How I am getting rid of my PCOS

“Again, I have just spent another couple of hours outside the consultants’ office, waiting to hear my number being called out so I can have just 5 minutes of his precious time…
Just like before, I am not given the opportunity to ask my questions or voice my concerns about the treatment I am getting, or the lack thereof. Instead, I got those dreadful words: “We are going to stop your
medication for now because it does not seem to be working for you…”To make a long story short, I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Still not sure what that is? Well, it means that you have difficulty in getting pregnant naturally, among a whole list of other things. What Is PCOS exactly and what are the symptoms?PCOS refers to multiple cysts on the ovaries and a host of other problems that go along with them, including lack of ovulation and menstrual abnormalities, facial hair, male pattern baldness, acne, and obesity.These are some of the symptoms you might be experience:   Not ovulating, or it becomes infrequent
   Having trouble falling pregnant
   Experience excess hair on the face and body
   Gaining weight steadily for no real reason
   Experiencing high blood pressure
   Suffer from high cholesterol
   Develop elevated insulin levels, or insulin resistance
   Suffer mood changes
   You suffer from acne
   Your periods stop, become irregular or painful & your hair thins Where my PCOS all started.I have been diagnosed with PCOS about 2 years ago but I now realize that this is something I have been living with since childhood. Since my diagnoses I have been seeing one doctor after the next, following
this and that advice, been referred more times than there are lottery numbers to choose from and it still makes you want to choke the next person who tells you “It will all be fine, you’ll see.” Well, not really, but you
do feel like it, don’t you?
What makes matters worse is that I got another letter from my doctors asking me to come back in about 2 months time for more tests because someone “forgot” to file the results of my previous tests, or
something!Have you been there before? 
If so, just do not give up hope!Trust me, you are not the only one feeling alone, frustrated, depressed and even angry because you are suffering from PCOS
In fact, PCOS is something that is VERY frequent among woman and can happen to anyone! Some sources say that it is estimated that 1 in every 4 woman has PCOS that affects their daily lives in one form or
another, other say roughly 10% of all woman… Whatever the real figures are, the point is that you are not alone!
We literally have more than 9 close friends who all suffer from PCOS, and out of those 9, 5 couples were still able to have children with infertility treatment. Good news for all of us, but, they still have PCOS. This is
the stage where we are at now. 
Recently I have been referred ( again ) to “Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine Hospital” in London. The infertility nurse at our local hospital told me that I need to return my paperwork to her
the next day so my referral can be send off within a week.
I will give you one good guess what happened?! 7 Weeks on from the time I saw the consultant I got a phone call to say that my blood results are too old! ( What are the odds of this happening, again? ) I asked:
“What happened to being referred within a week?”, The nurse told me: “I would never have said that.”Needless to say, after I went through all the emotions again, picking up the broken pieces, I had to get new medication and start the entire process all over again from scratch because there are blood test that
need to be done at a certain time after you start the medication.Days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months. I hoped that by now we would have had an appointment at Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine Hospital so we can start the new
treatment. But sadly, no. You are at the mercy of “the system” and the system does not work or does not want to work, choose one…By the way, I have been told that after the results from the latest blood test have been received by the nurse, it will take at least 3 weeks for the referral to be sent. Now honestly, how long does it take to write a
letter and pop it into the mail?…After Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine Hospital receives my referral letter, they will get back to me within about 6 weeks with an appointment date.
So, if you have not been through this whole process this far, it is not as simple as taking your car for a service and getting a phone call explaining that it will take an extra day to order a replacement part! I wish! So, THIS is how I am going to beat PCOS.At this point I have decided to “take matters into my own hands” and look for alternative ways to get pregnant! – And no, this does not involve a second husband or anything sinister like that!In fact, there is another way that does not involve hours and hours waiting to see a doctor or consultant, it does not involve blood tests or prescription medicine! It’s actually much simpler, AND it not only can help
you get pregnant, it actually CURES the CAUSE of the problem for most woman! “Life without PCOS? I’ll take two please!”Now just for a second, would you really like to know what I have discovered after what I just told you I had to go through? What would you give, even PAY to elude all of this nonsense to know that you can start
living a normal healthy lifestyle, KNOWING that your PCOS is taken care of once and for all?All of the frustration, heartache, disappointment, embarrassment even that empty feeling you get when you look at other couples with children and even some of the side effects PCOS brings for so many woman,
like managing your weight! So, what is it that I have discovered then?!It is an incredible ebook that has been used by thousands of woman suffering from PCOS! A whole RANGE of issues are covered in this ebook, including these:   Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally Within 2 Months
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I’m going to give you the link to what I have discovered absolutely FREE because I feel everyone should benefit from this!If you want to start living without PCOS, then have a look at the link below for “Living without PCOS”I honestly do hope you find the answers you are looking for so you too can enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed without PCOS!