How to Stop Smoking?

Smoking is certainly a harmful habit which is not just a physical addiction but a psychological habit as well. No matter if you are a new smoker or smoking for a long span of time, often the decision of quitting smoking and implementing on it is difficult. Taking about convention smoking method, cigarettes contain nicotine which is instantly merged into the blood stream. In just ten seconds, nicotine enters to brain from the body. The addiction of cigarettes is quite similar to heroin, alcohol and cocaine. However, in order to stop it, there are some points that you must follow.

• First of all make a list of the things that you like about smoking

• Then make a list that why quitting smoking is not easy for you

• Set a quit date and write a contract that has signature of the witnesses who are supporting you to quit smoking.

• Try to convert your mind and change your lifestyle

• Set some goals

Determination and preparing is the core to giving up smoking. 1st, work out the principle reasons you would like to stop. Take a sheet of paper – on one half, pen down the factors you light up and within the other 50 percent, write down the many reasons you can think of to relinquish. Now you do have a clearer thought of what you will lose and what you will gain via stopping smoking cigarettes. Circle an important reason that you should quit. Write the item down using a separate section of paper as well as keep it and easily consider it when it is advisable to.

No matter how difficult quitting smoking will be but it is not impossible. For stop smoking there are three things you need such as planning and preparation to quit, get motivated and pick a day. When stopping smoking you many experienced an intense craving for nicotine, feel tension, frustration, impatience and anxiety. More than this, you will feel difficulty in concentration, trouble sleeping and drowsiness, headaches, irritability, depression, weight gain and increased appetite.  

Smoking is certainly a bad habit and by following a certain set of rules you are unable to stop this habit, then it is advisory to consult a medical practitioner. A practitioner will tell you precisely about the best options suitable for you. However, there is no certain medicine designed for quitting cigarettes but one should have only will power to stop smoking.

Though, it is a common notion that the addiction of smoking is very strong, but if you have self control that nothing could be difficult. Moreover, it the overcome from this addiction is really very effective but only if you have self control.