How Should I Do With 30% Kidney Function And FSGS

If you are a patient with 30% kidney function and FSGS, you may be very confused with this question: how should I do with 30% kidney function and FSGS on earth? Actually, as long as you believe in us and chat with our online doctors carefully, you are bound to benefit a lot. Besides, firstly, you had better read this passage completely.

On this occasion, here are some normal suggestions that you are more likely to meet in the situation of 30% kidney function and FSFS.

1. Potassium, Phosphorus

Generally speaking, if you are a patient with 30% kidney function and FSGS, there is no doubt that at the same time, you are suffering from high potassium, phosphorus level as well. The reason is because due to damaged kidney and declined kidney function, excessive potassium and phosphorus can not be discharged out of the body properly, as a result, high potassium level which may threaten patient’s life and cause heart failure or heart arrhythmias, high phosphorus level which can lead to itchy skin is more likely to occur.

In this situation, kidney experts suggest that both the two problems can be controlled well by the daily diet. Foods rich in potassium or phosphorus like banana, orange, apple, milk, chicken, meat, fish, etc should be avoided try their best. However, because the illness conditions vary from individual to individual and there is no a regular diet plan which is applied to everyone. So if you are a patient with 30% kidney function and FSGS and want to know some personalized suggestions, please send your recent check report to as soon as possible, our experts will try their best to help you.

2. Dialysis or kidney transplant

Dialysis or kidney transplant often be recommended to the patients with 30% kidney function and FSGS. As for dialysis, it is good for people as a temporary treatment due to its high efficiency. Compared with dialysis, kidney transplant is better for the patients due to less side effects, but its high costs often troubled patients easily. Moreover, if patients think dialysis or kidney transplant is the only way to treat kidney disease, they are probably wrong.

3. Natural therapy-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is proved to be the most effective treatment and used externally. Patients only need to lie in bed and put two bags filled with Chinese herbal medicines under their lower back. With the help of osmosis instrument, the active factors will directly get into the kidneys and then through a series of functions, thus repair damaged kidney and improve kidney function from the root.

Finally, if you are interested in this topic and want to know more details, please contact us immediately, we are here to help you. Best wishes !