How the body Uses Amino Acids

The body requires amino acids to function properly. You may have heard that protein fuels the body, but it is more correct to recognise that it is the amino acids from those proteins that make your body function at optimum levels.

Amino acids are formed in the body when proteins break down. These amino acids then find their way to the body systems where they are most needed. The more proteins you consume on a daily basis the more healthy amino acids your body produces.

The Science Behind Amino Acids

Every time you eat foods containing proteins or take a protein supplement you are increasing your body’s ability to perform. Proteins, once ingested, travel directly to your stomach. Once in the stomach these proteins break down into amino acids. Once in the stomach the amino acids combine with digestive and other hormones and are directed to the different body systems that depend on them for proper functioning.

The circulatory system, the endocrine system, the skeletal system, and the muscular system all use amino acids in their day to day functioning. The amount of amino acids available to these systems depends on the amount of protein you consume. Whole proteins, that contain essential amino acids, are a necessary part of any healthy diet. Meats, soy, fish, meat, and eggs all provide your body with needed protein.

Why Supplement?

Athletes are well aware that their bodies consume nutrients are a higher rate than non-athletes. You may already be aware of the many supplements available to help build muscle mass, control weight, and improve overall fitness. What you might not realise is the importance of adding protein supplements to your diet to increase your amino acid production.

It is important to consume protein throughout the day for amino acids to constantly form and find their way to the places in your body they are most needed. For a body builder this place would be the muscular system. Amino acids will work to help build lean muscle mass and improve your general fitness to work out.

Protein Supplements

Protein supplements can be found in many forms. Protein bars, protein shakes, and protein powders can all be used to supplement your diet. You can look for bodybuilding supplements that contain certain amino acids known to help with muscle building. These important amino acids are:

* Arginine works to stimulate your body’s growth hormone.
* Lysine feeds your circulatory system and boosts your immune system. This is the amino acid that should be consumed for excellent health.
* Methionine is used by the body’s cells for protein synthesis, an important step in building lean muscle mass. It also helps with kidney and liver function.
* Phenylalanine helps to regulate your body’s metabolism.
* Glutamine works to increase cell production. This amino acid is necessary for building muscle mass.

Amino acids, when consumed in body building supplements, will help slow muscles from deteriorating during intense workouts. To make sure you are getting the proper amount of proteins in your diet for the forming of amino acids you will want to take protein supplements to make up for what natural foods are not giving you.