Help For Removing Genital Warts At Home – Tips To Help You Feel Better Sooner

Discovering you have warts in your genital area can be overwhelming. Not only do you feel uncomfortable, but you’re embarrassed too. This is a problem that many people have to deal with and although you’re likely to see your doctor to make certain that the problem is warts, you may find that the treatments offered by him or her are expensive and ineffective. Removing genital warts at home is possible. There are a few different methods that you can try that are safe and natural.

Vitamin C is what a lot of people turn to when they come down with a cold or the flu, but it can be helpful with removing genital warts at home too. You should take Vitamin C everyday as a natural booster to your immune system, but when it comes to treating warts, it’s a much more hands-on approach. You’ll need to purchase Vitamin C in a tablet or chewable form. Then crush one up until it resembles a powder. You can easily do this by putting the tablet in a small plastic zip up bag and then using a rolling pin or a soup can to run over it. Once you have the powder, mix it up with just a bit of water until it forms a paste. Apply the paste carefully onto the warts with a cotton swab. Cover the area with a bandage if possible and leave overnight. This helps to speed up the healing process so the warts fall off sooner.

Garlic has strong healing qualities as well. Many people rely on daily garlic supplements as a way to build their immune system so they can ward off any potential illnesses. It’s also one of the recommended ways of removing genital warts at home. Much like the Vitamin C treatment, you’re going to crush up the garlic until it’s smooth and easy to spread. Then apply it directly to the area where the warts are. You can do this before you shower in the morning. You want to leave the garlic on the affected area for about 15 minutes or so. Then rinse it off very thoroughly. Doing this once or twice a day will help heal the warts.

Tea tree oil is an over the counter herbal ointment that can help with almost anything from eczema to sun burn. You should keep a container in the medicine cabinet for whenever you have a small cut or abrasion. Use it on your genital warts too. This is best applied with a cotton swab because it is an oil and can make a mess on your hands. It’s fine to leave it on overnight or apply it first thing in the morning. It serves as a moisturizer as well which can be helpful if you’ve already tried other treatment options that have dried out the sensitive skin of your genital area.