rebuilding the relationship with yourself as nicotine was holding your brain as a hostage and now you are free.
Below I have listed a number of other emotional benefits you will get from quitting use them as your motivation to stay smoke free.

Your self-image improves
You finally put yourself in charge of your own life
You will have more self respect
Depression levels are going down
Cigarettes no longer dictate your activities
Every day life improves
You will be more respected by others

Social Benefits

In addition to emotional and physical benefits there are also social benefits which will arise as soon as you quit smoking. Here are some social benefits you are sure to enjoy after you quit.

Your car, house, and clothes no longer smell like cigarettes
You will have more time to spend with family and friends
You will not become a burden on your family later in life because of illnesses
You will project and image of self-control this is not available to smokers

In reality when smokers are confronted with all the problems caused by their addiction they in most cases will admit that they considered giving up or even trying but failing because there always been an excuse to light up another smoke.

In smokers the energy levels are generally quite low due to lack of oxygen. Statistically shown that oxyge,n levels are reduced by about 15% when smoking and replaced by carbon monoxide in the bloodstream

Once you are an ex-smoker the levels of oxygen will return to normal as well as energy level, which in turn will make you more productive and happier.
Once you quit you will immediately experience significant benefits social, physical and emotional. So take the step and Quit Smoking Once And For All