Impoverished Countries Need Medical Assistance

For those of us living in a wealthy country, we cannot imagine the conditions that those living in poor countries endure every day. We could always use a larger television, a bigger home, or another car. However, these individuals are lucky enough to receive the food they need everyday in addition to basic medical care. Vivid news images and heart-touching magazine stories illustrate the hardships these individuals face on a daily basis and only reinforces the fact that we are incredibly lucky to live where we do.

Many people are inspired to help these countries rise up from their poverty and help them live a better quality lifestyle. While most of us can always donate money to the cause, we make more of a difference if we donate our time and our skills to help these suffering individuals. 

Durable medical equipment needs are extremely high in these countries. These places simply do not have the funds to educate their own citizens at the level they need to be educated for specialized professions such as medicine. Therefore, western-trained doctors are one type of professional that can be extremely helpful in these poverty-stricken areas. Special organizations, such as Doctors without Borders, employ trained physicians at much lower pay rates then they can receive elsewhere and take them to the areas of the world that need them the most.

In addition to trained medical professionals, medical supply equipment is also in high demand. These areas need items as simple as bandages, splints, and common medications more than large, expensive medical machines. If you are not a doctor or not one that is in a position to donate your skills and time in person to these individuals, you should try to set up a way to donate extra medical supplies to these areas. Hospitals never use all the supplies they purchase. The United States has very strict laws regarding unused supplies but these precautions cause several perfectly useful items to end up in the trash bin. Save both the environment and help these countries out by donating the items that can still be used!

Whether you can donate your time or help organize the donation of medical supply equipment to the areas in need, you are helping immensely. Thank you for your efforts!